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Best Old Age Homes In Chennai & Cost Of Old Age Homes

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    Old Age Homes in Chennai

    As they embrace the golden years of life, it becomes crucial to find a place that provides comfort, care, and companionship for our elderly loved ones. In the bustling city of Chennai, India, numerous old age homes have emerged as beacons of exceptional senior care. From serene environments to dedicated staff, these homes strive to create a nurturing space where seniors can thrive. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature or a vibrant community buzzing with activities, our comprehensive guide will help you discover the perfect old age home that meets your loved one’s needs and preferences. Additionally, we will explore the factors that make these homes exceptional, such as qualified staff, medical care, recreational activities, and overall affordability.

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    In this article, we will explore the 11 best old age homes in Chennai, each renowned for its commitment to ensuring the well-being and happiness of senior citizens. We delve into the unique features, amenities, and services these establishments offer, shedding light on the exceptional qualities that make them stand out.

    11 Best Old Age Homes in Chennai

    1. Sree Vidya Trust- Approximate Cost: INR 500 – 800 per month

      Sree Vidya Trust, a prominent non-profit organisation based in Chennai, India, is committed to the welfare of the elderly. They operate a series of old-age homes in Chennai, providing a secure and nurturing environment for seniors who may have been neglected or forgotten by society. The trust’s primary objective is to offer a comprehensive range of services to older individuals, encompassing residential care, medical assistance, psychological support, and recreational activities. With a strong emphasis on ensuring the safety and dignity of its residents, Sree Vidya Trust offers various residential options, including independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes. Moreover, they work closely with local government bodies to ensure the elderly receive all necessary care and support. Financial assistance is also available for those who cannot afford the modest fees the trust charges. The monthly cost for staying at Sree Vidya Trust’s old age homes is exceptionally affordable, with single rooms priced at just Rs. 500 and double rooms at Rs. 800, covering essential amenities such as food, accommodation, and other basic needs.

    2. Natural Wisdom Trust- Approximate Cost: INR 2,500 per month

      In Chennai, the Natural Wisdom Trust is a compassionate organisation dedicated to the well-being of senior citizens. Founded in 2006 by a group of devoted volunteers, they aim to provide safe, secure, and comfortable housing for the elderly. Public donations support the trust and operate a purpose-built old age home that can accommodate up to 40 individuals. Residents at the Natural Wisdom Trust benefit from a wide range of services and amenities, including comfortable accommodation, nutritious meals, access to medical care, recreational activities, and social events that foster a sense of community. The trust prides itself on having a highly experienced and compassionate team of staff members, including nurses, caregivers, and volunteers, trained to deliver exceptional care and support to elderly residents. The cost of staying at the Natural Wisdom Trust in Chennai varies depending on the type of accommodation and the amenities provided. The standard fee for a single room is Rs. 2500 per month, while additional rooms with specialised facilities may be available at a higher cost. The monthly fees are tailored to suit the specific services offered, ensuring that the residents receive the care they deserve in a comfortable and enriching environment.

    3. Aaradhana Old Age Home- Approximate Cost: INR 10,000 per month

      Aaradhana Old Age Home, situated in Chennai, India, is a non-profit organisation established in 2007 to provide shelter and care for neglected or dependent elderly individuals. The home offers a safe refuge, ensuring the elderly receive medical attention, nutritious meals, and assistance with their daily needs. Engaging recreational activities like music, painting, and gardening are also provided to promote an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Additionally, the organisation offers counselling and guidance to address the challenges of loneliness. The monthly fee for Aaradhana Old Age Home in Chennai is Rs. 10,000 per person, including meals, housekeeping services, medical care, and general amenities. Special services like physiotherapy or nursing care may have additional costs. Residents are required to pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000 upon departure.

    4. Believable Senior Citizen Villa- Approximate Cost: INR 20,000- INR 40,000 per month

      Believable Senior Citizen Villa, located in the heart of Chennai, provides a secure and comfortable environment for elderly individuals seeking a dignified and tranquil living experience. The villa offers modern amenities and services, including 24-hour medical care, physical therapy, nutritious meals, and engaging recreational activities such as movie screenings and art classes. With a focus on safety and security, the facility ensures the well-being of senior citizens. The cost of a Believable Senior Citizen Villa in Chennai typically ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 per month, covering accommodation, meals, medical assistance, recreational activities, and transportation. Discounts or special rates for long-term residents may be available; contacting the facility will provide direct service quotes. Choose Believable Senior Citizen Villa for a secure and comfortable place to enjoy the golden years with dignity.

