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How to Sponsor Healthy Meals for a Girl Child?

    Crowdfunding for Sponsoring Healthy Meals for Girl Child

    Millions of girls from a very young age face malnutrition as they are not looked after or are not being nourished with nutritious food. This increases the risk of infections, weakens them as they grow old, and enhances the risk of surviving childbirth. Malnutrition not only undermines women’s health but also reduces their ability to contribute to society in terms of productivity and yielding income. To eliminate such devastating stress, you should address the problem of nutritionless food being served as meals to the girls at the schools and orphanages. 

    Not only orphans go through this problem, but the underprivileged girls whose parents are only capable of enduring a minimum basic livelihood for their kids face such problems. In Indian rural households, education for girls is a big deal, but in the previous few years, the opinion of society has changed. The parents in rural areas also focus on educating their girls, although the dilemma of poor nutrition in girls remains a great concern. 

    What can you do? 

    The answer lies within crowdfunding and fundraising. Crowdfunding campaigns and fundraising could help you donate or sponsor the meals of young girls in rural and urban areas. You can maybe take responsibility for one or two girls’ meals, but there are several other girls who need attention. This is where crowdfunding campaigns can help you. 

    Crowdfunding is a process of collecting funds online for a greater cause and counts as one of the great social impact efforts you can make. Crowdfunding in India is done for multiple purposes, including raising funds for medical treatments, cancer treatments, education, and helping people pay their hospital bills in worst-case scenarios like medical and health insurance rejections. 

    You can start your crowdfunding campaign on crowdfunding platforms and websites like Ketto! 

    In India, crowdfunding is gaining importance and massive support as it is a smart, efficient, and hassle-free way of helping people and making a difference in society. Also, many organizations use it as a social investment tool. It provides you with multiple benefits, including tax benefits such as: 

    • Tax deduction
    • Relaxation in taxes 
    • Tax rebates 

    Under section 80G of the Income Tax Act of the constitution of India, it is stated that if you donate, crowdfund or provide charitable help to any social non-profit organization or make such a fundraising move by yourself, you are eligible for getting a tax rebate from 50 to 100 percent easily under some given conditions of the article.

    You need your PAN card, Aadhar card, Form 16, and other investment details to file a return. The process of filing the income tax return is quite simple; you need to follow the following steps to file a return: 

    1. Logging into the income tax department portal 
    2. Downloading your income tax return form
    3. Entering the required details in Form 16 
    4. Calculating the tax details 
    5. Confirming and submitting! 

    How to sponsor a meal for a girl child? 

    To take care of female nutrition, you can easily sponsor their meals on Ketto! 

    To start a crowdfunding campaign for sponsoring meals for a girl child, you can follow these two easy steps: 

    • Create a campaign on Ketto, and put on all the necessary details, including your objective and plan, to gather mass support for your campaign. 
    • Share the word: you should now share the crowdfunding or fundraising campaign on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to get funds in no real-time. 

    Crowdfunding easily stacks the support of people across the globe within a limited time frame, which could help you gather funds quickly. The following ideas could be put to use while designing an online fundraiser: 

    •  Add on the Vitals 

    While fetching sponsorships for meals, you can design your campaign to provide a brief insight into the problem. You can add a case study for this very purpose to highlight the causes and consequences of poor nutrition among girls. Expanding on real-life examples could give your campaign a formal perspective of legitimacy, which could gain the faith of the masses quickly. 

    • Add on Videos

    To show the reality to the people, you have to flash the ground reality check. For this very purpose, you can bring some videos and photographs as proof. You can connect with any school or orphanage to record videos of the root cause. Since the orphanages have to take care of many children, they cannot meet the nutritional necessities of each kid due to insufficient funds. The schools which provide mid-day meals, on the other hand, could only provide the girls with a single meal of their day; the rest of their eating habits depend on the household to which they belong. Recording these causes could also help you generate support for your fundraiser from other organizations. 

    You can also start a fundraiser to sponsor an orphanage through Ketto!

    • Gather your support base before your campaign goes live on the website

    Now that you have collected all the required resources for a successful crowdfunding campaign, you must try to gather other organizations’ support before publicly announcing your fundraiser. Generating a source of support and gathering the donors beforehand for your campaign could help you reach your goal faster. You should contact all the capable and inclined donors before your campaign goes live. This sponsorship could help you generate the attention your fundraiser might need after getting publicly announced. To attract donors, you can educate them about crowdfunding and the benefits it could serve. 

    Knitting it Together 

    A successful fundraiser is not only about generating enough funds to help with the meals of a girl child but also involves a degree of kindness and moral happiness attached to it. The points and steps mentioned above could help you create a prosperous fundraiser effortlessly. Also, you can infer them into any fundraising or social impact efforts you want to make, including crowdfunding for medical treatments, cancer treatments, educational crowdfunding campaigns, etc., to make them a tremendous strike.

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