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Creating a Feedback Culture

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    Feedback Culture

    The culture of feedback has been a buzzphrase in the HR and business world for several years. A feedback culture is where every employee feels that they can share feedback with another person in the organization – regardless of role. 

    We at Ketto understand that we can’t just sit back and wait for feedback to be offered. In order to make feedback take root in the culture, we’ve implemented a variety of practices at Ketto.

    Ensures Anonymity

    Any form of communication where employees cannot be identified is anonymous feedback. The result is an open communication culture within the company. By allowing employees the freedom to express their opinions, mental blocks like the fear of ridicule are removed.

    Employee feedback is collected anonymously for the following objectives, so our team feels comfortable sharing it:

    Manager Evaluation

    Each quarter, Ketto conducts manager evaluations to better understand employee needs and their job satisfaction levels.

    Culture and Employee Engagement

    By conducting anonymous surveys, Ketto measures employee happiness to improve the work culture within the company. The data allows us to identify areas requiring improvement.

    One-on-one Feedback

    Employees at Ketto are always welcome to share their feedback pertaining to the company and their managers with an HR executive. This allows conflict resolution to occur immediately.

    Employee Recognition

    The positive reinforcement of desirable behaviours through rewards and recognition increases employee satisfaction and retention. 

    At Ketto, an employee’s feedback culture isn’t the only one received, but also that of their manager and peers. Our company recognises employees’ performance through various recognition programs, including peer-to-peer communication, quarterly reward programs, and so on.

    This makes an employee who’s being recognised feel appreciated & valued, and this can, in turn, inspire other employees.

    Helps an employee feel valued and take ownership

    Feeling valued will inspire employees to exert their best efforts in terms of quality and productivity. Considering how much time they spend at work, it is important to make them see that their work is important.

    At Ketto, implementing one-on-one feedback culture, among other initiatives, has hugely helped the employees understand that they’re contributing to a better organisational feedback culture. This has ultimately given them a chance to impact the organisation positively.

    Feedback culture generates specific data

    Feedback is sometimes very specific. Ketto collects employee feedback by asking multiple questions to identify areas for improvement, thereby showing users the real problems behind the data.

    Encourages new Ideas

    Employees who are encouraged to have new ideas take the initiative to seek new ways of doing their jobs and more efficient approaches to using company resources. With a feedback culture, employees are not only encouraged to be honest but are also motivated to share their amazing new ideas.

    Not only does it empower the employees, but feedback from the employees themselves can also provide an organisation with a wholesome insight that’s not manipulative.

    Employee Growth

    Taking the time to get feedback from employees helps assure them that their opinions matter. So, employees are more likely to take ownership and provide feedback that is enriched by their job.

    At Ketto we emphasize Nurturing a Balanced Work Culture. Remember, no matter what level of talent your employees possess, you will never recognise their potential if you do not encourage and reward them and their opinions.

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