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This Director Used Crowdfunding To Bring His Beautiful Play To Life!

Support Hoshruba's new play 'Ek Punjab Ye Bhi' starring Kunal Kapoor





Shakespeare rightly said, “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Just never gets old. The Indian theatre has a tradition going back to at least 5000 years. There are innumerable beautiful, inspirational stories that need to reach to the people like you and me. But how do you give these stories the voice they need? Here’s how:

Meet The Hoshruba Repertory
They’re a creative production company that comes up with incredible plays out of highly text based literature. They adapt these challenging scripts and turn them into wonderful lucid stories. ‘Ek Punjab Ye Bhi’ was one such fascinating story by the brilliant Pakistani writer Ali Akbar Natiq with a great plot and an amazing twist. Just the kind of play that gets the Hoshruba Repertory excited. Danish Husain, a director decided to adapt it into a play and got onboard a super talented cast.

A Twist in the Tale
The Hoshruba Repertory was talking to sponsors who showed interest in the play. But something went wrong and they backed out in the final stages. The group had spent majority of their production budget by now. It needed funds to pay the actors, the rehearsal space rent, lights, posters, sound etc. That’s when Kunal Kapoor who was a part of the cast, suggested the idea of crowdfunding. Being the co-founder of Ketto, he realized this would be the first cause of its kind to raise funds on the platform. They decided to raise Rs.6,50,000 to take care of all the costs.

How Crowdfunding Worked
The fundraiser managed to raise over Rs.5,00,000! Even though it did not reach its desired target, the director felt inspired and encouraged looking at the positive response. “We managed to reach out to a lot of friends and family. But what was rather interesting was reaching out to the other chunk of strangers who we had absolutely no connection with. It was so encouraging to see them give their hard earned money for the project, knowing it’s not an investment and that it’s not coming back to them.”

So we’re talking to you - you with a guitar case, a massive lens or a brilliant script, let’s get your masterpiece closer to art lovers. Start a fundraiser for your cause and watch the magic unfold.

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