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How to Fundraise in Tough Times?

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    Raise Funds During Difficult Times

    Money may not solve all problems. But lack of money can be very distressing during the hour of need. Lack of employment, illness, loss of business, death of loved ones or natural calamities may contribute to tough times. However, with the right strategies, planning, and an appropriate online crowdfunding platform, you can raise funds to meet the challenges of your financial emergency. Successful fundraising can help you cope with financial woes.

    If you experience difficulty funding medical emergencies, healthcare, child healthcare, education, petcare or any other social issues, an online crowdfunding platform like Ketto not just provides assistance to start a fundraising campaign, but also provides you with a free platform to host a campaign that reaches millions of people.

    Ketto’s donor base helps raise funds for society’s most pressing issues, especially medical emergencies. Here’s how you can start the process of raising funds on crowdfunding platforms.

    1. Know your problem:

    Fundraising strategy depends upon your problem, the amount you need, and, most importantly, your timeline. An online crowdfunding platform such as Ketto helps connect donors with those who are in need of funds. Once you have clarity regarding your needs and the exact amount you need to raise, you can plan crowdfunding campaigns accordingly.

    2. Know the right crowdfunding platform to start fundraising:

    Raising funds is easy and convenient with crowdfunding platforms. A platform like Ketto helps you reach potential donors who can help with funds. You can have an opportunity to reach 55+ lakh donors and easily manage funds received from them.

    3. Fundraising campaign:

    Once you know your platform, you need to also create a fundraising campaign that explains the cause for which you are raising the money. A successful campaign needs a well-defined message that is simple and easy to understand. Every campaign needs a proper call to action that guides people about how they can donate to this cause.

    4. Key message:

    Science shows every human is capable of empathy. While asking for help or raising funds, empathy is crucial. Craft your message keeping this in mind. Choose simple words. With an appropriate tone of messaging, your potential donors will be able to understand your needs more effectively. An authentic tone can inspire donors to spread the word about your need, so that more and more people may connect with your cause. Maintain a good relationship with donors. 

    5. Don’t undermine the power of your network:

    Once a crowdfunding campaign is created, you can share its link with your network to amplify the reach. Many fundraising campaigns related to medical or educational emergencies are often time-sensitive.

    6. Have patience:

    Fundraising may seem like a long journey. With consistent efforts and the right strategy, you are likely to reach your fundraising goal. Do not lose hope.

    Why choose an online crowdfunding platform?

    • To raise funds during tough times, go for an online crowdfunding platform like Ketto
    • Ketto offers many benefits such as:
    • Transparent process
    • Easy withdrawals 
    • Tools that help you easily manage your campaign
    • Live donation status 
    • No fee
    • 24X7 assistance by experts
    • You can receive money from international donors
    • Huge donor base

    Below Mentioned are a 5 commonly asked questions about fundraising on Ketto

    1. What payment methods can be used for donation?

    You can donate on Ketto by using cards, NET banking, UPI, BHIM, NEFT, digital wallets. International donors can use credit or debit cards for donations.

    2. Is Ketto safe?

    Ketto is one of the most trusted online crowdfunding platforms with the highest success rate. Transparency and credibility make Ketto fundraisers the most preferred choice. Being a fundraiser, you get all donations raised for your cause. Ketto offers easy withdrawal with no limit without any platform fees.

    3. What is the minimum amount you can donate to a certain campaign on Ketto?

    For Indian donors, Rs.300 is the minimum donation amount if done via credit or debit card.

    The minimum donation is Re.1 if done via UPI.

    For international donors, 25 USD is the minimum domination if done via credit or debit cards.

    4. What kind of fundraising campaigns do you start on Ketto?

    Ketto largely focuses on raising funds for healthcare, medical emergencies, and treatments. However, you can also start a campaign related to education, healthcare for children, education, memorial, pets/animals, and so on.

    5. Can I donate anonymously?

    Yes. If you wish to donate anonymously, simply edit your profile on Ketto.


    Empathy is at the core of fundraising and donation programs. Be true to your cause to raise money; the right platform and an effective campaign are a recipe for successful fundraising. Ketto is committed to helping those who need treatment and suffer from terminal illnesses. Join hands with Ketto and start your fundraising campaign or donate funds to make lives better.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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