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How This Cyclist Spread The Light Of Education, One Km At A Time





We cannot stress enough on girl child education.
Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ campaign is a constant reminder of just how important the cause is.
If you've wanted to do something to help the cause, read Jasmeet's inspirational story of how he decided to go with online crowdfunding to make an impact in the field of girl child education.

Meet Jasmeet
A knee injury stopped the 46-year old from pursuing tennis and running, his first choices. "To strengthen my muscles, my doctor asked me to either swim or cycle. Because I am an outdoor person, I chose cycling." says Jasmeet when asked about how he became a cycling enthusiast.
Jasmeet is currently working for the tech giant Microsoft. He hasn’t let his hardcore job stop him from pursuing his interests at all. "My wife and I wanted to do something beyond signing cheques. That's how Umeed came into my life", says Jasmeet.
What’s more, he plans on doing this noble deed annually.

What made Jasmeet raise funds?
This wasn't the first time Jasmeet chose to crowdfund for a cause he believes in.
"I've raised over Rs.24 L for children to fight eye cancer in 2014 on Ketto. When I met these underprivileged girls, it gave me great satisfaction of having made a difference to their lives. So this year I decided to pick another cause and make a difference. I decided to go ahead with girl child education. It's a pressing issue and has the potential of getting support too.", says the cycling enthusiast.

Jasmeet strongly believes that education makes a lot of difference to the way someone's life is shaped. "Outdated philosophies like low self-esteem, early marriage, inability to earn a source of income can all be solved by getting making sure a girl child gets educated."

Jasmeet decided to partner with a Gurgaon based NGO, Impact. Impact provides quality primary education to girls from marginalized communities and makes them change agents.

Jasmeet’s deed
Jasmeet decided to raise funds in the most interesting way, ever!
He decided to cycle from Mumbai to Delhi for a period of 10 days asking people to support the cause by sponsoring kilometers on Ketto.
He ended up raising Rs. 3,33,500 by cycling through various towns. "One of the sponsors further agreed to donate a crore to support the cause", said Jasmeet enthusiastically.

That’s the thing about good deeds. They’re contagious.

Jasmeet’s experience
"It gives me great joy that I could give back to the society while pursuing my passion. Choosing to crowdfund for social causes has always been smooth for me. And most comforting factor for me is security. I think crowdfunding is a unique and robust way to show your support for the cause close to your heart."

It’s such a beautiful deed to club your interest with a social cause.
Kudos to Jasmeet for kick-starting Umeed and inspiring so many hobbyists out there!

Next time you decide to dedicate your weekends to pursue your interests, your passion, take it up a notch by adding a social cause to it. Trust us, it's going to make your passion way more interesting.

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