    5. My Care Old Age Home- Approximate Cost: INR 5,000- INR 35,000 per month

      My Care Old Age Home in Chennai is a non-profit organisation established in 2014 to provide accommodation and support services for the elderly. With a team of dedicated professionals, the home offers a warm and caring atmosphere, modern amenities and 24-hour medical and nursing care. Activities like yoga, meditation, and arts and crafts are available, along with nutritious meals and periodic health check-ups. The monthly fees range from Rs. 5,000 for a single person to Rs. 35,000 for the ultimate package, which includes additional services like physiotherapy, recreational activities, and transportation. The personalised care and attention given to each resident ensure a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle in a supportive community.

    6. Anandam Old Age Home- Approximate Cost: INR 15,000 per month

      Anandam Old Age Home, founded in 2006 by Dr N.R. Krishnamurthy, is a non-profit organisation in Chennai that provides residential facilities and healthcare services for the elderly. With physiotherapy, medical supervision, social activities, and spiritual guidance, the home offers a comfortable and enriching environment. The monthly cost to live in Anandam Old Age Home is Rs. 15,000, covering meals, medical care, recreational activities, and housekeeping services, with additional charges for special medical treatments and nursing assistance. The dedicated staff members and volunteers at Anandam Old Age Home are committed to promoting each resident’s overall well-being and happiness, creating a supportive and compassionate community.

    7. Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home- Approximate Cost: INR 3,000 per month

      Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home, established in 1982 by the late Dr M.G.R., is the first non-profit home for the elderly in Tamil Nadu. It provides a loving and supportive environment, offering basic amenities, social activities, and regular health check-ups. The monthly cost to stay at Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home in Chennai is Rs. 3,000, including food, accommodation, and medical care, with an additional fee of Rs. 500 for extra medical attention. A refundable deposit of Rs. 2,500 is also required. With the collaboration of various organisations and a team of dedicated volunteers, Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home continues to uphold its mission of providing compassionate care and companionship to the elderly, ensuring their dignity and well-being.

    8. Vetri Old Age Home- Approximate Cost: INR 10,000 – INR 25,000 per month

      Vetri Old Age Home, located in Chennai, is a prominent non-profit organisation founded in 2006. It offers senior citizens a safe and secure living environment, providing basic amenities like food, clothing, and medical attention. Recreational activities such as yoga, music, and chess contribute to the residents’ well-being. The home’s team of professionals and volunteers ensures that residents receive quality care and support 24/7. Through educational classes and workshops, Vetri Old Age Home fosters intellectual stimulation and personal growth among its residents, promoting a fulfilling and enriching experience. The cost of staying at Vetri Old Age Home in Chennai ranges from approximately Rs. 10,000 per month for a single room to Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 25,000 per month for a double room, with additional charges for services like laundry and medical consultations.

    9. Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust- Approximate Cost: INR 4,000- INR 8,000 per month

      Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust, a dedicated charitable organisation, operates a 24-hour old age home in Chennai. It offers comprehensive medical care, nutritious meals, recreational activities, and vocational training. Alongside medical care and recreational activities, the trust provides spiritual guidance and counselling to address the emotional needs of the residents. By organising regular social interaction opportunities and engaging events, the trust creates a vibrant and connected community for senior citizens to thrive and enjoy their golden years. The trust ensures that residents can access essential amenities and provides convenient transportation. The monthly rent for a single room is Rs. 4,000, for a double room is Rs. 8,000, and there is a one-time registration fee of Rs. 3,000.

    10. Brindavanam Old Age Home- Approximate Cost: INR 18,000 per month

      Brindavanam Old Age Home in Chennai, managed by the Sisters of the Catholic Church, provides a nurturing and tranquil environment for elderly individuals. Residents enjoy spacious rooms, natural light, and engaging activities like gardening, music, and arts and crafts. The home also offers various medical services, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The home focuses on physical well-being and provides therapeutic services, such as occupational and speech therapy, to enhance residents’ overall quality of life. With a compassionate and experienced staff, Brindavanam Old Age Home ensures that the elderly receive personalized attention and support in a warm and nurturing environment. The cost of living at Brindavanam Old Age Home starts at Rs. 18,000 per month, covering food, accommodation, utilities, and basic amenities, with additional charges depending on specific services required.

