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How Medical Reimbursements by Crowdfunding Work for Cancer Patients

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    Crowdfunding for Medical Reimbursement for Cancer Patients

    Cancer can devastate you mentally, physically, and financially, and it is no surprise that it is one of India’s leading causes of death. It is responsible for around 9 percent of the total deaths caused due to non-communicable diseases. Cancer is curable, and people can fight against it using their will and medical science. But medical reimbursement for cancer patients is required so they can deal with the heavy treatment expenses.

    This is where crowdfunding plays an active role. Crowdfunding refers to raising funds online to generate a social impact. You can crowdfund any campaign of social cause, including education crowdfunding, crowdfunding for medical treatments, and even crowdfunding for cancer treatment. You can lend a supporting hand to people to fight against cancer by helping them to generate the funds they need for expensive therapies and medicines.

    Crowdfunding is a unique way to serve a social cause. No matter which section of the society you belong to and how much your pocket allows you to donate, you can always seek the help of people worldwide through crowdfunding and fundraising. The donations you collect from your drive can easily be donated for medical reimbursements for cancer patients through online crowdfunding websites and platforms. Platforms like Ketto can assist you with your goal of serving social well-being. You can generate an online fundraiser by using Ketto in two easy steps:

    How Medical Reimbursements by Crowdfunding Work for Cancer Patients

    In India, crowdfunding has emerged as a hugely successful campaign to assist individuals with medical expenses. In a country like India, where 17% of the population still lives below the poverty line, families that are unfit to maintain their financial stability find the cost of healthcare and medical expenses troubling. Moreover, rural residents do not even have access to health insurance policies or medical claim insurance to assist themselves in times of need. In contrast, in urban areas, diseases like cancer can worsen things for families with access to health insurance or medical facilities but who cannot use them due to continuous rejection of claims.

    The bills and expenditures on medical treatments beyond an average household’s capabilities can be met through crowdfunding. It is a fascinating technique to make use of the internet. Fundraising can help you crowdsource money in times of urgent needs quickly without being a hassle for you.

    Through crowdfunding, you can monitor your donations and determine a target of donors you want to connect to within a limited period. Also, you can save people the trouble of asking for money from their relatives as it can be awkward and inconvenient. The personal loans people take in the name of medical needs cost a lot and can drive them into debt which is not easy to repay. Hence, making crowdfunding or fundraising is an extreme move of a generous deed for the well-being of people.

    A Few Simple Steps Can Help You To Raise A Crowdfunding Campaign

    1. Select an appropriate crowdfunding platform for fundraising: Always select a crowdfunding platform that provides a user-friendly experience. Not only do crowdfunding websites like Ketto provide timely updates to you and the donors who donated through Ketto, but it also provides a hassle-free experience while withdrawing the funds raised.

    2. Use touching stories: It helps the donors connect with the initiative, which helps them to believe in your cause. They need to connect with the story that you’re sharing.

    3. Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly: There are various social media platforms where you can promote your fundraising campaign. It can help you to connect with millions of people around the world.

    4. Upload photos and videos: Start making videos of the patients talking about their illness, the financial support they want, and how the donation will help them to recover from cancer.

    5. Share necessary documents to legitimize the campaign: It helps the donors to believe in your cause. If you provide them with the medical records and bills, the objective of your campaign could be better understood. It will help you gain trust and a certification of authenticity from the donors.

    6. Show your gratitude to the donor: It is good practice to share a thank you message with the donors after receiving a donation. This will help you to increase your reach for fundraising.

    7. Go above and beyond: We know that social media is integral to crowdfunding, but you can go beyond social media. You can extend your reach in different ways. If you don’t know how you can start by texting and mailing, your close friends can encourage more people to help you reach the goal you need for your treatment.

    Wrapping It Up

    Crowdfunding campaigns are quick and easy ways to get people worldwide to support you. Medical treatment can also benefit from crowdsourcing. Due to the high cost of medical care in India, most people cannot afford it. Crowdfunding, on the other hand, can assist them in obtaining all of the best medical facilities and expediting their recovery. The treatments for a cancer patient are even more expensive for a middle-class family. It can be difficult for them to arrange such a considerable amount of money within a specific period for treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, organ surgeries, etc. Crowdfunding solves this problem as it is efficient, quick, and effortless to be carried out even by a layman. Crowdfunding allows you to make and ask for donations regardless of your location. This is why fundraising is a method to arrange money for any social cause, any time, anywhere!

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