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Tips To Write A Crowdfunding Letter To Raise Funds For Medical Treatment

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    Tips To Write A Crowdfunding Letter

    Everyone might not find it easy to raise funds for medical treatment. In a country like India, the penetration of health insurance and medical facilities is low. As per a recent news article, around 60% of people delay their treatment due to a lack of health insurance. Therefore, we must find other ways of helping those who are deprived of medical treatment due to poor financial conditions. 

    During the pandemic, many crowdfunding platforms were established to raise funds for medical treatment. Though the pandemic has subsided now, still many other health issues cost in lakhs. Heart surgeries, kidney transplants, cancer, and many other ailments can consume away a person’s entire lifetime’s savings. To help such people we must know how to raise funds for medical treatment via a crowdfunding platform. 

    Crowdfunding platforms like Ketto have come forward and helped thousands of people who weren’t able to avail of medical services due to their financial state. However, we must also learn how to use these platforms to start a fundraiser. A fundraiser letter is a letter that is used to reach the maximum number of people via a crowdfunding site, email, or any other means of communication. An effective medical fundraiser letter must include all the details of the patient along with the funds that they would require to overcome a concerning disease or medical condition. In this article, we will be looking at some tips to write a crowdfunding letter that sounds genuine and impactful as well. 

    Tips To Write A Crowdfunding Letter 

    These are some tips that can help us write a compelling crowdfunding letter to raise funds for medical treatment:

    Don’t get emotional while writing 

    Being too emotional while writing a crowdfunding letter might distract us from including all the details. Therefore, even though we manage to write a compelling letter, we would miss providing the readers with the right kind of information they need before donating. 

    For instance, we may forget to add the bank account number of the patients or their family members if we get too emotional while writing. While it is essential to add why a person needs a fundraiser to get medical treatment, some people don’t appreciate the overly empathetic tone. Some people might suspect the intention of the letter if we overemphasize the hardships that a patient or their family is going through. Though a crowdfunding letter has to touch the readers emotionally, we need to take care that it does not sound overly dramatic. 

    Explain why the fundraiser is needed 

    The reason for starting a campaign to raise funds for medical treatment might vary from person to person. Some patients might need immediate treatment in a facility that is only available in foreign countries. Some patients might have health insurance but due to a rare medical condition that isn’t listed in the medical insurance coverage, they might be unable to manage the hospital expenses. 

    On the contrary, several people might be reluctant to get treatment due to the debt that they have taken to buy a house or manage the medical expenses of a family member. Therefore, the reason why the patient is unable to raise funds on their own should be mentioned in the letter. 

    Enter the exact amount required 

    The crowdfunding letter must mention the exact amount required to get the medical treatment or surgery. Expecting an exaggerated amount can be foolish because most people would find it to be suspicious. Also, it would be great if we attach hospital bills, medical bills, diagnosis reports, and other documents that validate the request for raising funds for medical treatment. 

    Be precise and to the point 

    Stuffing the crowdfunding letter with too many irrelevant details will dilute the purpose behind writing a letter. For example, there is no need to go into the health history of a patient in great detail because few people will be able to relate to it. Therefore, it is necessary to be precise and to the point when it comes to explaining the reason for raising funds for medical treatment. Unnecessary details about the educational background of a patient or his family should also be avoided. 

    Make it authentic 

    The fundraiser letter for raising funds for medical treatment should sound authentic. It must provide the contact details of the doctor, the address of the hospital, and other details where the donors can verify the authenticity of the letter if required. Also, if needed, the writer must sign the letter to make it even more real. It would help if we write a letter on the behalf of the patient’s family members. 

    Sample Letter 

    This is how a crowdfunding letter should be written:

    Dear Readers,

    I am Yashwardhan Rao working in a small electronic shop in Pune. We are trying to reach out to the maximum number of people to help my eldest son Manohar. He is suffering from a rare lung disease called fibrosis that requires him to get an urgent lung replacement. 

    We have arranged an operation by the end of this month at Pioneer Hospital, Pune. However, our financial condition is not good enough to manage all the expenses. He is already facing some breathing issues due to this. As per the lung specialist, any delay in the treatment could be life-threatening. We urge you to make any donation you can to help our 14-year-old kid survive. 

    All the details regarding the treatment, diagnosis, and medical expenses are enclosed in this email. The contact number given below can be used to donate via Google Pay or PhonePay directly. I have also given my bank account number to those who want to contribute to the medical expenses through net banking. 

    Thanking you sincerely for taking the effort to read this letter. 

    Parting words…

    Medical crowdfunding is the best method to raise funds for medical treatment. While writing a crowdfunding letter could help us reach more people, crowdfunding platforms like Ketto could also prove to be of great help. It charges 0% platform fees from the patients and their families. Moreover, patients and their family members get in touch with Ketto’s team by entering just a few details on their inquiry form. It is also possible to chat with the team members via Whatsapp. Due to all these facilities, Ketto is emerging as one of the best platforms to raise funds for medical treatment in India. Visit this page and start a fundraiser for medical treatment now! 

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