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Mother’s Day – Celebrating Mothers Around the World

    Happy Mother's Day

    When is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

    Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May to honor mothers in countries like India, the United States, Australia, Japan and many more. This year it will be observed on the 14th of May in many countries. Our mothers play a significant role in our lives, and without them, we wouldn’t exist. So, on this mother’s day, we should all should come together to honor our mothers and give them the love and respect they deserve.

    History of Mother’s Day

    In 1858, Ann Jarvis, an Appalachian homemaker, organized Mother’s workday to help reduce the death caused to the seepage of polluted water, insects, and sanitation. Also, before that, Julia Ward Howe, a Boston poet, started celebrating a special day for the mothers and their peace. But these celebrations were missing after the Franco-Prussian war. She made a global appeal to all the women to stop the war as she felt that if women or mothers put their voices together in the war situation, it might help prevent the loss of human life. This call for peace by women was a success in Boston, but it disappeared in the years of World War I.

    Then, Mother Jarvis, a community health advocate, organized women brigades during the civil war and asked the workers to help the mothers in the best possible way. In addition, she also organized various mother’s day clubs that would help address the health issues and childbearing issues. In 1868, she took the initiative to help and heal the problems between the Union members and the Confederates.

    Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

    In 1905, after the death of Ann Jarvis, her daughter campaigned for a national observance holiday to honor her mother. Anna Jarvis wrote several letters to the President to seek approval for this holiday. In May 1907, the West Virginia Methodist Church in Grafton, where Ann Jarvis had taught, arranged Mother’s Day service on the second Sunday of May.

    In 1912, the West Virginia Governor and in 1913, Pennsylvania’s Governor announced Mother’s Day. Following these countries in 1914, the US announced the second Sunday in May as a day to pay tribute to motherhood. It became an official holiday when President Woodrow Wilson declared it. This day became a day to express love and affection for the mothers who have made our lives possible on this beautiful planet.

    Mother’s day is celebrated at different times in different countries; however, even at other times, the celebrations for a mother’s day are important as it is a memorable day.

    In France, Mother’s Day is mostly celebrated on the last Sunday of May unless it falls on the same day as Pentecost. If that is the case, the French celebrate it on the following Sunday. On this day, families come together and organize a special dinner or lunch to honor the special women in their lives.

    In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was originally known as ‘Mothering Sunday’ because, in the 1500s, people who had relocated for work would return home to visit their ‘mother church’ where they were baptized and their mothers. However, over the years, the holiday isn’t so focused on religion. Instead, children celebrate their mothers by surprising them with gifts and flowers or by organizing a special Mother’s Day lunch or dinner for them.

    Meanwhile, in the country of Peru, in South America, Mother’s Day celebrations begin a week before the special day. Mothers receive classic Mother’s Day gifts like bouquets, cards and elaborate lunches or dinners are organized for them.

    However, one unique tradition sets Peruvians apart from citizens of other counties when it comes to celebrating this day – Peruvian families are known to visit or gather in graveyards and bring food and drinks with them. They get together to honor their mothers, grandmothers or wives who have passed away.

    A mother’s day is important for both kid and mother, and hence it can be one good reason for celebrations. Below mentioned are some tips on celebrating the mother’s day:

    • Give your mother breakfast in bed
    • Gift her flowers
    • Give your mother a day off from the regular work
    • Spend some quality time with your mother
    • Give her a gift
    • Pamper her

    How we at Ketto Celebrating Mother’s Day?

    With Mother’s Day only a few days away, most of us will celebrate and honor the special women who have dedicated their lives to their families and have been our first teachers, best friends and biggest cheerleaders.

    However, in a world where unconditional love, acceptance, respect and family support are considered important, it is heartbreaking to witness mothers being abandoned by their own children and families. Ketto’s special initiative, #LeaveNoMotherBehind focuses on making Mother’s Day memorable for those mothers who have been abandoned or left behind.

    On this special day, we urge you to celebrate and cherish not only your mothers but also those who are forgotten and have no one to call their own. After all, every mother is special and deserves to be loved and cherished. We hope you can be a part of our heartfelt initiative, and together we can create a world where no mother feels forgotten or helpless again!

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