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How to Get the Prescribed Medical Treatment Even when You Can’t Afford It

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    Raise Funds for Medical Treatment

    Prescribed medical treatment may be expensive and unaffordable. But medical treatment crowdfunding makes it possible to pay for it.

    The patient or their family members can raise funds for medical treatment. They can do this through online crowdfunding platforms. These platforms provide opportunities for them to connect with potential donors. 

    It also helps build a supportive community around the patient. Through that, they can receive constant financial support when they need long-term medical treatment.

    Healthcare and Wellcare Centres Providing Medical Treatment at Subsidized Rates

    The government of India has set up several healthcare centers to help lower-income groups. They help with neonatal and maternal healthcare and much more. Patients with non-communicable diseases eligible for the government schemes can avail of essential services. This includes free essential drugs and diagnostic services.

    Thus, people from low-income groups receive medical treatment at much lower rates than in multispecialty hospitals. 

    Government Schemes

    The government of India also offers several healthcare schemes to provide patients with the necessary financial aid. PM-JAY is one such scheme. Patients requiring medical treatment via secondary and tertiary care hospitalization are assisted. 

    The government funds the treatment. The beneficiaries receive 3-day hospital and 15-day post-hospital expenses. But the medical treatment does not end there.

    The patient may require to take expensive prescribed medicines over time. That’s when they will have to choose the next alternative. For this, they can contact a medical crowdfunding online platform. This will help them procure funds from potential donors via social media platforms.

    Raising Funds for Medical Treatments

    Spreading the word online can help draw a lot of funds for medical treatment. A great way to do so is to crowdfund medical bills through an online fundraising platform.

    Here’s what one can do to get funds from a crowdfunding platform.

    • Reach out to a fundraiser.
    • The fundraising platform will help in generating a fundraiser and display it on the website.
    • The donors will see the fundraising request and if it sounds authentic to them, will contribute towards the cause.

    Inclusive Financing for Unaffordable Medical Expenses

    A cavity in the teeth or loose gums can cause much pain and embarrassment. It can also cause discomfort and bad breath. But dental procedures are expensive and unaffordable medical treatments for low-income groups. Also, they are exclusives under health insurance. Thus, they are out-of-the-pocket expenses for the patient. 

    Inclusive Financing can help in such a situation.

    A financial institution will pay the medical bill and collect it from the patient or their relatives in installments. The installments depend on the financial capacity of the patient to repay.


    Patients suffer when they do not take prescribed medicinal treatment immediately. But many refuse them because they have no money to pay for them. They thus suffer, are in pain or weakness, and even die. But there is no need for that. One can reduce medical treatment costs by using the pointers given above.

    Ketto is one such crowdfunding platform. It can help people who require prescribed medical treatment but have no money to pay for them. It lists all information concerning the patient, doctor, procedure, and medical requirements. Then enlists them in the fundraiser for the donors to see. Every donor contribution, however small it may be, is of immense help.

    Contact Ketto to help a low-income patient get his medicinal treatment today. You can also contact them to raise funds for people in need.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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