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FROMU2THEM Fundraiser on Ketto for Covid Relief in Mumbai

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    FROMU2THEM Fundraiser on Ketto

    We all are aware of how badly the coronavirus pandemic has hit India. We all suffered from great personal losses. Despite challenges, India managed to tackle the monstrous coronavirus with full power.  It wouldn’t have been possible if NGOs like FROMU2THEM were not there to help out. NGOs like FROMU2THEM and crowdfunding platforms like KETTO serve as a common link between those who want to help and those who need help.

    What is FROMU2THEM?

    FROMU2THEM is a non-profit organization that started in 2014-2015 as a disaster relief project under the Gaia Conservation Foundation. The aim of this NGO was to provide urban reforestation and sanitation in Maharashtra, India.

    Role of FROMU2THEM during the coronavirus pandemic

    Since March 2020, FROMU2THEM has been working religiously to provide relief to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across India. FROMU2THEM has extensively worked in Mumbai, Maharashtra, during the pandemic. The NGO was formed by a few passionate Mumbai residents who were committed to providing relief to their fellow citizens. Each team member of this NGO is a leader in his/her field of work. They are directors of non-profit foundations, accounting and finance experts, heads of businesses, lawyers, marketing strategists, fitness teachers and finally, regular citizens like us who just can’t see their peers suffer.

    FROMU2THEM has closely worked with a powerful and committed covid relief distribution chain of over 100 volunteers with an aim to reach each and every corner, including containment zones of Mumbai, to help every single affected person.

    FROMU2THEM collaborated with the local government and fellow NGOs to provide medical centres, hospitals, and families that are in extreme need of oxygen supplies, food, medical items and other Covid aid at the right time. Such teamwork not only helps in providing resources at the right time but also rapidly scales the supply and meets the demands, and eases the relief process.

    We would like to sincerely thank all the businesses, corporate houses and NGOs that have partnered with us to support India during this time of crisis. We value each relationship dearly and hope to continue working together until our country is able to rise again.

    To date, FROMU2THEM has managed to raise more than 1 million USD and have supplied over 4 million meals to people starving across Mumbai and medical supplies and Covid relief aids worth more than 5 lakh USD.

    How FROMU2THEM helps raise funds through Ketto

    Ketto is India’s largest online crowdfunding platform. Through Ketto, any individual and organization across the country can create fundraisers for various causes related to healthcare, disaster relief, personal goals, medical bills, local sports teams, and more.

    Total amount of funds raised till date

    From its formation in 2012 to July 2020, Ketto has managed to collect over ₹11 billion through crowdfunding by more than 5.5 million donors for around two lakh campaigns.

    FROMU2THEM NGO also started a fundraising campaign on Ketto with a goal of 5 crores rupees in order to provide relief to their fellow residents of Mumbai, affected by COVID-19. All the money raised through this fundraiser will go towards providing basic necessities like food and medical supplies to the needy. Till now, this campaign has crossed the mark of 3 crores rupees because of the generous donations by the general public and other authorities.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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