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Raise Money for Medical Expenses in 5 Simple Ways

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    Medical Emergency - 5 Ways to Raise Money for Medical Expenses

    With rising medical inflation, treatment costs are soaring every day, making it impossible for the poor to get quality medical care. Many people struggle to gather funds to cover the full treatment cost, even with their health insurance policy. Thankfully, there are ways to raise money for medical expenses. If you are looking to raise funds for medical expenses, you can try the following methods. 


    Technology, kind hearts, and a sense of community have all come together to make crowdfunding the best way to raise money for medical expenses. The idea of crowdfunding is simple. Here, many people contribute a small amount to meet a specific goal. If you wish to raise INR 5 lakhs for the cancer treatment of a child from an impoverished financial background, you start a campaign on a crowdfunding platform like Ketto and raise money to ensure that the kid lives the life they deserve.

    A crowdfunding campaign involves identifying the goal amount you want to raise. Consider the hospital bills, surgery costs, medication, any livelihood lost, post-op treatments, and other related expenses before deciding the amount. Collect the verifiable documentation such as hospital bills to show that yours is a credible case. 

    Next, write a story about the person/people you are raising the money for. Include pictures and make them as personalised as possible. Potential donors are more likely to help when they can put a face to the beneficiary’s name. Seek the support of people you trust, and run your campaign! Share it as widely as possible; leverage social media, word-of-mouth, get influencers to talk about your campaign. 

    Conduct an auction

    Reach out to your network and request them to give valuables for an auction. It could be an expensive leather jacket, a vintage gramophone, Bollywood memorabilia, a voucher for a spa day, or even a piece of furniture. 

    Once you have a list of items, host an online or offline auction. Invite as many people as possible from different backgrounds. Indeed, there will be someone interested in buying the items you are selling. Make sure you inform the bidders that the auction money is for a medical cause. This may result in more generous bids!

    Second-hand books sale

    Now is the time when all your bibliophile friends can help you, not just by imparting wisdom gathered from reading good literature, but also by parting with their books. Collect books from your network, and host a sale. 

    List out all the book titles you have, authors, and genres. This will pique the interest of the buyers. Post the message on all relevant social media groups and forums and ask your friends and family to help you with the book donation drive and then run the sale. This way, you won’t feel burdened with responsibility, and together you make a difference while having fun. 

    Teach a skill

    Is your special biryani recipe to so tasty that all keep asking for it? Or are you good at stock markets and can easily give a crash course? Leverage your skills and take a paid class. Collaborate with relevant NGOs who can help you reach their networks and get you more participants. 

    You can conduct webinars instead of hosting the workshops in a physical space. This will widen your reach as well. Don’t forget to mention why you are holding the workshop. Give the participants a chance to donate more than just the workshop fee.

    Host a bake sale

    The smell of freshly baked cookies works wonders in attracting people to the pop-up bakery. When people buy chocolate chip cookies for a good cause, they may not even have to feel guilty about all the extra calorie consumption.

    You can take help from friends who are good at baking, marketing, and sales, and whip up batches of deliciously baked goodies. Promote the sale as a fundraiser for a good cause, and you may have a long line of well-wishers with a sweet tooth at your door.

    Whatever the medium you choose, remember to regularly update your donors and audience so that they know how their contribution has helped someone lead a better life or even saved them!

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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