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How Is Crowdfunding Shaking Up The Sports Ecosystem In India? 

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    How crowdfunding is shaking up the sports ecosystem in India

    As times change, the perspective toward different things is also newfound. As new technology shapes up in the world, the expense of affording good medical services, education, sports training, and everything else is increasing rapidly. This creates a significant imbalance in society as most people are denied the basic facilities that help them to grow. In a country like India, where opportunities are few, only the privileged and the upper class can enjoy all the facilities to the fullest. The middle and lower class gets sandwiched in between. 

    The need for crowdfunding increased significantly during the pandemic as more people rushed to the hospitals and feared for their lives. Ketto played a huge role in catering to the medical needs of individuals during such trying times through fundraisers. Online crowdfunding refers to collecting a large sum of money by the small contributions from different individuals working towards a common cause or goal. 

    About Ketto 

    Founded in 2012 by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala, and Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor, Ketto is an online fundraising organization in India. It has emerged as a game changer in recent times. The man behind this online crowdfunding platform was to make opportunities and facilities available to all. It was started for medical fundraising that helped the needy who could not access medical services independently. Since its inception, Ketto has grown manifolds. Today, eminent personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and Noble Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi have launched their campaigns on Ketto. During the pandemic, many celebrities joined hands and launched crowdfunding campaigns for causes they felt vehemently towards. 

    Ketto has raised over Rs. 1100 crores and joined hands with more than 2,000 non-profit organizations across the nation. The members of Ketto are constantly working towards making a difference in society and uplifting the marginalized members of our country. Ketto takes pride in launching campaigns of all scales ranging from personal to global issues. It has raised funds for various arenas of society like women empowerment, disaster management, girl child education, climate change, and so on. 

    While doing so, it is clear that Ketto promotes medical campaigns and associates them with campaigns fueled by grit, desire, and passion for bringing about a change in society. One of the aspects that contribute to the same is Sports Fundraising. 

    What is Sports Crowdfunding? 

    Many versatile sports personalities like Virat Kohli, Saina Nehwal, Neeraj Chopra, P.V. Sindhu, and M.S. Dhoni, among others, have shaped the way we look at sports in India. They have excelled in their fields and raised the bar for everyone across the globe. But as brightly their success shines, there is no denying that it was full of complications and sacrifices. The sports ecosystem of India is far from ideal. Even if an individual has the potential and talent to make it big in their field, they have to drop out due to a lack of money and resources. Money becomes a recurring problem for individuals as their families constantly force them to earn and make a living. 

    A significant amount of money is required for taking things forward in any sport and includes costs for sports gear, coaching, travel, food, and residence, among other things. This is when Ketto comes into the picture. Through Ketto, an online fundraiser can be organized for an individual or sports organization that helps athletes. In this way, every big or small contribution from individuals helps shape the athlete and their training. 

    Sports crowdfunding can be done by uploading the life story of an athlete who needs funding on Ketto. The report can talk about their immense potential, which is in dire need of funding. The campaigner can request the donors to contribute a small amount in favor of the athlete or organization to take their journey forward. 

    How Has Crowdfunding Changed The Fate of Sports? 

    The sports ecosystem of India has various flaws and loopholes that prevent potential athletes from making it big in our country. Although the government is solely responsible for the training and upliftment of athletes, the required help hardly reaches the needy. If sports facilities are available for urban residents, it is nearly impossible for rural athletes to dream of a future in sports. 

    Sports crowdfunding can solve this problem to a great extent. It gives all the individuals a chance to access sports paraphernalia and coaching that can guide them in their field. When these athletes’ stories are shared on Ketto, it is often seen that famous sports persons have come forward to help them personally. If the athlete is lucky enough, they also have the chance to train under them for free. It has changed the whole dynamic of the sports ecosystem in India. The famous athletes who come forward to help may see a part of themselves in the struggling athletes of today! 

    Apart from that, sports crowdfunding also breaks free the barrier between India’s urban and rural classes. It gives equal opportunities for the rural class athletes who can not access sports gear, diet, or coaching in their area. It opens the door for talent and closes the door to classicism and bias. Through crowdfunding, only talent matters. It gives the marginalized society a chance to shine in society and make a difference without worrying about money. It also reduces the mental pressure on individuals forced to study or work against their will. 

    Bottom Line

    Crowdfunding in India can result in the birth of world-class champions who can create a niche in history and change the fate of India forever. It can be made possible by the efforts and contributions of every sports lover in India. Anyone who wants to see India excel at the national and international level can donate to sports fundraisers on Ketto. It is your turn to change an athlete’s life and make their dreams come true. Donate on Ketto now!

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