    11. Suprabhath Retirement Community- Approximate Cost: INR 15,000- INR 46,000 per month

      Suprabhath Retirement Community is a premier old age home in Chennai, offering serenity, comfort, and comprehensive services for seniors. With over 70 homes on a well-designed 3-acre property, Suprabhath provides an affordable retirement lifestyle with supportive amenities, including maintenance, transportation, and healthcare services. Enjoy the tranquillity of its location and access to world-class healthcare, recreational activities, and social events. Whether seeking independent living or assisted care, Suprabhath is the ideal choice for retirees. Experience a balanced retirement lifestyle surrounded by warm fellowship and spiritual values. With a spacious temple, meditation hall, library, dining hall, and walking tracks, Suprabhath fulfils the expectations of retirees, creating a welcoming and enriching environment. The cost of stay ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹46,000, providing flexibility for individuals’ varying needs and preferences.

    Factors Affecting the Cost of Old Age Homes in Chennai

    Several factors come into play when considering the cost of old-age homes in Chennai. These factors influence the overall pricing structure and determine the expenses of staying in such facilities.

    1. Location: The geographical location of an old age home in Chennai can significantly impact its cost. Old-age homes in prime areas or those offering scenic views may have a higher price tag due to the desirable location.

    2. Accommodation Type: The type of accommodation the residents choose affects the cost. Single rooms typically cost more than shared rooms or dormitory-style arrangements. The level of privacy and personal space desired by the residents is reflected in the pricing.

    3. Amenities and Services: The range and quality of amenities and services provided by the old age home contribute to the cost. Facilities offering comprehensive services like 24-hour medical care, physiotherapy, recreational activities, transportation, and specialised dietary options may have higher monthly fees.

    4. Level of Care Needed: The level of care required by an individual resident can impact the cost. Those needing additional assistance, such as nursing care or specialised medical treatments, may incur higher expenses to cover these specific services.

    5. Duration of Stay: The stay can also affect the cost. Some old age homes in Chennai offer discounted rates for long-term residents, encouraging extended stays.

    6. Additional Services: Old-age homes may provide other optional services such as laundry, housekeeping, beauty treatments, or excursions. Availing of these services will incur extra charges.

    7. Reputation and Prestige: Established and reputable old age homes in Chennai may charge higher fees based on their track record, quality of care, and overall reputation within the industry.

    It’s important to note that each old age home in Chennai has its own fee structure and pricing policies. Prospective residents and their families should thoroughly discuss and understand the factors contributing to the overall cost to make an informed decision aligning with their budget and requirements.

    How Ketto Can Help Old Age Homes in Chennai

    Ketto’s SIP (Social Impact Plan) presents a valuable opportunity to support and uplift Chennai’s old-age homes. Being an innovative crowdfunding platform, Ketto offers a reliable avenue for raising funds and generating awareness for the needs of these homes. By leveraging the power of social media and online networks, Ketto enables old age homes to reach a wider audience and connect with potential donors passionate about supporting the elderly.

    Through Ketto’s SIP, donors can support old age homes in Chennai and help them meet various requirements such as infrastructure development, healthcare facilities, staff training, recreational activities, and overall improvement of living conditions.

    Ketto‘s crowdfunding platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows old age homes to create personalised campaigns, set fundraising goals, and track progress in real-time. This transparency and accountability foster trust among donors, ensuring that their contributions make a genuine difference in the lives of the elderly.

    Ketto’s SIP allows individuals to support causes that are meaningful to them. Individuals can donate a specific amount every month to a cause of their choice from Ketto’s long list of available campaigns. Furthermore, by having a set cause every month, donors are less stressed about choosing campaigns and making sure that their donations are making an impact.

    Ketto’s SIP provides a powerful platform for old-age homes in Chennai to raise funds, generate awareness, and engage with the community. Through crowdfunding, these homes can receive financial support to improve their facilities and services, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for elderly residents. By harnessing the collective power of individuals and communities, Ketto’s SIP offers a transformative opportunity to create a positive social impact and make a difference in the lives of Chennai’s elderly population.

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