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Lets Us All Celebrate World Patient Safety Day

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    World Patient Safety Day

    World patient safety day is celebrated on the 17th September of each year. The day is celebrated to increase the global understanding of patient safety and make people remember how valuable each individual’s health is. Also, it is used to increase public engagement in patient safety and to promote global action to reduce and prevent activities that affect the health of the people around. Overall, it is a day dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of health care safety around the world. The world patient safety day was initiated by the 72nd World Health Assembly in May 2019. 

    Objectives of the World Patient Safety Day

    • Enhance global understanding of patient safety – In many parts of the world, people are ill-treated and their health is given little importance. One of the objectives of World Patient Safety Day is to overcome this problem and increase the understanding among the people globally. The more we understand the need for patient safety, the more we become concerned about our fellow human beings and contribute to their well-being. 

    • Increase public engagement in health care safety – Without public engagement, patient safety cannot be fulfilled, and therefore it is very important to bring the public to ease the issue. The public can engage in patient safety in many ways and crowdfunding is one of many ways this can be achieved. The more generous people are involved in patient safety, the more results we will have and the better the situation. 

    • Enhance global action to reduce & prevent avoidable harm in health care – As mentioned in the article, many types of harm are happening to people and in the health sector. The World Patient Safety Day is intended to reduce or prevent this harm. Health is a very important factor in the well-being of a person and society becomes well to do, only when the health care is strong. So one of the objectives of World Patient Safety Day is to enhance global action to reduce and prevent avoidable harm in health care. 

    India’s Contribution Towards Patient Safety

    India has a huge health care system. The challenges faced by India as a country are huge because of the enormous population and the differences between the urban and rural areas. In the urban areas, the situation is better since there are facilities and proper health care norms.

    But this is not the situation in rural areas where people are limited to the facilities, are affected by various diseases, and are in need. India, as a developing country, has contributed much to patient safety over the years.

    Many inventions and advancements have happened in the healthcare industry, but there is still a huge way to go. Millions are deprived of medical facilities due to a lack of funds. Hospitalisation is becoming expensive day by day, and the lower class people find it difficult to meet these expenses. It is in this situation that the well-to-do should come up and help the poor ad the needy. India as a country needs to grow in patient safety. This can happen if generous hearts arise and help the needy. Crowdfunding on KETTO is a great way to do this.

    Celebrating the World Patient Safety Day

    The WHO (World Health Organization) has advised people and countries to celebrate the day to give importance to patient safety. There have been programs and meetings held in different parts of the world regarding this. The general purpose of these meetings and programs is to enhance the importance and the awareness of patient safety. Similarly, to motivate people to contribute to the welfare of other fellowmen. 

    We are living in a world that is uncertain and no one of us is assured of anything. Seeing our fellow men suffer and in pain is one of the most difficult and heartbreaking situations in life.

    How Can We Contribute to the Welfare of the Patients?

    Now the question is how each one of us can make a positive impact on the life of others. One of the best answers to this is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the process of collecting funds from a group of people for a common cause. Crowdfunding is done online, and there are authentic and trustworthy platforms like that provide the facility. All one needs to do is to go to the platform, and search for campaigns. Once you find the campaign you are interested in funding, you can make funding to help the needy. Also, individuals can register themselves and start a campaign for their needs, such as healthcare. 

    Crowdfunding has many advantages as it helps the needy get funds from many people and meet their needs, especially health. It is our responsibility to help the suffering and the poor. The saying, ‘the more one gives, the more he gets’ is applicable here. The situation of someone suffering because of illness and does not have the funds for treatment is heartbreaking and sad. We, as people with funds, need to reach out our hands to them and rescue them. Let us make a positive impact on the lives of others and help them in every possible way we can. 

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