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How would you react if the doctors told you that the chances of your friend’s survival are minimum?





A speeding vehicle bashing into a fully functioning human being has the power to restrict that person to the boundaries of a bed for the rest of their lives or even lead to death.
Accidents, specifically hit and run cause enormous mental, emotional and financial stress on the victim’s family. What would you do if your friend or an acquaintance shared such a fate? This is what Albin chose to do when the news of a friend’s accident reached him.

Meet Albin:
Albin, a B.Tech alumnus of IIT Madras, was born in Kerala and brought up in Noida.  He was previously associated with Avanti Learning Centre, a social venture by the alumni of IIT Bombay and is currently busy working for the business development sector of an upcoming startup. 

How Albin Received Amit’s Information:
After a day’s hard work when Albin was wrapping things up, he received a message from Prerna (Amit’s batch mate) which said that Amit had met with a terrible accident and immediate help was needed. He could not ignore it and decided to act.

The Incident:
Amit, a 4th year undergraduate from NIFT Jodhpur, was a victim of irrational driving in Bangalore, near Yeshwantpur. A truck broke the traffic signal and hit Amit while he was trying to cross the road. This left him with a severe brain hemorrhage displacing the brain from its actual position in the cranium.  While he was admitted in Columbia Asia Hospital, the doctors announced that his chances of survival were minimal. But Amit managed to come out of the dire state.

 Next, a whooping amount of INR 2000000 was required for the surgery. For any middle class Indian family, it is difficult to shell out such a huge amount at once – Amit’s was no different!

The Reason to Aid Amit:
On being asked about the equation he shares with Amit he says, “I had first met Amit three years ago in NIFT Chennai through some common friends. Gradually we both got to know each other better. We formed a bond which turned them into friends from just being mere acquaintances.”

He decided to relieve the family of some of the financial burden which this terrible accident had brought upon them.

In Albin’s words, “I just did not want to be a like and share supporter of the message that I had received. I wanted to be the catalyst and do something beneficial.”  

This simple humane act shows that, one does not need a great motive to assist a person in need.  A small motivation is enough to carry out a good deed and thus, be an inspiration to many. It is not too hard to be a Good Samaritan.

The Decision to Choose Crowdfunding:
Albin came across crowd funding while browsing the internet. Members from Team Ketto had contacted him and explained the benefits of it.  “At that moment I did not feel the need for it. I was engrossed in finding ways to help Amit. When I had tried most ways, I decided to give crowd funding a shot.”

He made good use of social media platforms like, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and emails to spread the news.  “I decided to activate my network of friends and classmates. Students and alumni from various NIFT colleges like, Chennai, Jodhpur, Ghandhinagar, and others showed amazing solidarity to stand for this cause. I also got direct contribution offline from patrons who contacted him and offered their support.”
That’s what happens when the crowd comes together. They managed to raise a collective sum of INR 9,10,535 together.

Amit’s Current Condition:
On being asked how Amit was doing, Amit says, “He is out of danger at present and has been shifted to the Christian Medical College in Vellore for better treatment. He needs more time for a full recovery as he still cannot respond properly.”

We wish Amit a speedy and smooth recovery from the bottom of our hearts.

The Crowdfunding Experience:
Albin’s sincere efforts were realized when the campaign became a success. Speaking about his experience; Albin says, “I did not face much difficulty during the campaign as I was handheld throughout. Rushali from the team used to be in constant touch with me in case I had doubts.” 

On Ketto’s advice, the initial target amount was reduced and this worked in his favor.

He says that, “Crowd funding gives you a sense of responsibility, boosts your self-esteem and the most important part is that you become a channel of hope.” He felt relieved after the successful completion of the campaign.

His greatest gift was a call from Amit’s dad, who told him, “Now, I have two sons, not just one.”  Nothing can take away the pleasant feeling that fills you up when you hear such words.

Albin told us that, he is all up for helping more people whenever a need arises. If such compassionate acts add value to your life, do not hold back your emotions. Crowdfunding is there to back you up.

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