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Best Old Age Homes in Gurgaon: Embracing Comfort and Care

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    Old Age Homes in Gurgaon

    Old-age homes in Gurgaon provide compassionate care and support for our cherished senior citizens. These places are purposefully designed to provide a secure haven for older people, nurturing them with the respect and attention they deserve. With modern amenities and a nurturing environment reminiscent of home, these establishments are more than just residences; they are sanctuaries of comfort and companionship.

    The unwavering commitment to 24-hour medical care, individualised attention, and a warm embrace that echoes family are at the heart of their mission. Trained caregivers and staff form a dedicated team that assists with daily needs like bathing, dressing, and eating and offers companionship. The corridors resonate with laughter and shared stories, nurturing social bonds that flourish through engaging activities and communal moments.

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    These remarkable homes extend beyond basic care, offering a broad spectrum of services. Residents benefit from counselling sessions, regular health check-ups, and tailored physical therapy, ensuring their holistic well-being. Spiritual and cultural activities create a tapestry of shared experiences, kindling the spirits of the residents and filling their days with purpose and joy.

    That’s not all, nutritious meals are served with love, catering to physical health and culinary delight. The living spaces are meticulously maintained, ensuring cleanliness and a sense of pride and belonging for the residents.

    These homes grant peace of mind for families, knowing their loved ones are enveloped in a cocoon of care and security. This unique environment lets seniors unwind and forge bonds with peers, unburdened by the societal obligations that often come with family responsibilities. This newfound freedom allows them to relish their independence and savour the golden years they deserve.

    Best Old Age Homes In Gurgaon

    In Gurgaon the following old age homes stand tall as guardians of older people, offering a haven where residents find comfort and a renewed zest for life. They symbolise not just a place to reside but a community where laughter, learning, and love flourish.

    1. Aurum Senior & Assisted Living

    Aurum Senior & Assisted Living in Gurgaon offers luxury living and services for seniors. Situated centrally, it provides security, activities, and healthcare. Comprehensive amenities include medical care, housekeeping, meals, and recreation. Experienced doctors and nurses are on-site. Wellness programs like yoga enhance well-being. Social events, a library, and an exercise area foster engagement.

    Aurum Senior & Assisted Living arrange fun events like movies, games, and outings. They have a library, computer room, and exercise area. For extra help, they have 24/7 nursing and medicine support. Their goal is to give residents a great life. They offer medical care, fun activities, cleaning, and transport. Aurum wants residents to be happy and comfortable.

    With 24/7 nursing and medication aid, Aurum assures quality care. They offer tailored plans for acute care, meals, housekeeping, and more to suit individual needs. Extra costs encompass specialised treatments and medical conditions. Aurum’s reasonable pricing makes it an appealing choice for senior living. It is one of the best luxury old age homes in Gurgaon.

    Address: Block H1/10, Vikas Marg, Pocket H, South City – 2, Sector – 50, Gurugram, Fatehpur, Haryana 122018

    2. Nema ElderCare

    Nema Eldercare, a Gurgaon-based organisation established in 2018, focuses on offering top-notch elderly care services. With a commitment to quality, Nema Eldercare provides a range of services, including nursing care, specialised medical attention, physiotherapy, home visits, and engaging senior-friendly activities.

    Their team of experienced caregivers is skilled in elder care, certified to provide optimal support, and available round-the-clock for daily activities like bathing, dressing, eating, and exercise. Dedicated to seniors’ comfort and well-being, Nema Eldercare offers tailored personal attention to match individual needs.

    Recreational pursuits like art, music, and events add joy to the seniors’ lives. The organisation aids those with mobility challenges by offering wheelchairs and walkers and arranging transportation for medical visits and shopping. Nema Eldercare prioritises creating a secure, cosy, and stress-free environment.

    With a vast network of qualified professionals, they provide comprehensive elderly care. Their support extends to families, caregivers, and older people through counselling and assistance. Committed to quality, they customise services to cater to unique client needs, ensuring older people receive the care and comfort they deserve.

    Address: G Block, AP-05, NEMA Lane, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122017

    3. Kriti Elder Care

    Established in 2012 by Dr. Kriti Bhatia, Kriti Elder Care in Gurgaon is a holistic Elder Care Solutions centre catering to the diverse needs of seniors. They offer comprehensive services, including nursing care, physiotherapy, medical and mental health support, lifestyle management, personal care, and home assistance. Services encompass respite care, home visits, daycare, personal aid, meal prep, housekeeping, and transportation.

