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Treatment of Stomach Cancer

Treatment of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer or gastric cancer is a severe health issue which includes different types of other healthcare professionals like physician assistants, oncology nurses or social workers or pharmacists or counsellors or dietitians, and others.

Stomach cancer or gastric cancer can be treated with different treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy.

These different types of treatment are decided to keep in mind several things Such as the type and stage of your stomach cancer, possible side effects of the procedure, and the patient’s preferences and overall health. Many times, several different treatments are combined to treat stomach cancer. 

After the diagnosis of your stomach cancer, you need to sit with your doctor. You should discuss your case about the treatment of its side effects on the cost indulge in the procedure. 

There are several treatment options to control stomach cancer, those are 


Surgery includes the removal of the tumor. In cancer surgery treatment, generally, some surrounding healthy tissue is also removed. The operation is further divided into different parts depending upon the stage of cancer.

● Like for early-stages doctors recommend not to have a service and take a nonsurgical treatment for controlling stomach cancer. This nonsurgical treatment is called endoscopic mucosal resection, which means the removal of the tumor with an endoscope. 

● In stage 1, when the tumor is there only at one place, through surgical method is used to remove the part of the stomach with cancerous cells and nearby lymph nodes.

● When cancer cells spread to the outer stomach wall without spreading to the lymphatic nodes, then surgery with chemotherapy is performed 

Radiation therapy 

In radiation therapy, high-energy x-rays and the other particles are used to destroy the cancerous cells. Radiation therapy is given for a specified period. Radiation therapies can also include other treatments as well. Stomach cancer patients generally receive radiation beam which is given from outside the body. 

These radiation therapy treatments are generally used before the surgery to reduce the size of the tumor. 

If the size of the tumor is minimal, then only radiation therapy can help to cure stomach cancer. 

Medication therapy 

Medication therapy is also known as systemic therapy is given to the patient to control cancerous cells in the stomach. The General way to provide systematic treatment is by intravenous (IV) tube, which is placed into a vein. This is done by using a needle or in a pill or capsule that is swallowed (orally). There are different types of systematic therapy or medication therapy. Those are: 

●     Chemotherapy

In chemotherapy stomach cancer patients or medicated with varying kinds of drugs. The primary purpose of chemotherapy drugs is to destroy cancerous cells, keeping the cancerous cell away from growing, Dividing and generating more healthy cells. Chemotherapy can be combined with different treatments like surgeries and radiation therapies too. To control stomach cancer chemotherapy is are generally connected with several drugs and those are

  1. Cisplatin (available as a generic drug)
  2. Oxaliplatin (Elastin)
  3. Fluorouracil (5-FU, Feuded
  4. Eirenicon (Elance)
  5. Capecitabine (Reload)
  6. Docetaxel (Texture)
●     Targeted therapy

Anything which contributes to the growth or survival of the cancerous cells, in targeted therapy, we aim only to those contributions like some specific genes, proteins, or the tissue environment. There are different types of targeted therapies like

HER2-targeted therapy

When a level of a specific protein called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) is Too much high patient’s body, then HER2-targeted treatment is given. HER2-targeted therapy is sometimes combined with chemotherapy for patients with later-stage HER2-positive stomach cancer.

Anti-angiogenesis therapy

Angiogenesis is the procedure of making new blood vessels within the body. Anti-angiogenesis therapy is given to stop this process because the cancerous tumor needs a nutrient which comes from these newly formed vessels. Therefore, to prevent this angiogenesis and to starve the tumor Anti-angiogenesis therapy is given to the stomach cancer patient. 


Immunotherapy is also known as biologic therapy. This immunotherapy is developed and designed in a way that it boosts up the body naturally and defenses to fight cancer. Immunotherapy is generally used to do stomach cancers who have arranged to advance level. There are different kinds of immunotherapy depending upon the different types of stomach cancer a person is having. For example, PD-L1 or MSI-H or pembrolizumab. 

What can be the side effects of chemotherapy in stomach cancer? 

Chemotherapy is an extremely high treatment which can cause several side effects. Where can we both short-term side effects and some Long-term side effects too? 

● Short term side is like Hair loss, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and short breaths or Bleeding or bruising after minor cuts or some other injuries because of the shortage of platelets. The side effects can be for a few months. 

