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Ketto SIP: How A Social Impact Plan Subscription Helps You Save Lives, Every Month

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    Are you aware that every 2 minutes, a child loses their life due to a lack of money or healthcare facilities? Another truth is that you can contribute to Ketto SIP to protect these children’s lives by donating a small amount from your pocket. Yes, you heard us right! We believe that small changes bring a considerable difference. A child lives longer, be it Rs. 500, 1000, or 1500 a month.

    The relationship between charitable organisations and donors is impeccable as they share the same interest: “To Save Lives!” monthly donations, commonly known as recurring donations, add more to this relationship. Imagine seeing a mother smiling because you saved her child. Or a child is playing blissfully because you decide to pay one-fourth of your pocket money for his treatment. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world?

    We understand how financial stress might not allow you to donate a considerable sum. However, here at, we have a team of experts who successfully solve it for you! There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket, whereas the Social Impact Plan at Ketto is tailored to promote monthly donations. Monthly donations help you bring a change more conveniently.

    Advantages of Social Impact Plan Subscription

    The monthly donation comes with several advantages. If you also feel so, feel free to subscribe to our Social Impact Plan and join us in our mission to save lives. But before that, let’s have a look at pointers why we think you should consider it-

    1. A donation amount is more convenient to pay

    Imagine festivals like Eid and Diwali are just around the corner. Taking out Rs 15000 or 20,000 at this time might seem like an added burden. It not only leads to financial crunches but might land you in trouble. This is where monthly donations come to your rescue. You no longer have to pay 15,000 once a year. At the same time, it can break it down to 15 equal amounts and pay. It’s more affordable, convenient, and hassle-free.

    2. Promotes easy budget planning for organisations

    When you subscribe to plans like the Ketto SIP, you provide information like the total amount to donate every month. It helps us to estimate the entire budget and plan for tomorrow. Also, it promotes concrete projects such as how many children can be catered to this month or what type of diseases we can cover. It leads to efficient and proper functioning.

    3. Attracts more donors

    One of the prime concerns for any charitable organisation is to attract and retain donors. When you donate once a year, the relationship between the organisation and the donor tends to lose its charm. However, monthly donations attract and retain donors. Initially, the amount is less, and you get to foster robust relationships.

    4. Donors create an impact.

    People who donate monthly donate with a solid drive to bring a change. They contribute to creating and witnessing the impact. They are in constant touch with the organisation and become an active member. At Ketto, we work to make medical facilities accessible to all. So, if you want that no child dies, check out our Social Impact Plan and subscribe to our plan.

    How are SIP Donations being utilised?

    In this journey toward salvation, the Social Impact Plan or SIP is one of our most robust policies that deliver urgent medical facilities to children. We started with just a few numbers, and with time, we are a family of 55+ lakh trustable donors who save over 1,00,000 lives.

    Ways how Ketto SIP works

    Here are different ways how SIP works –

    Hiring brand

    We target known faces or celebrities with a heart for ordinary people and community service. But they take a backend and think it is not possible.

    Team building

    We believe in “togetherness.” At Ketto, team building is integral as we believe that strong relationships can bring massive change.

    Cause marketing

    Our ultimate target is to reach maximum people and educate them about Ketto, where we work to save lives. Every day several activities are introduced, keeping the cause of community service as the prime focus.

    Marathon and outdoor events

    The team at Ketto organizes large and small Indoor and outdoor events, which attract the attention of many. This has done wonders in the past. Till today, we have participated in several marathons just to embrace life and make people understand the importance of their and others’ lives. It helps us reach maximum people and have them with us on board.

    Ketto offers round-the-clock support. No matter what time of the day or night it is, we are here at your service. The team here is exceptionally supportive and offers solutions to the minutest doubts that you or anyone might have. So, what’s the wait for? Why not become an integral part of the Social Impact Plan and save lives from today?

    f you feel empathetic towards other people’s lives or want to give your helping hand to bring a smile back, joining hands with Ketto can make a huge difference. Subscribe to Ketto SIP Social Impact Plan and get on this amazing ride with us! We are waiting for your subscription! 

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