    With an unwavering commitment, Kriti Elder Care aspires to provide the finest care for Gurgaon’s elderly. Their team of skilled professionals delivers individualised attention, supported by 24/7 emergency services and dedicated volunteers. Collaborating with hospitals and clinics, they ensure comprehensive medical assistance.

    Kriti Elder Care’s mission is to uphold quality services and seniors’ well-being. They strive to create a secure, comfortable haven for the elderly and their families. Enriching activities promote mental and physical vitality. In essence, Kriti Elder Care stands as a pillar of support, ensuring that the elderly in Gurgaon experience a dignified and fulfilling life.

    Address: Nursing Home 2, Anant Raj Estate, Sector-63A, Gurugram, Haryana 122102 

    4. Epoch Elder Care

    Epoch Elder Care, established in 2020, is a premier old age home in Gurgaon. Their comprehensive services encompass residential and nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social engagement, dietary guidance, and more. Additionally, assistance with daily tasks like shopping and maintenance is available.

    Guided by experienced professionals, the centre assures top-tier care for seniors. The team is skilled in delivering compassionate, individualised care, prioritising safety and comfort. An on-site pharmacy, medical staff, and doctors cater to residents’ health needs.

    Modern amenities, including a library, recreation area, and dining space, enhance residents’ experience. Leisure activities like games and bingo add joy. Transportation services make visiting loved ones convenient. Epoch Elder Care remains steadfast in its commitment to quality care at reasonable rates. They accept insurance and offer specialised assistance for chronic conditions. Financial support is extended to those with limited income, reflecting their dedication to comprehensive, affordable care.

    Address: H – 34/16, Block H, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26, Gurugram, Haryana 122002 

    5. Samvedna Senior Care Foundation

    Samvedna Senior Care Foundation, a non-profit established in 2013, dedicates itself to enhancing the lives of India’s senior citizens. Their mission encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, fostering independence and dignity. Bridging generations, Samvedna fosters stronger bonds between seniors and youth.

    Services cater to diverse needs, including day-care centres, in-home care, medical aid, counselling, recreation, and customised senior care plans. Their community-driven approach involves workshops, seminars, and camps to raise awareness about senior care and unite families and elders. Financial assistance is extended to those in need, and collaborations with other non-profits bolster efforts.

    Samvedna’s vision centres on cultivating a society that deeply respects and values the wisdom and experiences of its elderly members. Founded on compassion and driven by dedication, the organisation exemplifies a commitment to enriching the lives of senior citizens across India.

    Address: G-7, Sushant Lok, Phase 3, Sector 57, Gurgaon – 122002 

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    What is the Cost of Old Age Homes in Gurgaon?

    The cost of staying in an Old Age Home in Gurgaon varies based on their offerings. Basics like food, a place to stay, and medical care are usually included. Some homes have extra services like fun activities and special nursing care. The cost can change depending on where the home is and its quality. Homes in fancy areas might cost more than homes in simpler neighbourhoods.

    There might be extra charges for laundry, phones, or internet. Costs could also be different based on the number of rooms. It’s wise to look into different homes and compare what they offer and how much they charge.

    Things That Make Old Age Home Costs Different

    Facilities: What the home has to offer changes how much it costs. Homes with more things might be more expensive.

    Location: Where the home is located makes a big difference. Fancy areas usually mean higher costs.

    Room Type: What kind of room you get affects the cost. Having a room to yourself or sharing with another person might cost more than sleeping in a big room with many people.

    Size & Type of Accommodation: Bigger homes can cost more than smaller ones. Some old age homes offer single or double occupancy rooms, luxury or deluxe rooms and studio apartments. So the price plan depends on the person’s needs.

    Staff: How many people work at old age homes can change costs. Homes with more employees might be pricier.


    In the heart of Gurgaon’s bustling cityscape, old age homes emerge as a sanctuary where the golden years of life are adorned with compassion, comfort, and connection. Exploring the best old age homes in Gurgaon has uncovered a realm of thoughtful care and well-being that goes beyond the ordinary.

    These homes stand as a testament to a society that acknowledges the invaluable wisdom and experiences that seniors carry. The diverse array of options caters to individual preferences and needs, ensuring every resident finds a place that resonates with their spirit.

    From luxurious living to a haven of serenity, these establishments have redefined what it means to age gracefully. The array of services offered, from medical care to engaging activities, ensures that residents thrive in an environment that supports both body and soul.

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    Whether it’s for upgrading facilities, enhancing medical care, or organising meaningful activities, starting a campaign on Ketto empowers these organisations to rally support and gather resources to impact the lives of elderly individuals in need positively.

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