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What Is Health Nest?

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    Health Nest Circle of Health And Wellness

    India’s one of the best, most trusted, and first donation-based peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform; Ketto, was launched in 2012 with the vision “Healthcare for all.”

    The name is derived from the idea “Key to Tomorrow,” which implies Ketto’s mission to change the world, make healthcare facilities accessible to all, and share happiness.

    An app Health Nest is launched to increase the availability and facilities by Ketto. The following blog talks about Health Nest and how it helps overcome growing mental issues during the pandemic.

    What are Health Nest and its communities?

    Health Nest is an online application launched by Ketto to connect with people worldwide. It is a social community that supports and helps you overcome personal challenges, whether raising funds for someone in need, talking with medical experts, caregivers, etc.

    The community will help you to stay connected and keep your mind active. You can share your ideas, experiences and read about others to get insight into people’s lives who faced similar issues and conquered them.

    Currently, Health Nest’s community is nearly 5000 strong and counting. Joining the community will help you expand your circle and help yourself and others grow better. In addition, it has community experts who can guide you and help you walk out of the dark tunnel of problems.

    Growing mental health issues due to Work from Home

    People often talk about mental health in hushed tones or are usually brushed under the carpet to “protect” the patient and save them from the embarrassment of what people will say. Since mental health issues are real, and they need to be addressed because, along with a physically fit body, a well-functioned mind is also necessary for better productivity.

    The pandemic has made us shift towards a new working arrangement that is based at home. Therefore, new realities and changing lifestyles have taken a toll on millions of employees’ physical and mental health, especially female workers. Juggling between work and home, they barely have time for themselves, increasing stress and tension.

    Multiple pieces of research are being conducted, and as per the report of the University of South California, 75% of people are likely to experience new mental health issues because of increased expectations, distractions, less communication, etc.

    How can you benefit from Health Nest, its communities and speak with others that face the same problems?

    The key to overcoming the above situation is to talk and express ourselves. Unfortunately, the confinement of four walls has reduced communication, making us feel lonely. That’s why it is essential to speak up your mind.

    • Opening up about your mental health will allow you to express to people how you feel.
    • Sharing shows signs of strength, not weakness, and could help you solve problems.
    • Allowing others to help you could help others to open up and share their problems.
    • Opening your support network will allow getting things off your mind, making you feel calm and relaxed.
    • Allowing people to understand the problem you are facing can help to reduce pressure, stress, and anxiety.

    Health Nest provides 24*7 mental health support, where you can get a free session with their first responder; who will listen to your concerns without judging you and make you feel wrapped in the cocoon of a safe; secure, and encouraging environment.

    You can also start fundraising campaigns to address mental issues. The Banyan, an NGO, raised money through Ketto to arrange emergency and acute medical, psychiatric, psychological, and social care for persons in need of support.

    Another NGO ‘The Wall and Us Foundation’s founder, Aitijya Sarkar, told about his mental stigma; how he overcomes it, and how he is helping to rebuild others by providing free; real-time sessions with experts through Ketto.

    Ketto’s Health Nest app provides an excellent platform to share your problems and interact with people facing similar problems.

    We know that it is not a comfortable situation, but being a part of a community that brings trust, care, and motivation to grow can help you sail through this difficult time and bring change in your life. Health Nest can be your guardian, partner, family, etc., during this challenging time. Being together, surrounded by positivity, inspiration, and helping each other, can help overcome any challenge and heal quickly.

    Join Ketto’s Health Nest community today.

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