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How She Fought Her Mother’s Battle With Breast Cancer Is Truly Inspiring





Cancer is stubborn and unforgiving. Sometimes after giving it your all and conquering it once, it comes back to get you. Even if some of us manage to gather the strength and willpower to look the disease in the eye, how do we manage the finances after it has already drained us off our savings the last time? Here’s Chhavi Trivedi’s story about how she decided to handle her mother's (Kavita) breast cancer treatment cost:

Meet Chhavi:

A 24-year-old who loves to bake and hopes to have her own bakery in the future, Chhavi Trivedi completed her B.A.LLB hons this year. Currently working with an e-commerce startup as a legal advisor, she has always been inclined towards spirituality and has also been an ‘Art Of Living’ volunteer. After hearing about the relapse of her mother’s breast cancer in July, she was dumbfounded. “The doctors said there was hope because there was a medicine that could help my mother - but it will cost us around Rs. 80,000 per month. I was both happy and terrified at the same time because we had already exhausted all our savings.”

How Chhavi Went For Crowdfunding:

Such situations can rob you off your ability to think straight - Chhavi was confused as to what her next step should be. After a lot of thought, she thought of trying online crowdfunding.

“I wasn't sure about crowdfunding in the initial days. In fact, I remember I started a fundraiser on Ketto but didn't start promoting or asking people to contribute for around 5 days. I felt really awkward about asking people to contribute.”

She then saw one of her friends sharing the fundraiser to get help, that moved her so she decided to give the fundraiser all it needs.

“Initially I started off with WhatsApp - I sent personal messages to my close friends asking them to help me spread the word. Later when I saw the response, Devanshi, my fundraiser manager helped me create a Facebook page for the cause - I started inviting our friends on that page to keep them updated with the progress of the fundraiser. “

How Crowdfunding Worked Out For Chhavi:

“To be honest, when I started the fundraiser I didn't even expect Rs.10,000, but when I started promoting, the fundraiser collected Rs. 10,000 in just 2 hours and 50,000 in just a day. I was really very happy to see people contributing - made me realise that humanity is still alive. People contributed so generously and all their blessings meant a lot to me. To make sure people understood how much I valued their support, I always sent a gratitude email on that day itself. 

Chhavi was completely involved in the entire process - so much that she missed being a part of it. “I still miss the beep of the message when I used to get during the duration of my fundraiser. The SMS notification with "You have got a new contribution" always brought a smile on my face amidst all the problems that were going on.” 

Now her only focus is on getting her mother’s treatment started with the Rs. 5,08,749 she has raised with the help of 355 kind-hearted people. “It feels great to not think and worry about arranging funds.”, says a content Chhavi.

So if you know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, don’t let them battle it alone because there are so many people who would gladly help you out. 

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