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Rainbow Children’s Hospital Hyderabad: Pioneering Pediatric Healthcare Excellence

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    Rainbow Children's Hospital Hyderabad

    Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad is a renowned healthcare institution in Hyderabad. It provides excellent pediatric care and brings hope and healing to children and families. Rainbow Hospital has gained trust in the healthcare industry by offering top-notch medical services, advanced technology, and compassionate care.

    The dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and support staff work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and happiness of every young patient. Discover more about the hospital, its facilities, and its specialisations in this blog.

    History of Rainbow Children’s Hospital

    • Rainbow Hospital was established on 14th November 1999. It is also India’s first corporate hospital only dedicated to children’s healthcare. The hospital has been at the forefront of pediatric medical services with a strong presence nationwide. It is located in 18 different locations across the country, including Hyderabad, Telangana, Bangalore, Vijayawada, and New Delhi.

    • As a pioneer in the field, it was India’s first private children’s hospital to receive the prestigious NABH accreditation. It is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and safety. The hospital’s impact is far-reaching, as indicated by its impressive track record.

    • The hospital has performed 9,000 deliveries annually over the past 19 years. Furthermore, Rainbow Hospital provides specialised care to more than 1,800 preterm babies annually. The hospital is recognised for its excellence in fertility treatment. It has earned the distinction of being ranked as the number-one fertility hospital in South India in 2018.

    Rainbow Children’s Hospital & BirthRight: Hyderabad

    Rainbow Children’s Hospital operates six hospitals and one outpatient clinic in Hyderabad. It delivers a comprehensive range of pediatric multi-speciality and super-speciality services in Hyderabad.

    At Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad, a team of esteemed and certified paediatricians ensures that patients receive top-notch care. The hospitals have advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Pediatric Intensive Care Units.

    Rainbow Children’s Hospital has dedicated support and emergency staff available 24×7, ensuring a swift response to any medical need. The hospital’s emphasis on comprehensive services, cutting-edge facilities, and round-the-clock availability underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional pediatric healthcare to the community.

    Rainbow Children’s Hospital & BirthRight Locations in Hyderabad

    With a dedicated team of skilled healthcare professionals and a patient-centric approach, Rainbow Hospital continues to redefine pediatric care. The hospital is present in 7 different locations across Hyderabad. These are as follows:

    1. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills

    Located in Banjara Hills, this Rainbow Hospital facility has a capacity of 250 beds with 59 doctors and over 330 nurses.

    Address: Road No. 2, Near Hotel Park Hyatt, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 50003

    2. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, L.B Nagar

    This Rainbow Children’s Hospital facility in LB Nagar has a capacity of 110 beds with 19 doctors and 131 nurses.

    Address: Plot No 73/C & 73/D, Saraswathi Nagar Colony, Mansoorabad Village, LB Nagar

    3. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Secunderabad

    This Rainbow Children’s Hospital facility in Secunderabad also has a capacity of 110 beds with 19 doctors and 131 nurses.

    Address: H.No. 3-7-222 & 3-7-223, Sy. No.51 to 54 Police Station Main Road, Karkhana, Secunderabad

    4. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hydernagar

    This Rainbow Children’s Hospital facility in Hydernagar also has a capacity of 110 beds with 19 doctors and 131 nurses.

    Address: Plot No. 1, Mumbai Highway, Opp. Chermas Cinemas, Hydernagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

    5. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Kondapur

    This Rainbow Hospital facility in Hyderabad is smaller than the others, with a capacity of 55 beds with 19 doctors and 90 nurses.

    Address: Plot No 32 & 33, Survey No 12, Opp CII Kondapur Serilingampally Mandal, Hyderabad

    6. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills, Road No. 10

    Another Rainbow Hospital facility in Banjara Hills, with a capacity of 110 beds with 19 doctors and over 130 nurses.

    Address: Plot No. 22, Road No 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

    7. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Financial District

    This facility has a capacity of 110 beds with 17 doctors and 20 nurses.

    Address: Address: Survey No 74, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008

    Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad: Infrastructure

    Over 800 Beds Across All Facilities in Hyderabad

    With a focus on providing excellent healthcare services, Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad boasts a substantial bed capacity. The hospital has over 800 beds across all its locations in Hyderabad. This expansive infrastructure ensures the hospital can accommodate many patients, providing timely and efficient care for needy individuals.

    The ample bed capacity allows for a greater number of admissions. It also ensures patients receive personalized attention and comfortable accommodations during their stay.

    One of a Kind LDRP Suites

    Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad offers a comprehensive range of facilities designed to provide top-quality care to its patients. One notable feature that sets Rainbow apart is its introduction of high-end LDRP Suites (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum Suites), the first in South India.

    These suites are designed to create comfort for mothers throughout the entire childbirth process. These suites provide a nurturing environment to mothers right from labour to recovery and postpartum care.

