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Now Donate Faster Through Ketto’s New SIP App

    Social Impact Plan Application

    Ketto’s SIP App Now Supports Faster donation updates

    Ketto is an Indian crowdfunding platform that allows people from all over the country to raise funds for a wide range of causes, from medical care to disaster relief. Recently Ketto Introduced a new app for Social Impact Plan users, SIP App.

    We can certainly accomplish a lot more when many hands work together. We’ve been able to save over 100,000 lives, thanks to the generosity of many donors, and the number is growing by the day. You can also contribute to our efforts to spread humanity and smiles by assisting children who require immediate medical attention.

    We are transparent. You will experience no hidden commission deducted from the funds raised by the team. We ensure that every donation is delivered to the recipient securely on time, resulting in timely treatment. Since there is no third party charging a commission between the donor and the patient, the transaction is transparent and absorbable for both parties.

    Many campaigns are created every day in desperate need of money. With our SIP or Social Impact Plan, you can start a monthly donation program. The amount determined by you will get transferred to the beneficiary monthly to aid one of these campaigns. There’s one more benefit. If you run into a medical emergency, your donations will be used to fund your treatment bills if you’re admitted to a hospital into our network.

    Joining SIP Monthly Donation

    Joining a SIP has both moral and financial benefits for you. Every month, SIP Social Impact Plan by Ketto for Medical Care for Children raises funds to help infants who require our combined help. With just a small donation, starting from just Rs 100, you can help save someone’s life. You can join a hopeful and inspiring community of donors who want to help humanity in any way they can.

    The new Ketto SIP app comes with a slew of new features to make donating and receiving donations easier. Many of the features in the newer, faster app have been updated. The app now has new donations on the go feature that allows you to pledge any amount to your favourite SIP and forget about having to renew your cycle every month. It’s as simple as authorising a debit or credit card for the donation amount.

    You can sign up for our new SIP here and become part of a kid’s new life, or explore the new Ketto SIP application and signup for our new donations on the go feature.

    Sushant Peshkar
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