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Be Part of a Child’s Life With Ketto’s Social Impact Plan; Save on Taxes Too!

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    Donate to Charity with SIP

    Children are the future of our country. There is no doubt about the importance children hold for society. While we do our very best for our children, make sure they wear the best clothes, attend the best schools and eat the best food, some people in the society cannot do the same due to their economic conditions. What if we had a safe, genuine way to help these children? Ketto’s Social Impact Plan is designed to make donations as easy as possible. We can now contribute to the overall well-being of a child who is underprivileged due to no fault of his own.

    How can you be a part of a child’s life with Ketto’s Social Impact Plan?

    Ketto works hard to identify genuine causes for us to contribute towards. The Social Impact Plan is a special plan through which we can regularly contribute small sums of money. This makes it easier for us to make donations without spending too much. A child’s life is priceless, but our small contribution can help make it a little better. Whether it is for a child’s cancer treatment, other medical treatments, or their education, helping a child thrive is the most rewarding experience for anyone.

    Crowdfunding websites such as Ketto have been created and run by a community that believes in the goodness of people. The unselfish act of donating some of your earnings toward a child’s life has saved many lives since its inception. While insurance companies are rampant with health care insurance rejections and Mediclaim rejections, ordinary people like us step up and do what needs to be done. Crowdfunding allows donors to be a miracle in the life of vulnerable children.

    Children are innocent and vulnerable; they need protection and care when their caregivers fail to provide these basic things. It is easy for you to become a part of a child’s life through Ketto’s Social Impact Plans, but for the child, it means the world. If we can donate a small portion of our income each month, we can be a huge part of a child’s life through the Social Impact Plan.

    Benefits of the Social Impact Plan

    1. Easy on the pocket: Being a part of a child’s life does not need us to put ourselves under financial stress. It may be hard for many of us to provide large lump sums. We may think that a small sum will not save any lives, but this is not true. Crowdfunding platforms make it possible for many of us to contribute small amounts so that we do not have to do it alone. We as a community can come together and do our bit and still make a huge difference in a child’s life.

    2. More convenient for organizations: If we are an organization that wants to contribute to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, Social Impact Plans make it easier for us to contribute a specific sum each month. This way the organization can plan for six months or one year in advance.

    3. Helps maintain donor relationships: It is hard for crowdfunding platforms to find donors, but keeping the relationship strong over time is harder. When we donate a lump sum, the time between the next donation makes many donors lose motivation to continue to donate. It is easy to lose sight of the importance and impact of their donations when it is so short-lived. Social Impact Plans keep this relationship strong. The donor stays in regular contact with the crowdfunding platform and the child they are helping – to stay in the loop of the child’s progress.

    4. More Effective: Small monthly donations are more effective than large lump sum donations. This is because regular donations help a child meet their changing needs as they progress in life. It is a reliable flow of funds that creates more financial security for the child. A consistent donor will become a meaningful part of a child’s life as a constant guardian angel. They can be a part of a child’s development through childhood, the most crucial part of someone’s life.

    5. Tax Savings: Over and above all the moral and emotional rewards, we can also save taxes through a Social Impact Plan. To learn more about how to save taxes, keep reading.

    How can you save on taxes with Ketto’s SIP?

    Our government rewards charity for noble causes. Tax is levied on income, profit, etc. But crowdfunding is not for profit. Its purpose is to help save lives, and thus no tax is deducted from the amount of our income that we donate through crowdfunding platforms.

    We should keep some things in mind if we want to save taxes through the Social Impact Plan:

    Section 80G of the Income Tax Act:

    We can only avail tax benefits if the charitable organization is listed under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. This is done to avoid money laundering and fraud.

    Cap on the maximum amount of donation:

    There is a cap on the maximum amount of income that can be donated, but it only comes into effect if you donate more than 60% of your salary. If you are donating under 20% of your salary, we do not need to worry about these caps.


    Even though we cannot change the circumstances of children in need, we can all do a little to make it more comfortable and hopeful for them. All in all, Ketto’s Social Impact Plan is a great way to have an impact on a child’s life. It provides the child with a consistent form of funds for a certain amount of time. Moreover, we can also save on taxes while doing a noble deed.

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