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Leverage Ketto Online Crowdfunding to Pay for the Expenses of Pre- & Post-Liver Transplant

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    Crowdfunding for Pre & Post-Liver Transplant Expenses

    According to India’s premier liver transplant center, around 92% of youngsters who need a liver transplant each year cannot get one. The lack of money is one of the primary reasons so many patients can’t afford transplantation. However, there is a ray of hope beyond the dark tunnel – online crowdfunding is helping the needy to arrange liver transplant funds in India.

    How much does a liver transplant cost in India?

    From the patient’s perspective, finding a donor or clearing the queue is insufficient to secure the transplant. A liver transplant is a major procedure that requires skilled surgeons, facilities, cutting-edge technology and expensive medicines.

    Even though transplant prices in India are among the lowest in the world, they are still out of reach for most Indian middle-class families. The procedure in a good hospital can cost between Rs 15 to Rs 30 lakhs in India.

    The high cost is due to a severe demand-supply imbalance on two fronts: between donors and recipients, as well as between super-specialty physicians and institutions suited to execute liver transplants.

    Why is a liver transplant necessary?

    A liver transplant is a time-sensitive treatment, especially in newborns and children with weaker immunity than adults. According to the Directorate General of Health Services, 200,000 of the almost 260,000 deaths caused by liver illnesses may be directly related to liver failure, and timely provision of a liver transplant might have saved an astounding 10-15% of these lives.

    Medical crowdfunding: Arranging liver transplant funds in India

    Good samaritans from all over the world have been generously investing in a social cause – medical crowdfunding. With the help of medical crowdfunding through platforms like Ketto, people in dire need of liver transplant funds in India can raise the required amount for their near one’s treatment.

    Apollo Hospital’s doctors requested assistance for S.V.V Ramesh, a professional in New Delhi, and raised Rs 12.9 lakhs in 24 hours. A spokeswoman for Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, also stated that a successful transplant was performed on a six-month-old infant using the Ketto crowdfunding site. There are several inspiring stories regarding Ketto’s unique medical crowdfunding model.

    Why should you launch a fundraiser with Ketto?

    1. Reliable source – With online fundraising, an online crowdfunding platform can inform contributors about how their cash is used. This is feasible because every cent given is tracked. As a result, the donor shows faith in the cause and generously contributes.

    2. Ease of Access – Starting a fundraiser on Ketto is incredibly easy and uncomplicated. One needs to create a campaign on the platform using relevant documents and then share it on social media for greater reach. Ketto allows anybody to create a free fundraiser by just entering their details. This ease of access given by Ketto might be very beneficial for persons in need of emergency funding for essential medical conditions.

    3. Crowdfunding is debt-free – Getting buried in personal debts during a medical emergency is too typical. Once the funds are collected, repaying the debt may take months, if not years. Online crowdfunding is debt-free. Hence the entire treatment process can be stress-free, and the patient and their family may only pay attention to the treatment needs and not the expenses behind it.

    4. Reduced pre- and post-transplant expenditures – A transplant is not merely a surgery. It needs pre- and post-transplant medical care, hospitalization, expensive therapies, tests and medicines. Online crowdfunding for liver transplant funds in India alleviates the financial load associated with the entire treatment.

    Leverage the crowdfunding platform of Ketto to pay expenses of pre and post liver transplant

    The Ketto crowdfunding platform is intended to deliver a smooth fundraising process that real individuals back. Here are some other reasons why one can choose Ketto for liver transplant funds in India:

    • There is no need to wait for funding. Ketto assures that one may withdraw donations at any time throughout fundraising.
    • Ketto allows people to connect with other like-minded people throughout the world. Ketto accepts contributions in a variety of currencies from all around the globe.
    • One can get ongoing support from specialised fundraiser managers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Accept contributions from anywhere with any card, net banking, UPI, or online wallet.
    • Funds may be sent immediately to a bank account without any hassle.

    People can help a friend, family member, or anybody they know who may need liver transplant funds in India. Using Ketto, India’s most popular online crowdfunding tool, they can help the patient gather funds for liver transplants and other medical causes. Find out more about Ketto here.

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