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Here’s What Your Rs 500/Month Donation Can Do – Ketto SIP

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    SIP for medical crowdfunding

    Whenever people talk about donations, it seems like an added burden to most people as they believe in paying a hefty amount in one go without putting much thought into it. Well, crowdfunding has made donations easier and more convenient. Ketto is a fundraising platform which aims to help people meet their medical, physical, and mental financial needs timely. It is India’s most trusted platform helping individuals to raise funds and fulfil their ambitions. It is a user-friendly platform with more than 2 lakh+ fundraisers and 55 lakh+ donors. They are on a mission to bring change that the world wants to see! 

    Thanks to crowdfunding, now anyone can raise money for their dream projects. However, crowdfunding is not merely for starting a project or creating some remarkable content on the internet. There is more to it, especially with medical crowdfunding

    For a person in need of money during a medical emergency, medical crowdfunding is a lifesaver. Beginning a socially impactful journey with a monthly plan of Rs 500 towards crowdfunding for medical care can be a huge support for patients in dire need. Helping people pay hospital bills with crowdfunding, especially crowdfunding for organ transplant expenses or crowdfunding for medical care of cancer patients, are the most efficiently charitable and one of the best financial decisions to make.

    One of the basics for surviving severe medical conditions is to ensure the availability of the right treatment for the patient. Crowdfunding brings hope for many such avoidable tragedies that people face daily.

    SIP: Working

    Ketto SIP or Social Impact Plan is an exceptional proposition that permits donors to contribute monthly towards medical crowdfunding. A group of specialists gives all-day, regular updates, and online assistance for any inquiry the donors might have.

    The Ketto SIP app allows donors to match donation schemes in unique ways. The entire donation process is 100% transparent and hassle-free. Also, donors get regular updates on how their funds are being used. The fundraising has been enhanced with adaptable functionality that creates a pool from which medical crowdfunding for emergencies is met.

    The procedure to source funding is also simple, rapid, and hassle-free for patients. Through Ketto’s crowdfunding for healthcare, the patients in dire need can cover their expensive life-saving medical treatments.

    Impact of SIP

    When Ketto was established in 2012, the team managed to raise more than 2.5 crores rupees for the less fortunate. Today, more than one lakh people are contributing constantly towards Ketto SIP. It has saved over 650 children suffering from cancer, undergoing organ transplants, and other life-threatening diseases.

    Final thoughts

    Ketto SIP for medical crowdfunding is a social transformer that brings out solutions for various funding emergencies. The Ketto SIP app allows donors to contribute any sum quickly without going through the same method every month. Subscribe to the Social Impact Plan and get on the charitable journey with Ketto!

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