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How to Get Financial Help for Kidney Patients in India?

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    Raise Funds for Kidney Patients in India

    Did you know that more than 8 million people in India suffer from chronic kidney diseases? As per estimates, more than 2 lakh patients are diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease every year. The number of people living with kidney-related conditions has almost doubled in India in the past 15 years. 

    It is heartening to know that most patients recover if they get timely treatment. However, the treatment is costly and can cause a financial crisis for families whose loved ones are treated. Over the past couple of years, crowdfunding has been a successful option to provide financial help for kidney patients in India.

    Ketto, an online Indian crowdfunding platform, has been successful in helping people from across the country raise funds and get the best treatment for all sorts of diseases. Here, we will discuss how you can start a fundraiser for someone who needs urgent kidney-related treatments. First, let’s understand why financial help for kidney patients in India is necessary.

    How much does kidney treatment cost in India?

    Patients who suffer from kidney failure have to go through regular dialysis treatments until the underlying condition is treated. If the patient has severe kidney damage, the only option left is a transplant. 

    One dialysis session can cost anywhere between Rs.5,000 to Rs.15,000, and regular dialysis is a must for kidney patients. A kidney transplant can cost patients around Rs.10 lakh, which is a massive amount for an average household. Even after the transplant, the recovery takes time. Post-surgery care can also add to the financial burden for patients and their families. This highlights why financial assistance becomes imperative for kidney patients in India.

    How can Ketto crowdfunding help?

    Ketto’s crowdfunding is an excellent way to raise money for noble causes, including medical treatments. Thanks to its robust online platform, Ketto brings individuals in a society together and quickly raises funds. Suppose you want to raise funds for the kidney treatment of someone from the family or anyone in your social circle. In that case, you can start a fundraiser in only 10 to 15 minutes by registering on the Ketto website. 

    The great thing about online crowdfunding is using social media for greater reach when creating and starting the fundraiser. You can share it across the Internet using all major social media platforms. People who know you will trust the cause and send funds, causing a ripple effect. In no time, the donors further share the fundraiser, and you can see the amount being added in real time. There is no lag. Everything is transparent, secure and authentic. The information of donors and patients is secure on Ketto’s platform.

    In addition, the money raised is available for instant use. You don’t have to wait for the goal amount before it becomes usable. This means patients can get ongoing kidney treatment such as dialysis. At the same time, the goal amount for surgery keeps accumulating in the fundraiser.

    How to start an online Ketto fundraiser for kidney treatment

    Starting an online fundraiser is very easy. You can visit Ketto’s website and fill in the required details, beneficiary information, medical treatment documents, bank details and goal amount for the fundraiser. If you face any challenges starting the fundraiser campaign, you can request a call back from a fundraising expert who can further guide you through the steps.

    The crowdfunding platform knows how the process works, with over 50 lakh donors and more than 2 lakh successful fundraisers so far. Many donors support such causes regularly, making it easier to generate the goal amount to help the beneficiary. There is no limitation on who can start a fundraiser and for whom. It can be patients themselves, relatives, acquaintances, friends, or any other person you know in urgent need of money to start or continue the kidney treatment. 

    What assistance do you get for your fundraising campaign?

    The best thing about using Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform for financial help for kidney patients in India is that it is free. There are zero platform charges. It provides various digital payment options for ease of donations. There are other key advantages including:

    • Flexible payouts: The donation amount is visible to you, and you get regular updates from online fundraiser experts. This is your money, and you can utilise it anytime you wish to. There is no need to wait till the goal amount is met. 
    • Personalised web updates and 24/7 support: You get every alert and information through email and SMS. You can also use Ketto’s web app to track the updates. A team of experts is available to you around the clock, via multiple mediums like a phone call, web chat, instant messaging, and so on.
    • International payment and advertising support: One of the most significant advantages of an online fundraiser is that it is not limited to a specific city or country. People across the globe can donate as the platform supports multiple currencies. Additionally, you also get marketing and promotional support for the broader reach of your campaign.
    • Dedicated fundraising expert and marketing tool: Ketto assigns you a dedicated fundraising expert who can guide you throughout your campaign. You also get an insightful marketing tool that provides details that helps you change your promotional strategy and raise funds effectively.
    • You are not alone in this: Many people work and manage your fundraiser, giving it a wider reach. Hence, you feel supported all the time and, if needed, can focus your attention on the beneficiary’s other urgent needs.


    If you plan to start a fundraiser for a kidney patient and have any questions, feel free to contact Ketto’s experts, who are available 24/7 to assist you in your journey towards making this world a better place for everyone and add happiness to many families. 
    Signing up and starting a fundraiser on Ketto doesn’t take more than five minutes. You need to fill out details about what and for whom you need money and submit the form. You can positively impact other people’s lives by contributing on Ketto and becoming an active donor.

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