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5 Simple Steps to Raise Funds for Liver Transplant in India

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    Raise Funds for Liver Transplant in India

    A liver transplant surgery might cost anywhere between Rs 20-30 lakh in India. This might be huge for many who may not have the resources or health insurance coverage. They may be looking for ways to raise funds for liver transplants in India.

    The cost of liver transplant surgery might vary depending on factors such as the hospital chosen, the type of liver transplant surgery, the patient’s overall health condition, and the treatment duration. The surgery cost is much higher in countries like the USA, UK, Thailand, Turkey, and Singapore. However, the infrastructure, the quality of care, the surgical expertise, and the success rates are very similar.

    Liver transplantation is often the only treatment for most patients in the final stage of cirrhosis, among the few options for those with genetic liver disorders, liver cancers, and fulminant hepatic failure. Doctors usually evaluate patients as prospective candidates for a liver transplant if they suffer from irreversible acute or chronic liver disorder. After choosing a good hospital and a great surgeon, the next step would be organizing funds for the liver transplant surgery.

    Most might cancel their liver transplant plans because of the non-availability of funds. However, crowdfunding would be the best option for someone who urgently needs a liver transplant.

    Many crowdfunding platforms allow people with critical illnesses to raise funds for their liver transplant surgeries. One can use the amount raised to cover long-standing hospital bills, the cost of the surgery, treatment expenses, and even post-surgical expenses.

    Here are a few simple steps to follow to launch a fundraiser for a liver transplant:

    Choosing an ideal crowdfunding Platform to Raise Funds for Liver Transplant in India

    Selecting a trustworthy crowdfunding platform is very important for the success of fundraising campaigns. There are three types of crowdfunding models – the donation model, the rewards model, and the equity/lending model.

    The donation model would be ideal for raising funds for liver transplant surgery. Hence it is crucial to look for non-profit or charity crowdfunding platforms where the backers will not expect anything in return for their contribution.

    It is also important to understand the crowdfunding platform’s fee structure and payment method before selecting the right one. Most crowdfunding platforms will charge a sign-up fee. This differs from site to site. At times there might also be deductions that may come from the donations received.

    Apart from these, there will also be third-party fees that PayPal and credit card companies will charge to transfer funds. Also important is to check out the features and restrictions of crowdfunding platforms before finalizing the right one.

    Crafting a Story for the Campaign

    Since the donors would be donating without expecting anything in return for their contributions, it is important to include a story that they can believe and relate to. The campaign message needs to be short, concise and clear, and the tone has to be friendly and conversational.

    One should highlight the important information in bold. The content should be free of any grammatical or spelling errors. Adding photos or videos can help in promoting the campaign on social media.

    The story has to be about the person for whom the funds are being raised. It should include full details about the cost of liver transplant surgery and how it can benefit the patient. The story needs to be compelling and heart-warming.

    Leveraging the Power of Social Media

    Once the fundraiser has been launched on a crowdfunding platform, it has to be shared on social media to reach a maximum number of people. The traffic on social media and crowdfunding platforms has been growing month after month, post-pandemic.

    People are becoming sensitive towards the pains of others and willing to make donations if they believe in the cause. One can reach prospective donors only by leveraging the power of digitization.

    One great way to promote a fundraiser on social media would be to create a hashtag and use it whenever posting a message. One can enhance the shareability of these posts by using compelling photos and videos. One can also engage the donors to support the campaign by sharing posts.

    Sharing Relevant Documentation

    Since the donors on the crowdfunding platform will not be familiar with the person they are donating the money to, they need to be given complete information about the surgery, the concerned patient’s health condition, and the cost of treatment.

    It is important to upload all the relevant medical reports and bills. This will add the necessary authenticity and credibility to the cause.

    Expressing gratitude

    It is imperative to draft a thoughtful ‘‘Thank You Message’’ for the donors who donate money for a liver transplant surgery without expecting anything in return. This will motivate them to share the fundraiser campaign with their friends and family and increase its reach. It will also give them a sense of satisfaction for giving back something to the community.

    The Bottom Line

    Medical Crowdfunding has helped many patients diagnosed with critical illnesses, such as liver cirrhosis, cancer and spinal muscular atrophy. A liver transplant is one of the most expensive procedures in India, for which one can seek crowdfunding. Many have been supported with the required financial assistance to fight their diseases and lead healthy lives.

    Many people today have realized the importance of medical crowdfunding and have understood that they are not alone in their fight. With time, crowdfunding will successfully bridge the gap in healthcare and make expensive medical treatments such as liver transplants accessible to one and all.

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