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How to Get a Celebrity to Support Your Cause

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    When you are working hard to support a cause that you truly poured your heart and soul into, you’ll be looking for ways to ensure that you have all the resources to do justice to your cause. The wider the reach, the better the awareness and chances of you getting more support from people who connect with your cause. What better way to spread the word than roping in a celebrity to support your cause? Celebrity support is one of the most effective ways to do something big for your cause.

    To begin raising funds for your cause, log onto Ketto where you can start a fundraiser in a matter of minutes. It is an online crowdfunding platform that helps you raise awareness about medical emergencies and social causes. All you have to do is share a few details about the cause you need support for. Share the fundraiser with your network to rope in all the support you can. They can, in turn, share it with their networks. The funds raised can be withdrawn by you, the recipient, hassle-free.

    When individuals or organizations collaborate with a celebrity or an influencer, their cause gets amplified through social media shares and word-of-mouth. Through celebrity support, you can bring awareness to people from outside your circle about your cause. This guide talks about how you can get celebrity support hassle-free. 

    1. Which kind of celebrity?

    Depending on your cause and what it involves, you can choose what kind of celebrity or influencer to reach out to. ‘Celebrity’ can mean anyone from your local Instagram star to Hollywood personalities. The entertainment industry is what comes to your mind first, right? However, a celebrity is not only limited to an entertainer. It also covers business magnates, sports personalities, literal advocates as well as people who advocate for a cause, and many more!

    The kind of celebrity support you may need does not always need to be global. If you are fighting for a local cause, someone who is considered a celebrity in the locality may help more than someone famous but unrelatable to the people. By choosing the right kind of celebrity support, you are grabbing the right eyeballs. 

    1. Organic spokespersons

    A celebrity is not only defined by their popularity – in terms of followers or reach – but also their personality. A celebrity who is known to support related causes would be a better fit than someone famous just making a formal statement about your cause. In the long run, authenticity and organic reach and growth matter most to continually and effectively fight for your cause. 

    1. Know your celebrity 

    If you are planning to pitch your appeal about a fairness cream to a celebrity who endorses natural skin color, would it make any sense? Know what your preferred celebrity is known to endorse by researching their current affiliations, target audience, and other related things. If you are specifically supporting a cause revolving around senior citizens, a celebrity who is worshipped only by today’s generation may not be your best fit. You need to find a celebrity to whom your target audience relates.

    1. Narrow it down: home is where the heart is

    A celebrity may not be residing or working in the place they were brought up in. Work takes them around the world. If you know a celebrity from the place where you are working for your cause, it would be easier to appeal to them to do something good for their hometown. This is especially effective when your cause is limited to a location or a certain kind of location.

    1. Network is the key

    Do you know how Netflix works among youths? Someone knows a friend who has a friend who knows someone who actually has a Netflix account! Very helpful, isn’t it? That’s how networks and connections work too.

    If you already know someone who is an associate or from the inner circle of the celebrity, it would be easier to reach out to them. You can check if the celebrity’s inner circle members – family, friends, representatives, etc. – have channeled a cause similar to yours. This ensures you grab your celebrity’s attention more quickly and easily. 

    1. Sync your schedules

    Find out the current schedule of the celebrity that you are trying to contact. If they are currently working on a schedule in another country, it may not be wise to invite them to a low-key charity event halfway across the globe for just the evening. Make sure that you know what their schedule looks like before reaching out to them with dates. 

    1. Contact them, and make a mark! 

    Celebrities are notably bombarded with all kinds of emails, phone calls, and messages – not to mention their social media inboxes. If you do not have a meaningful message to draw their attention to, your request may remain unopened in their inbox. Use powerful and high-impact words to tell them about your cause. Saying the right things about how they can positively help your cause compels them to offer their help and support.

    1. Keep it simple 

    Do not write a long and confusing letter to your celebrity. Keep the information short and simple. Format the message well to make it an easy and quick read. If you want the celebrity to Tweet regarding your cause, include a copy so that it makes their job easy and also meets your specifications. Include as much information as possible to make their job easy.

    By keeping these pointers in mind, you can be on your way to getting the right kind of celebrity support. You can instantly start your fundraiser on Ketto and support a cause that you truly believe in. A small change can snowball into a big one and make the world a better place to live in. Every cause and every initiative matters, if you put your heart into it.

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