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Online Fundraising Without Social Media: Know the Different Ways to Raise Funds

    Raise Funds Online Without Social Media

    Over the past few years, the internet has been synonymous with social media. There are many social media platforms where users can post, share others’ work, and even ask for funds. But to bring a change or inspire action through social media, you need thousands of followers and a dedicated audience. However, not everyone has a large social media following or an impactful profile which would be enough to collect funds.

    There are several options available today for online fundraising without social media. You would need to use an efficient platform to raise sufficient funds for a health emergency or a social cause. A crowdfunding platform is the best for online fundraising without social media.

    About Ketto:

    Ketto is a crowdfunding platform that offers online fundraising to those in need. If you need financial assistance in an emergency, a crowdsourcing platform like Ketto can help. To register for online fundraising on Ketto, you must first complete the process of submitting the necessary documents for validation.

    A crowdfunding campaign to collect contributions for the individual in need is launched in a matter of minutes. You may then share this project with your whole network of friends and family via WhatsApp, email, and other social media channels. Within minutes, donations begin to pour in to achieve the financial requirements.

    You can withdraw the available money at any point throughout your online fundraising campaign. Most significantly, Ketto offers worldwide payment support, allowing us to make contributions in various currencies from across the world. We also provide marketing and promotional support for your campaign, as well as a professional fundraiser expert to assist you with the fundraising process.

    Let’s take a look at some ideas for online fundraising without social media:

    Fundraising Without Social Media:

    1. Through Email:

    Emails are an extremely successful and easy way to fundraise at a minimal cost. You may reach out to a specific set of potential contributors by contacting them. Making customized emails is the most effective approach to reach out to individuals and inform them about your mission.

    A bulk email may appear to be more convenient. But, recipients are more likely to be inspired to participate in your campaign if there is a personal touch. They perceive some personal involvement in your email. Whether it is to ask them how they are doing or to allude to some memories you shared. Such a personal email will most likely keep them engaged and interested.

    Online fundraising using emails enables you to monitor your initiatives effectively and retain a comprehensive list of recipients. It allows you to analyze who has contributed and who hasn’t. You can even track who has and hasn’t seen the email. You may utilize a fundraising email template but personalize it for each receiver. This personalization will help as they recognize you took the time to talk to them individually.

    2. Using a Crowdfunding Platform:

    A crowdfunding platform is the best option for online fundraising without social media. Using a dedicated platform for online fundraising has many benefits. You can create a campaign in a few minutes and start receiving help from friends and supporters instantly. Crowdfunding is the method of providing money to help people overcome societal or financial challenges in their daily lives. Because you can rapidly collect money online, virtual crowdfunding is an easy online fundraiser.

    3. Via Online Gaming:

    It is a way of generating cash for a philanthropic purpose, project, or social initiative by collecting small donations from many people, frequently over the internet. Crowdfunding empowers anybody to create an online fundraising campaign for their own or someone else’s needs and receive donations from people worldwide.

    Playing entertaining and thrilling games on the web while backing a charity is an example of easy online fundraising. In the age of social confinement, games entice communities to engage and enjoy themselves, making them ideal for fundraising. There are several ways to communicate and play on the internet.

    You could even have a gaming tournament, which would be a huge success! To begin, decide which online video game your target audience would be most willing to play to promote your campaign. It must be a multiplayer game with ranks, and it must have a time limit. Following that, you may ask participants to register for the event and pay for their tickets. You may then apply this money to the fundraising right away.

    4. Workshops and Seminars:

    An excellent way for online fundraising without social media is through conducting workshops or seminars. If you are one of those people who are talented and good at training others, this is a great opportunity. Skilled people can use their craft to teach online in exchange for funds for an online fundraiser.

    Be it a baking class, a yoga session, a painting workshop, or a self-help seminar, people love learning new skills. You can ask the attendees to donate to the fundraiser of your choice. You can even ask for a decided registration fee in the form of a donation for the online fundraising campaign. The feeling of learning something new, coupled with a sense of gratitude after donation, will set their spirits high.

    To appreciate generous donors, you can provide an honorary certificate to them. Alternatively, you can offer a free class or an extra session to those who help greatly. This would push the attendees to donate generously. Such workshops are a huge hit and can be effectively used for online fundraising without social media.

    In Conclusion:

    Using a crowdfunding platform such as Ketto is the best method for online fundraising without social media. Head over to Ketto to start a fundraiser for yourself or someone else. You may also contribute to your chosen causes and campaigns. Even the smallest donation contributes to a more significant cause, and we always appreciate your assistance.

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