● There several Long-term side-effects. Those are Like neuropathy heart damage or hand-foot syndrome. 

What foods can fight stomach cancer? 

If you have stomach cancer, the first thing you must keep in your mind is about your diet. Excellent food which contains all the nutrients will not only help you to be healthy but will also help you to fight with cancer and will keep you boosts up. In stomach cancer, you always need to maintain your weight. Loss of weight is widespread in stomach cancer. Therefore, strict dieting is recommended for all patients. Bad food habits you should avoid are like 

● Dumping syndrome is to be avoided in stomach cancer. Dumping syndrome is a situation when food leaves the body rapidly. The shift of fluid in the small intestine can cause early dumping syndrome and Decrease in blood sugar can cause a delay in dumping syndrome. There are several different symptoms which show dumping syndrome are like nausea, diarrhea, cramping, burping, fatigue, or rapid heart rate.

● Eat small quantities throughout the day. Always ensure that your body is getting enough calories and proteins which is needed to tolerate the treatment. Small frequent meals generally help in fast recovery as well. 

● Accept high protein food. High protein foods help to recover the damage tissues. High protein food also helps to rejuvenate your immune system as well. There are several foods which are high in protein I like Lean meats such as chicken, fish, or turkey, Egg, Low-fat dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, and cheese or dairy substitutes, Nuts and nut butter, Beans, Soy foods. 

● Try to avoid dairy products. Dairy products for stomach cancer patients are things to be needed cautious for are. Products like milk, creamy soups, ice cream, yoghurt and cheese can be avoided. 

● For those words of rain from stomach cancer or gastric cancer, whole grain foods in your diet. Ford’s which are rich in carbohydrates and fibers are suitable for cancer patients. A good source for these nutritious ingredients is like Oatmeal, Whole wheat bread, Brown rice, whole grain pasta. 

● Eat a variety of fruits and veggies. Different fruits and veggies help stomach cancer patient to find the disease and help in building up strength. The cancer patient should aim to eat at least fruits or vegetables each day. 

● Try to eat healthy food as much as possible. Bad foods like greasy food, more fatty foods should be avoided by stomach cancer or gastric cancer patients. Healthy foods are like Olive oil, Avocados, Nuts, Seeds. 

● Try to avoid sweet and extra added sugar. Foods which have extra added sugar are quite harmful to cancer patients, especially for the cancer patient was suffering from stomach cancer. 

● Keep yourself hydrated. Drink more water. Try to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water every day and Avoid caffeine-containing foods. 

● Do not take any vitamin C protein tablets or steroids without consulting your doctor. Try to choose natural diet as the supplement you want to make. 

What are the prevention measures one can take for stomach cancer?
Adopting Good food and avoiding some bad habits 

Since stomach cancer is all related to the stomach, we must take a few measures in our eating habits and eating disorders

● Food preservation: refrigerate your food rather than salting, smoking or pickling. 

● Healthy diet: A healthful diet required for people to avoid stomach cancer are like a diet with more proteins, fibers, vitamin A are recommended

● Quitting smoking and tobacco. Leaving these things can be the best decision of your life as it saves you from many hazardous health problems and even this quitting habit can save you from stomach cancer as well. 

● Limit the consumption of alcohol. 

● Eat healthy food. Avoid smoky food. 

Aspirin Use 

Aspirins are like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs usually lowers the risk of stomach cancer. Using these aspirants can also reduce the development of colon polyps and colon cancer. There are different aspirin which helps to reduce stomach cancer are like ibuprofen or naproxen. 

High consumption of aspirin can also produce some side effects; therefore, doctor rarely recommends for such drugs. 

Treating H pylori infection

People having H pylori infection are prone to have stomach cancer. H pylori infection is the bacteria which is present in the lining of the stomach. There are several ways to check whether a person is having H pylori infection or not.

● Simplest and easiest way to check H pylori infection is by a blood test 

● Another option to check the contamination of H pylori is by endoscopy. Doctors can also do biopsy samples under a Microscope. 

● Another approach is the breath test in which you will be asked to drink the fluid containing urea. If H pylori drug is present in your body, then it will chemically change the urea.

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