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SIP – The Advantages of Monthly Giving

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    Do you know that every two minutes, a child dies because they cannot afford the necessary healthcare? Do you know that you can save one of these children by merely donating ₹1500/month, or ₹500, or maybe ₹100, whatever amount you choose? All you have to do is subscribe to our Social Impact Plan and join us in our mission.

    The relationship between donors and charitable organizations, their shared interest in various social causes is priceless. Monthly donations, also called recurring donations, strengthen that relationship further. Imagine receiving a thank you note from a child whom your monthly giving just saved from a deadly disease. Imagine seeing the money you donate changing the lives of people for real. It’s the best feeling; we know, right?

    We know you care. We know you want to contribute to causing a change. We also understand the end of the year financial crunches. How some financial stresses can throw your budget off balance, how donating a lump sum amount may not fit in your budget every year. We at have solved it for you. Our Social Impact Plan is perfectly tailored to make monthly donations convenient and affordable for you.

    Monthly giving has many advantages for both the donors and the organization. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should consider it.

    The donation amount is convenient and affordable for most donors

    Imagine it’s the time of Diwali, and you plan to donate ₹12,000 from your Diwali bonus. For some reason, your office could not issue a Diwali bonus this year. Now, cutting this amount from your salary will shake your budget thoroughly. How do you make that donation now?

    That is where monthly donations come to your rescue. If you break ₹12,000 into monthly installments, it amounts to ₹1000/month, something most donors can afford. Donating a lump sum amount often requires planning and is subject to many hindrances. Sometimes, donors might lack the motivation to practice that discipline. Monthly donations solve this problem—they make donating convenient and affordable.

    It helps the organization’s budget planning

    One of the most critical benefits monthly donations give to organizations is making concrete short-term plans.

    Most organizations have monthly subscription programs tailored to suit the causes they support—for example, Social Impact Plan from Ketto. When you subscribe to our plan, not only do you tell us that you will donate monthly donations, but you also tell us how much you are willing to donate each month. That helps us make a more concrete estimate of our monthly budget.

    It sets us free from the margin of error to our estimates, which we would otherwise have to accommodate. We can make more concrete plans for each month—how many children we can cater to, how many medical cases we can sponsor. As such, it makes our functioning much more efficient.

    The organization can retain more donors

    One of the main concerns of all charitable organizations has always been retaining their existing donors. When you donate annually, you get in touch with your charity only once in the entire year.

    Thus, it becomes their responsibility to maintain their relations with their existing donors. All the work they have done with the funds must reach their donors at regular intervals. The donors must feel their money has been properly utilized. They must feel they are an integral part of the organization. Only then are they going to come back the following year.

    All of this demands a lot of resources and time from the organization. They have to have a marketing team dedicated to the task. They must also keep reaching out to new donors.

    Recurring donations solve this problem to a great extent. Since the organization has donors reaching out to it every month, it has to put fewer efforts into keeping those relations alive. It can also ease its search for new donors. It can utilize all these resources and time to make its functioning more efficient and transparent.

    Donors get to see the impact their funds create

    People who choose to donate monthly to a cause have a powerful drive to make a change happen. As such, they want to be updated regularly with the progress of charitable initiatives. All organizations make sure this happens.

    When you donate monthly to a charity/organization, you become an active member of it. You share the interest in their cause as profoundly as they do, and all charities value it. They update you with real-time progress they make; the impact they create with your money. So you can see the change happening.

    Where there is a will, there is a way. Monthly donation schemes are a live example of it. There are so many problems with fundraising that recurring donations have solved. What matters is the shared interest of donors and charities to cause a change.

    We at are set on a mission to make healthcare accessible to children. We want to make sure no child dies because they could not afford medical help. Do you share that interest? Click here to sign up for our Social Impact Plan.

    It’s affordable. It’s transparent. It’s a community. Come, join us – let’s save a life together.

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