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Powerful Tricks To Get People To Donate

    Powerful Tricks To Get People To Donate

    In the good old days, a nonprofit organisation or individual would have to go door-to-door to seek donations. Today, with social media so widely accessed by everyone, people can raise funds with just a click on the screens of their smartphone. This ease of access the internet provides comes handy when crowdfunding on an online platform such as Ketto.

    You can start a fundraiser in just a few minutes by providing predetermined information on Ketto’s Online Crowdfunding Platform. Similarly, a nonprofit can create a campaign and share videos, images and powerful messages that can gain attention & thousands of views on the various social media networks available online—leading to a heave of donations to their cause. 

    Do you know what’s more powerful? 

    You can use the internet to build up an email list of people who want to receive details and more information about your cause and campaigns. This email list can be accountable for traffic on your campaign page, leading a pouring in of donations when you commence a new campaign. However, you need to ensure to utilise this email list with care and prudence if you want to raise funds successfully. Visit to learn from our experts how you can start a successful fundraiser or improve your active fundraising campaign.

    Get ready to stir up emotions that direct you towards online giving with all the tools you have! We at Ketto reveal how you can raise money via texting campaigns, crowdfunding, and automating monthly donations in the below points. Read on!

    1. Email Campaigns

    An email is a powerful tool for lead capture, conversion, and relationship building. Pin your faith in the email campaign! Emails were and will always be a powerful tool for campaigning. Every email you send to your subscribers or donor is an opportunity to boost funds and raise awareness. It does not end here, send acknowledgement emails to every person who has contributed to your campaign. Don’t forget to mention the link to your donation page in the email. Remember emails campaign are a powerful way to inform, educate and build connections with your donors.

    2. Text Message Campaigns

    SMS can boost any campaign. Irrespective of the scale of your project, SMS campaigns can be customised to fit all needs and achieve a vital profile-boosting for your cause. More and more smartphone users these days are accessing and consuming varied information from their phones. Sending a campaign text to a donor is the simplest way to get their attention. Once your campaign is out, your message will spread far and wide. And as you upload a video, you can incorporate marketing strategies to augment your SMS marketing database. The list of people you send to will expand. To manage this influx, get your hands on an automated contact database manager and go texting!

    3. Facebook

    2.5 billion people around the globe are familiar with this popular app! It goes without a saying that Facebook can be the key to getting more donors to your cause. Using Facebook’s advertising tools, you can send your donation appeal easily to the viewers. Facebook advertising tools are best handled by experts, not that you cannot learn to do it your self. It will take more than writing down notes if you plan to launch your campaign on Facebook by yourself. You could also use – “Best Free Nonprofit Software” to send your donation requests or create ads by getting professional help!

    5. LinkedIn

    Want to build a network with various nonprofit experts and donors? LinkedIn is the way to go! Here’s how to do it.

    • You can share your ketto campaign link directly to your LinkedIn page, or
    • Write an article for your cause or campaign. Then you can list how you came up with your intention, what you did to raise your campaign, and how other individuals can do the same.
    • Next, log into your LinkedIn account. Click on “write post.”
    • Copy and paste your article to the in-page editor.
    • Publish the article

    By doing so, you educate others and make the process easier for all. They will also learn more about your campaign and can end up as donors to your cause.

    6. Blog

    Want to attract potential donors and keep the existing ones updated on your campaign? Post compelling blogs and share your initiatives/perspective to a broader audience! Construct infographics, videos, engaging images, etc.

    7. Press Release

    The main objective of a press release for your campaign is to convey your story in an easy-to-understand format for journalists who reach out for more information. A great press release will help you get in the limelight by getting your campaign noticed on news media channels. Today, the internet has become an accessible medium to attain extensive circulation for press releases online. A press release for your crowdfunding campaign will help drive enormous traffic to your donation page. It takes much effort to create an excellent, compelling story, getting your hands into some of the best free press release distribution services will help your campaign receive the boost it deserves.

    8. Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding is an outstanding choice for nonprofits and individuals who cannot afford expensive investments of email marketing and sponsoring ads on social media platforms. 

    Want to raise funds? Convey your company’s story! Starting an Online Crowdfunding campaign on Ketto has three advantages:

    • Start a campaign in two minutes with few details of you and the person for whom you are raising funds.
    • Best online crowdfunding platform in Asia
    • Extensive connection with individuals, brands, and strong celebrity support with social media presence.
    • Withdraw funds directly to your bank account without any hassles.

    Ketto is India’s most trusted online crowdfunding platform. We have raised more than ₹1100 Crores through 55 lakh backer and donors who donated to above 2 lakh fundraisers.

    9. Digital Incentives

    Incentive marketing first took place in the 18th century when a retailer offered copper coins as tokens that could be redeemed for future purchases—giving the retailer a competitive edge in the market. In today’s modern work environment, the goal of encouraging with incentives remains the same but with far more sophisticated methods. Similarly, you can get as creative as you like when it comes to incentive marketing. Put your ideas to work and do not to forget to have some fun! By providing digital incentives/rewards for individual donors, you are giving them a reason feel motivated and providing people with a choice to return to your cause. Potential donors become loyal and give more to your cause when they are rewarded. You can raise the bar of rewards by sending your donors a branded t-shirt, mugs or even go the extra mile to connect them with your company’s director. Another excellent way of rewarding them is by featuring their efforts to the campaign page; this will also motivate other donors to fund your campaign. Creating a mini-auction for the feature space on your page will also help boost your campaign goals.

    10. Media Incentives

    Similar to digital incentives, media incentives attract individual sponsors by offering something in return to reel in corporate sponsors. Little things like providing ad space on your website, a sponsored message at a meeting, or a promoted sponsor post on your blog will boost sponsor and donors morale. You can add details on media incentives as you please depending on your situation and campaign strategy. Media incentive has the following benefits:

    • It is quick, hassle-free and highly cost-effective
    • It’s quick to set up and very easy to implement.
    • There are no fulfilment fees or added set-up costs.
    • It provides built-in customer enquiry management systems.
    • It gives a fully-branded customer experience.

    Ketto has the industry’s best fundraising success rate, which is supported by 55,00,000+ donors and easy-to-manage tools to boost results. You can receive donations via all popular payment modes and get expert support 24/7 with a dedicated smart-dashboard.

    Ketto online crowdfunding also provides international payment support and withdrawal of funds without any hassle.

    Isn’t it as easy as quiche for you to take and execute these tricks to get people to donate to your nonprofit organisations cause? Start a fundraiser with Ketto today! We are India’s most trusted crowdfunding platform.


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