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Humans of Bombay Showed Their Big, Big Heart. Let's See Yours.





We all follow Humans of Bombay, that amazing page on Facebook that features some of the most heart-warming stories from every corner of India’s city of dreams, where anything is possible! The page lets us enter lives, even if only for a minute and feel connected! They did something that made us love them even more.

Meet Upahar

Reena Trivedi’s young daughter was unfortunately diagnosed with blood cancer at the very young age of 14. She wanted to get the best treatment for her daughter so she decided to come to Bombay from Bihar. The disease always relapsed so the doctors at the Tata Memorial Hospital decided to perform a bone marrow transplant on her.

Now for the difficult part, this treatment would cost Reena Rs. 10,00,000, an amount that Reena couldn’t imagine to manage all by herself.

Upahar rescued by Humans of Bombay!

On seeing Upahar’s case, Humans of Bombay decided to help Reena raise funds for her treatment. They started a fundraiser on Ketto and the response was nothing short of amazing! Within just 2 days, the fundraiser hit its goal. Yes, just 2 days! The support Upahar got was phenomenal; the perfect example of the unity and compassion of Indian and international peers through medical crowdfunding. You may think you are alone, as Reena and Upahar surely did, but you should never underestimate the power and compassion of the crowd. Everyone is willing to help; all you need to do is ask for a helping hand.    

How donations impacted Upahar's life

This is what the very thankful Reena Trivedi had to say about her experience on crowdfunding,

“Someone has truly said 'If all the doors are closed then God will help you find the path of hope' and this path for me and my daughter Upahar has been given by the group Humans of Bombay and Ketto.
I’ve been running around trying to arrange money from wherever I could but I just couldn't find the way to arrange such a large amount. 
I would like to thank Karishma Mehta, Amita Mehta, Nitin sir and Veeru bhai for helping me. Their support means the world to me!"

It was so beautiful to watch such a strong community on Facebook take active part in the well-being of someone they came across. That’s truly being human, if you ask us.

That simple online donation you make has the power to turn someone's life around completely. So all you big hearted people, just pick a cause and donate!

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