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Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

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    Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters

    Animal shelters house stray, surrendered, lost, and abandoned animals like cats and dogs but include other animals as well. The government, community, or private institutions fund these shelters. The purpose of animal shelters is to keep pets and communities safe.

    They also help in preventing animal abuse by protecting the animals from various atrocities. Moreover, they also keep raising awareness and offer tools for coping with pet overpopulation. However, sometimes it is not easy to get funds for these shelters to operate. But, these animal shelter fundraising ideas can help you raise funds successfully.

    1. Crowdfunding

    It is a great way of growing your organization’s online audience and addressing its fundraising needs. Here, you collect small donations from a lot of people. It is a quick and easy method that does wonders for animal shelters. You need to pick a particular cause to start crowdfunding and create a page for it. Platforms like Ketto make it easier for you to raise funds successfully.

    2. Pet Calendar

    This is one of the easiest fundraising ideas for animal shelters to raise a good amount. People absolutely adore their pets and would love a pet calendar. You can easily sell wall or desk calendars. Click photographs of rescued animals or of people’s pets by holding a contest. Print them into calendars and sell them either online or offline to raise funds.

    3. Dog Walks

    Dog walks can be a great start for raising a good amount and an easy one too. You can organize a dog walk or even a run in several ways. Ask volunteers from your community or mobilize your own staff to walk to local dogs and ask for donations in exchange. Morning runs with dogs can also be a great hit, and it is easy to implement.

    4. Donation Stations

    You can set up a donation station to get funds for your animal shelter. Try putting up messages that convey the hardships animals go through and how your shelter helps them. This way, more people will be ready to donate. You can set up the donation at a local school, church, or even a small office. Make sure you let people know about animal abuse and how your shelter prevents it.

    5. Pet Raffle

    A pet raffle is a pretty doable animal shelter fundraising idea. You need to organize a pet raffle during an event or online. Sell the raffle tickets and invite people. Make sure to promote the raffle so you can get more donations. You can also offer pet-specific gift baskets or a dog bed, or even pet food.

    6. Relaxing Session

    What better way of relaxing than cuddling with furry babies? Try to organize a de-stress morning or evening where you call people to cuddle with animals. Charge for the admission fee and ask for a vet’s advice to ensure the comfort of the animals. You can also put up the kittens or puppies for adoption and get them a new home.

    7. Dog Washing

    When looking for animal shelter fundraising ideas, you can try this easy and fun idea. It can be entertaining for the whole community. Best suited for the summer season, you need to think of it as a car washing event. Instead of washing cars, you’ll be washing people’s dogs and raising money as well as awareness for your animal shelter.

    8. Pet Photo Shoot

    Who doesn’t love adorning their pets? This idea is a super fun way of giving people glorious memories with their pets. Hire a professional photographer and get some volunteers. Keep some props and prepare a cute little setup. You can also charge an admission fee and then charge them for photographs you will click and print for them.

    9. Bake Sale

    Do you know what people cannot resist? Sweets and pets. Yes, it’s true. Make the most of this by conducting a bake sale for pets. Try making treats following pet-suitable recipes and make it in big batches to sell to pet owners. Sell them online or in local parks. You can also create custom orders and charge more for them.

    10. Dog Fashion Shows

    Invite dog owners and prepare a nice setup in an outdoor location, preferably. This fundraising idea for animal shelters can be a great hit if done right. It is a great way of grabbing the attention of dog lovers and animal lovers. Make sure there is dog water, props, waste stations, and costumes. Sell refreshments and get volunteers to manage the event.


    While fundraising is not easy for animal shelters, we hope these fundraising ideas for animal shelters will make things easier for you. Remember that any task requires time, passion, energy, creative thinking, and planning. The same is the case with animal shelter fundraising. These top 10 ideas can definitely help you raise a significant amount to save and protect innocent animals.

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