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How Heart Surgery Crowdfunding Is Giving A New Life To People?

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    Crowdfunding for heart surgery

    Medical crowdfunding is a term used for helping those who need financial assistance to undergo major surgeries related to the heart, brain, kidney, or any other vital organs. The crowdfunding platforms are also used to raise funds for individuals who are dealing with rare medical conditions and complexities. 

    Heart surgery crowdfunding is not a new concept these days. Most people cannot afford expensive angioplasty, angiography, and heart transplant surgeries. These surgeries are so expensive that they can easily wipe away someone’s savings in a few days. To avoid that, the families of the patients tend to seek monetary help from crowdfunding platforms.

    How can we help people suffering from heart disease?

    The heart is perhaps the most vital organ in our body. The slightest of issues in the heart can jeopardize our entire lifestyle and health. It has been observed that many kids suffer from critical heart illnesses that need immediate medical attention. Let’s see some examples of where heart surgery crowdfunding can help or has helped rescue innocent lives:

    Case Study 1: 

    Laxmi is a 15-year-old kid who has been suffering from breathing issues for some time. As her condition worsened, her parents took her to the Kanpur cardiological center. She was diagnosed with a hole in the heart. This hole forced her to lead a restricted lifestyle and the lack of treatment was potentially fatal for her. 

    Sadly, her father barely makes Rs. 5,000 per month as he drives a school van to raise his family.

    Luckily, one of his friends has helped Laxmi get operated on at the GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. Some of the surgery charges have been exempted due to the poor financial condition of her family. However, the entire expense is still too burdensome for her family.

    There are several instances like these where both kids and adults need immediate medical attention. Most of them don’t have a steady source of income. Neither can they avail of loans from banks due to their petty financial condition. In such cases, heart surgery crowdfunding remains their only option.

    Case Study 2: 

    Shivansh Thakur, a 3-year old also suffered from congenital heart disease. It made breathing difficult for him. Moreover, the disease led to poor blood circulation from the heart to different body parts. Shivansh had already gone through heart surgery when he was a few months old. His father had taken massive loans to manage the surgery expenses. However, it too proved to be a temporary solution. 

    On further examination, his doctor claimed that the only way through which he could lead a normal life was open heart surgery. Shivansh’s family had no means to manage the surgery expenses as his father was already repaying a huge debt. As a final solution, his family opted for heart crowdfunding. Around 900 responsible samaritans came together and raised approximately Rs. 13,00,000 to save the life of the little kid. Shivansh’s heart surgery was successful and his family is finally relieved to see him laugh and smile again. 

    If people come together like this to help others out, we can save many of these smiles around the world. In a developing country like India, most people are deprived of medical facilities and it is mostly the poor people who suffer. Thankfully, we have crowdfunding platforms that can prove to be a new lifeline for such people.  

    How to choose a crowdfunding platform?

    Crowdfunding for heart surgery might not help anyone to manage all the expenses required before, during, and after the surgery. However, as responsible and caring citizens, we must reduce their burden to some extent. 

    If any known or unknown person suffers from severe heart conditions that need immediate medical intervention, our first duty is to take them to the nearest hospital that specializes in heart surgeries. If the affected person is not able to raise the required funds entirely on their own, this is where crowdfunding can help.

    While creating a fundraiser for heart surgery for anyone, we need to consider these aspects:

    Under the Platform First

    Heart surgery crowdfunding should be available on the crowdfunding platform we are seeking help from. After visiting the online crowdfunding site, we must go through the rules and regulations and understand every clause.  

    Choose a Transparent & Reputed Platform

    While selecting a crowdfunding platform for heart surgery, we must choose a platform that is well-recognized in both offline and online communities. They must have a proven track record of helping people by adopting transparent means of fund collection and distribution. While creating a heart surgery crowdfunding campaign, the platform must allow willing donors to donate money directly to the patient’s parents or close relatives. 

    Ketto is a crowdfunding platform that has been raising funds for those who lack funds to manage expensive heart surgery or other fatal illnesses. The platform received huge appreciation and recognition during the Covid-19 pandemic as it saved the lives of many people back then. Although the pandemic is over now, there are still many people who need love, attention, and financial help. Can’t we come together and help heart patients out? 

    Let’s pledge to help financially weak people who need immediate heart surgeries or any similar medical treatments today. Creating a fundraiser on a platform like Ketto is quite easy and it hardly takes a few minutes to start a fundraiser for people who need heart surgery immediately. Every aspect of this crowdfunding platform heart surgery is transparent as all the bills, contact numbers of the patient’s family, and doctor, and other details are provided in the fundraiser itself. Check out Ketto today and see how your small donations can make a huge difference in a heart patient’s life! 

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