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5 Reasons to Join the Ketto Social Impact Plan

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    5 Reasons to Join Ketto Social Impact Plan

    A child dies every 2 minutes because they can’t afford medical treatment. With the skyrocketing medical expenses, treating critical illnesses becomes a nightmare for the common man. What if you could make an impact and save thousands of lives? Ketto’s Social Impact Plan lets you do that. 

    Ketto’s Social Impact Plan aims to make medical treatment accessible to everyone. Whether it’s your loved one or a homeless kid, it can help all. 
    We will give you five reasons why you can’t afford to miss joining the Ketto Social Impact Plan

    What is Ketto’s Social Impact Plan?

    Ketto’s Social Impact Plan is a system that forms a community of donors. Your monthly donations get utilized for critical treatments of children in hospitals across India.
    You can donate any amount per month. After 90 days, you will also become eligible for the money-back policy. That means you can redeem your donations from any partner hospital across India. 

    Why should you join Ketto’s Social Impact Plan?

    It’s affordable

    You don’t have to contribute a huge amount. Donations start at just Rs 200 every month. You can choose any amount according to your convenience. Moreover, it lets you stop your SIP any time you wish.

    Many people donate to this Social Impact Plan every month. That’s how every small amount gets accumulated to make a substantial impact. 

    No contribution gets wasted. Every single rupee helps someone lead a better life.

    2. You become part of a community

    There are numerous crowdfunding websites in India. However, when you join Ketto’s Social Impact Plan, you become part of an inspiring community. 

    More than 1.7 lakh donors are contributing to this plan every month. You will get to see like-minded individuals who wish to make a positive impact on society.

    You can interact with the other members and maybe discuss ways to make a change. That’s how friendships form; such friendships born out of a good cause are always cherished. 

    3. It’s secure and transparent

    You can rest assured that your donations are going to the right place. We maintain 100% transparency with all the contributors to the Social Impact Plan. 

    Every donation will reach a patient in need every month. Plus, you will receive monthly updates about the impact of your donations. 

    You will also get to know the details about the lives you saved. Isn’t that reassuring? When your contribution saves a life, it surely brings a smile to your face. 

    You can opt for automatic donations. The amount you select will automatically get debited from your account. Don’t worry. The payment gateway is safe and secure. 

    4. You can avail the money-back policy

    What if you could get back the donated amount during a medical emergency? Sounds unbelievable, right? But Ketto’s Social Impact Plan makes it possible.

    Medical inflation is at an all-time high. That’s why medical emergencies can dig a large hole in your pockets. In such a situation, a mediclaim rejection can complicate your problems. 

    However, you need not worry if you are a part of Ketto’s Social Impact Plan. After completing 90 days of your SIP, you can claim your donations at any of our partner hospitals including Apollo, Max and AIIMS. 

    You can also ask for a reimbursement of your medical bills. That will give you up to 50% of your donated amount. 

    There are numerous other health benefits for members of the Social Impact Plan. For instance, you will get unlimited free online doctor consultations. 

    Thus, by contributing to the Social Impact Plan, you can save other lives and also back your donations during a medical emergency. 

    You can also launch a fundraising campaign on Ketto to raise funds for your treatment or that of your loved ones. There are campaigns dedicated to critical therapies like cancer treatment.  

    5. You will get tax exemptions

    You can claim income tax deductions for every donation you make through the Social Impact Plan. Section 80G of the Income Tax Act lets you claim tax deductions for donations to a relief fund or a charitable organisation. 

    In all, 50% of your donations will be eligible for deductions. For example, if you donate Rs 12,000 in a year, you can deduct Rs 6000 from your taxable income.

    Who doesn’t love to save a few bucks? And why miss the opportunity to save taxes while donating to a noble cause?

    How to join Ketto’s Social Impact Plan?

    • Visit Ketto’s website.
    • Navigate to the section of Social Impact Plan.
    • Click on Donate Monthly.
    • Select the amount you wish to donate every month. You can choose from the given denominations or enter a custom amount.
    • Enter your personal details like name, address, contact number, and email address.
    • Pledge to contribute a fixed amount monthly.
    • Pay the first month’s amount. 
    • Bravo! You are now a part of Ketto’s Social Impact Plan. 

    You will receive an email acknowledgement. You will also get your 80G certificate through email.

    Start saving lives

    Your small contribution can save a precious life and bring a smile to someone’s face. Quality healthcare is still a dream for millions in India. But together, we can make it a reality.

    That’s where Ketto’s Social Impact Plan comes into the picture. Lakhs of potential donors like you come together to make healthcare accessible to all. 

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment