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World Red Cross Day – May 8

    World Red Cross Day

    When is World Red Cross Day?

    Also known as Red Crescent Day, May 8th is celebrated as World Red Cross Day. Every year, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) sets a theme that aims to resonate with the evolving society in that particular year. For example, the theme for 2022 is #BeHumanKIND. Chosen to celebrate kindness worldwide in a time wherein escalating conflicts and prolonged pandemics continue to affect people’s lives.

    Why World Red Cross Day is observed on May 8th?

    The first World Red Cross Day was celebrated on May 8th, 1948, and the current year marks the 74th anniversary of this event. It is celebrated on a particular date because it is the founder’s, Henry Dunant’s, birth anniversary. Indeed, we have all heard of his name, as he was the first recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize and is famous for his humanitarian inclination. While founding the IFRC, Henry Dunant put forth certain principles that he believed, if inculcated, would make the world a better place. These were:

    A. Universality.

    B. Unity.

    C. Voluntary Service.

    D. Independence.

    E. Neutrality.

    F. Impartiality.

    G. Humanity.

    The positive connotations of each of these principles are only a testament to how World Red Cross Day means to promote a safer, peaceful world. The IFRC, however, is entirely a voluntary organization that has managed to credit itself to be the world’s largest humanitarian network.

    What can you do to celebrate World Red Cross Day?

    This year, in 2022, you can contribute to the world being a safer place by donating at on World Red Cross Day. Ketto allows you to concentrate your donations to a cause that you resonate with and lets you choose the entity to donate to. It will also help you understand the issues that plague Indian society. With an entirely transparent and smooth process, you would only have to take 2 minutes out of 24 hours to make a positive difference in someone’s life. With the motto of the World Red Cross Day this year being #BeHumanKIND, every act of kindness, however small or big, can positively impact a life. In the present, uncertain world, contribute to humanity. Engage in voluntary service and understand the value of helping others!

    We look forward to your enthusiastic celebration of this important day.

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