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Causes of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer cells are uncomfortable, and still, the doctors and researchers could not find the way that why these colon cancer cells develop. Many people either are born with these colon cancer cells or develop them over a period of a lifetime. Still, which can be the reason for the occurrence of colon cancer like several appearances? 

  1. High-fat diet: a diet which has a high level of fat nutrients give rise to colon cancer cells, and otherwise too high-fat diet is very harmful to the body
  2. Red meat: eating more amount of red can cause colon cancer too. Too much consumption of Red meat gives rise to colon cancer. 
  3. Not eating enough fibre: Food, which has lots of fibre, is very healthy for us and avoiding such, food can lead to colon cancer. 
  4. Smoking cigarettes: smoking cigarettes is itself a harmful activity. Smoking cigarettes and tobacco consumption can lead to colon cancer 
  5. Obesity: overweight is one of the main reasons a person can have colon cancer. One needs to do regular exercise to avoid colon cancer and other harmful problems. 
  6. Genes: In some cases, when family history is related to colon cancer can give rise to the occurrence of Colon cancer. Family genes can be the cause of colon cancer. People are more likely to develop colon cancer if they have the following inherent situations or conditions like

○ familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP)

○ Gardner syndrome

○ Peutz-Jeghers syndrome 

○ juvenile polyposis syndrome

○ Lynch syndrome or hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer

○ Gardner syndrome that is something a different type of FAP

  1. Polyps: Precancerous polyps that grow in the large intestine usually develops pilon cancer. The extreme common types of polyps are: 

○ Adenomas: Adenomas looks like healthy colon, but in reality, under the microscope, they are not so. 

○ Hyperplasic polyps: Because of the colon cancers benign in nature, colon cancer rarely develops from hyperplasic polyps. 

  1. Habits, traits and diet: colon cancer is more likely to be those who have unhealthy lifestyles. Colon cancer is related to stomach hence related to the digestive system automatically. Therefore, we need to take care of the diet we take, it should have the right amount and adequate nutrition one should need. 
  2. Underlying conditions: sometimes our body is subjected to things which increases the risk of colon cancer like 

○ Sugar or diabetes

○ Experience of radiation therapy for other cancers 

○ Inflammatory bowel diseases

○ acromegaly, which is a growth hormone disorder

  1. Constipation: Large and hard stool when it is difficult to pass from the anus or out of the colon and rectum comfortably, which causes abdominal pain and pain near the rectum and anus. This kind of stool can create tears in the lining of the anus or anal fissures, which can lead to bleeding and pain with bowel movements and hence give rise to colon cancer. 

There are many different reasons which give rise to colon cancers, but the exact reasons are still unknown by doctors and researchers. We have to take care of the above reason and should avoid their happenings. 

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