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Why Medical Crowdfunding Is So Prominent In India?

    Popularity of of Medical Crowdfunding

    Having a medical problem can be frightening and frustrating. There are so many different things that can go wrong in your journey with health, and it can get overwhelming whenever you try to deal with them on your own. This is where medical crowdfunding comes in handy, as people and organizations help raise funds for people suffering from various diseases.

    The Current State Of Healthcare In India

    India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The country has a population of over 138 crores and is home to some of the most incredible hospitals, clinics and research facilities. Despite this, India still lags behind many developed countries regarding healthcare services. 

    The issue with healthcare in India is that it costs more than it needs to. This means that Indian citizens have little incentive to spend their hard-earned money on health treatment, leading to long queues at emergency rooms and hospitals across the nation.

    The lack of accessibility means that many people can’t afford essential medical treatments or preventative medicine, leading them to grave illness or even death. This has led to a rise in demand for crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for donations to help pay for medical bills or fund research studies into diseases prevalent in India.

    Numerous crowdfunding platforms are available that allow Indians who need help with their healthcare to raise funds for treatments such as surgeries or even life-saving equipment like ventilators or kidney machines.

    Medical Care Isn’t Cheap In Private Hospitals

    Medical care isn’t cheap in private hospitals. Patients who can’t afford costly procedures or treatment often turn to crowdfunding sites like Ketto to raise money for their medical bills.

    In India, a country with an acute shortage of doctors and where nearly 70 per cent of people don’t have health insurance, crowdfunding sites have become a popular medium for patients to access medical care.

    India has a large part of the population living below the poverty line compared to other countries, and many are forced to go to private hospitals due to the lack of facilities available at public hospitals. The cost of medical care in private hospitals is high, and many people cannot afford it.

    However, crowdfunding can help solve this problem by providing free medical care for those who cannot afford it. Crowdfunding campaigns can also help raise money for research-based products developed to improve health. These products often have a low price tag, which makes them affordable for everyone.

    India has been using crowdfunding successfully for projects such as clean water projects and transportation projects. These projects provide locally and globally benefits, making them an excellent use of crowdfunding technology in India.

    Most of the crowdfunding appeals are from low-income Indians

    India is home to a large population of underinsured patients who lack access to essential healthcare services. Crowdfunding appeals are a promising way to address these problems because they allow individuals to pool their resources to fund medical breakthroughs.

    Despite low incomes, many people have smartphones and access to social media. This allows them to enroll and utilize the services of crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding is a prominent way for Indians to raise money for different projects and ideas. Many entrepreneurs in India use crowdfunding to fund their business ventures and raise money to build prototypes.

    These tools allow them to spread the word about their ideas garnering attention and making resources much more accessible. The number of Indians that use crowdfunding has grown by over 100% in just one year alone!

    Crowdfunding Appeals In India Are Numerous

    There is a wide disparity between urban and rural areas in India, with more than 50% of the population living in rural areas. This means there are many people who may not be comfortable appearing on Facebook or Twitter but would still want help to find a cure for a disease or get their business off the ground.

    This is not just limited to individuals or organizations seeking funding for their projects; many non-profit organizations are also looking for donations from Indian citizens. For example, there are several charity campaigns on Ketto to raise funds for children living with cancer or other diseases.

    With such high reciprocity for crowdfunding, it makes sense that Indians have started using platforms like Ketto to raise money for their social causes.

    Ketto is an intelligent crowdfunding platform that connects users with donors and supporters, enabling them to start an online campaign through the platform, track their payments, and get notified when needed.

    Ketto is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for everyone who wants to access the best crowdfunding services at the lowest rate possible. It’s a network where users can interact directly with their audience without intermediaries.

    Ketto is committed to making the fundraising process seamless, positive, and secure for all participants. Ketto is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and transparency. As a rule, Ketto does not encourage donation pages that attempt to circumvent the prescribed method of donating, i.e., that are linked directly to alternative payment methods rather than the prescribed donation method.

    With Ketto’s Social Impact Plan, you can access affordable and transparent services. Donations are automatically made every month. If you donate every month, we will match your contribution up with a patient desperately needing life-saving treatment to save their lives.

    An online crowdfunding platform in India, Ketto launched the Social Impact Plan (SIP). Ketto began SIP to improve India’s health care system, especially for children who cannot afford hospital bills. By bringing together a strong community, it aims to meet the goal of “Healthcare for All”. 

    It is a Ketto initiative aimed at helping poor and sick children who cannot pay their medical bills. The mission of SIP is to make health care accessible to everyone, regardless of location or demographics. Thousands of people make a fixed contribution every month to medical emergencies with the help of this organization.

    1. In order to create a social impact plan, you need to follow these steps:
    2. Visit homepage.
    3. Sign in by clicking the sign-in button
    4. Please enter a valid e-mail address and phone number
    5. Your account will be set up once you enter the OTP
    6. In the settings, subscribe to SIP
    7. Decide how much you want to spend 
    8. Please provide the information for your payment
    9. It needs to be confirmed. That’s all there is to it!

    This program, called SIP or Social Impact Plan, is one of Ketto’s crowdfunding campaigns, where donations are collected from a wide community and then used for children in medical emergencies as a kind of emergency fund. In case you would like to join an inspiring community such as SIP, please go to SIP’s homepage at if you are interested in joining. Make a positive impact on someone’s life today by taking that one small step and making a difference in someone’s life.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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