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How would you react if your closest friend loses a leg in a horrible accident?





(Siddharth and Jaydev, from left to right)

Close your eyes and think of the closest friend you have. Now imagine getting an anxious call from his/her family informing you that he/she has met with a serious accident. Before you can absorb it, imagine them updating you that the doctor has advised them to amputate the leg. Terrifying, isn’t it?

Here's how Jaydev decided to deal with Siddharth's accident in the most practical, effective and recommended way.

Meet Jaydev
Jaydev recently completed his MBA from Symbiosis Bangalore. He opted out of his college placements and is now following his heart by pursuing theatre. Jaydev and Siddharth, more like Jay and Veeru became friends in college. They’ve been close friends since college or as Siddharth would say, “JD is truly a brother from another mother. In any problematic situation of my life I call two people to help me out. JD or JD. There’s no one else!”

What Changed Siddharth's Life Forever
Sometimes unexpected mishaps change the course of your life completely. On May 13, 2015, a pleasant Wednesday morning, Siddharth and some of his friends decided to visit a temple adjacent to an unused railway track.

But to their surprise, they saw a train filled with goods approaching them. Instead of panicking and running helter-sketler, they decided to wait for the coaches to pass by. But before the train could pass off completely, unfortunately, Siddharth tumbled over a metal obstacle and lost his balance.

And that's all it took for him to finally lose his left leg.

Medical Requirement
When Siddharth was rushed to the hospital, on an emergency basis doctors decided to amputate his left leg after taking prior permissions. To walk again, run again and ride his bike again, he needed a prosthetic leg.
“I was in Bangalore when I found out about the accident. I felt very helpless because I couldn’t even go to visit him immediately when it happened.”

Jaydev knew Siddharth’s dream of getting into the police force. “We realized the family would not be able to take up the cost of the prosthetic leg. We were looking at a lot of options for the prosthetic leg but we realized for Siddharth to chase his dream, he has to get the hydraulic prosthetic leg from a company called Otto bock as opposed to a Jaipur foot.”

Why Jaydev Decided To Crowdfund
It’s not easy to face someone you grew up with after such an accident. “Initially, I found it difficult to even meet Siddharth after the accident. However when I gathered strength to meet Siddharth again, I was inspired by the optimism and positivity Siddharth showed.” Jaydev decided to make sure his spirit gets the life it deserves.
“I decided to get friends together to help Siddharth out. To execute it, I decided to approach my bank branch manager to see if he could help me with the settings for it. But before I could do that, thankfully, on discussing it with my professor Ramchandran Arvindan, he introduced me to the concept of crowdfunding. After some research, I decided to raise funds for the prosthetic leg with Ketto.” He started a campaign and filled in all the details and uploaded necessary bill copies for everyone to see.

How Jaydev Took Charge!
Along with that, Jaydev spent time in activating his own circle of friends. “I made a list of 40 close friends. I told them I need each of them to take the responsibility of raising 5-6K from each. Out of 40 people, 25 of them managed to get me that amount.”
Jaydev even decided to spread the word in his campus. “Out of around 500 people at my campus, roughly 150 decided to help me out.”

With collective efforts under Jaydev’s leadership, Rs.2,10,505 were raised in a span of just 30 days.

Current Condition
Thanks to Jaydev, his friends and most importantly his professor, Siddharth received enough funds to get a prosthetic leg, and most importantly, on time! He can now do things he never thought he would be able to do again after the accident. He has started preparing for the exams again and he even drives his car whenever he's out to meet his friends.

Jaydev's Experience 
"Crowdfunding made it easier for me to take Siddharth’s cause to maximum people in a short period of time. For people who wanted to contribute outside of our cities especially from Delhi, Bangalore and outside India used Ketto. We got funds in US dollars too! It’s not a surprise my friend Siddharth is walking again.”

When asked if he’d want to crowdfund for someone else again, Jaydev said “If I can help someone in need, why not? I will definitely do it”

It’s proactive people like Jaydev who manage to make a difference to someone’s world. Next time your loved ones need funds for any medical causes, you know what you can do. Just take up their cause, activate your personal network and get them monetary help.

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