    This innovative initiative reflects Rainbow’s commitment to enhancing the birthing experience and ensuring optimal care for mothers and newborns.

    Major Specialties at Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad

    Let’s explore the different specialities at Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad and how they ensure comprehensive patient care.

    1. Gynecology and Obstetrics

    Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad has a team of skilled gynaecologists and obstetricians. The doctors provide exceptional care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. From routine check-ups to high-risk pregnancies, the hospital offers personalized care. It also ensures the well-being of both mother and baby.

    2. Fertility Care

    Rainbow Hospital has gained recognition as a leading fertility care centre. The hospital provides advanced fertility treatments with advanced facilities and a dedicated team of specialists. These also include assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF and ICSI. Thus, helping couples fulfil their dreams of parenthood.

    3. Childcare

    Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad understands the unique healthcare needs of children and offers specialised pediatric care. The hospital’s paediatricians are experienced in treating various conditions and providing preventive care, ensuring every child’s healthy growth and development.

    4. Pediatric Specialties

    Rainbow Hospital has specialised pediatric departments, including pediatric cardiology, neurology, and surgery. These departments house experienced specialists who diagnose and treat complex pediatric conditions, employing the latest medical advancements and techniques.

    Whether it’s gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility care, childcare, or pediatric specialities, Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad ensures patients receive comprehensive and tailored care at every stage of life.

    What Diseases Are Treated at Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad?

    Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad, is a leading pediatric hospital in Hyderabad specialising in:

    Pediatric Neurology
    Pediatric surgery
    Anaesthesia and pain management
    Pediatric haematology and oncology
    Pediatric gastroenterology and liver diseases
    In addition, the hospital is known for its fertility treatments and obstetrics and gynaecology care.

    Top-Notch Patient Care Facilities at Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad

    Rainbow Hospital in Hyderabad is committed to providing exceptional patient care beyond medical treatments. Let’s explore some of the standout patient care facilities at Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad.

    1. Health Insurance Coordination

    Rainbow Hospital understands the significance of health insurance coverage. The dedicated team works closely with patients and their insurance providers to facilitate seamless coordination.

    The hospital also ensures that the necessary paperwork and billing processes are handled. This initiative relieves patients and their families from the administrative burden.

    2. Medical Records Transfer

    Rainbow Hospital recognises the importance of medical records for continuity of care. The hospital facilitates the smooth transfer of medical records between healthcare providers. This ensures that relevant information is readily available to support accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

    3. Online Doctor Consultation

    Rainbow Hospital offers online doctor consultation services to provide convenient access to medical expertise. This facility enables patients to connect with doctors remotely. Thus, patients can seek medical advice, follow-up consultations, or second opinions without physical visits.

    4. Rehabilitation

    Rainbow Hospital emphasises comprehensive care, including rehabilitation services for patients requiring postoperative or specialised rehabilitation support. The hospital’s rehabilitation team designs personalised programs to aid patients in their recovery journey. Thus, improving their quality of life.

    5. Pharmacy

    Rainbow Hospital houses an in-house pharmacy. This assures the availability of prescribed medications and supplies conveniently within the hospital premises. Subsequently enabling patients to access necessary medications promptly. And also eliminating the need for external pharmacy visits.

    6. Document Legalisation

    Rainbow Hospital offers assistance with document legalisation. This is particularly for patients who require overseas medical treatments or legal formalities for insurance claims or other purposes. This service simplifies the process and guides patients and their families.

    7. Postoperative Follow-up

    Rainbow Hospital prioritises continuity of care and provides dedicated postoperative follow-up services. The hospital ensures patients receive appropriate postoperative care, monitoring, and necessary consultations to promote healing and recovery.

    Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad’s Heart Center

    The esteemed Rainbow Children’s Heart Institute (RCHI), Hyderabad, lies within Rainbow Hospitals’ premises. It is a dedicated centre providing specialised treatments for children with complex congenital and other cardiac conditions.

    Led by the foremost cardiologists in India, the institute is committed to delivering the best pediatric cardiac care. RCHI believes in the power of personalised care and utilises the most advanced treatment plans to ensure the highest level of medical attention.

    The centre has a strong emphasis on expertise and innovation. Today, RCHI symbolises hope for families searching for exceptional cardiac care for their young ones.

    How can Ketto Help at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad?

    Rainbow Hospital in Hyderabad is a trusted name in pediatric healthcare, providing specialised care to children across various specialities. However, medical treatments can be expensive, and many families struggle to afford the cost of treatment.

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    How to Start a Campaign on Ketto?

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    Final Thoughts

    With Ketto crowdfunding, families can receive financial assistance and provide their children with the best medical care at Rainbow Hospital. The platform has helped many families, raising funds for surgeries, treatments, and other medical expenses.

    By leveraging the power of crowdfunding, Ketto and Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad are transforming the lives of children and their families, one campaign at a time.

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