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Why Do People Donate To Charity Fundraisers?

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    Why Do People Donate To Charity Fundraisers

    When you choose to give, it brings a sense of relief and satisfaction. Not just that, charity can do much more than provide you with personal benefits. Millions of people do charity every day. It not only supports the less fortunate and the cause but is deeply rewarding. With so much happening worldwide, you may or may not be aware of the various daily hurdles that the less fortunate or needy face. In that case, you can set up a fundraiser. The best part is people donate their hard-earned money to support the cause. 

    Reasons why people contribute to Charity Fundraisers 

    Here are some reasons why people donate to charity fundraisers – 

    Teach kids the importance of donating

      Teaching kids the importance of giving or donating is an essential step toward becoming responsible citizens tomorrow. When your child sees you giving, it imbibes the value of togetherness in him. You can encourage them to take part in several Middle School Sports Fundraising programmes such as – 

      • Selling your school merchandise
      • Reach Out to Alumni for help 
      • A Viral Video Challenge with parents and teachers 
      • Schoolyard Sale
      • Organising Sponsored Sports Meet
      • Target In-Kind Donations
      • Online Auction of Student-Made Products
      • Art and Crafts Day

      To support the cause

        People who donate to charity fundraisers give to support the cause. The cause can be anything from educating a girl child to saving money for health and medical facilities. At Ketto, you can go for a monthly donation rather than an annual one. Regardless of where you are based, you can donate to a noble cause and spread joy. 

        Charity Fundraisers are trust-worth

          When donors decide to contribute to Charity Fundraisers, they trust that their money will be used for the right reason. In charity fundraisers, people do not have to pay a hefty amount. At the same time, they can donate a small amount from their pocket to save lives. 

          Brings happiness

            Donating to charity fundraisers is a mood booster. You are giving a helping hand in protecting someone’s life is highly empowering. Also, it makes you feel fulfilled and happier. The ability to save others’ lives is a privilege that comes with donation or giving. It reinforces strong values and gives a feeling of responsibility. 

            Why should you choose Ketto? 

            Here’s why – 

            • Ketto is Industry’s best fundraising success rate
            • Ketto supported by more than 55,00,000 donors 
            • It offers Easy-To-Manage Tools for better bookings 
            • Accepts payment through all payment modes 
            • Get expert support round the clock 
            • Offers a dedicated smart-dashboard 
            • Hassle-free withdrawal process 
            • International Payment Support

            There is no need to burn a hole in the pocket, whereas our Social Impact Plan is perfectly tailored to allow monthly donations. Monthly donations help you bring a change more conveniently. Like many, if you’re planning to donate to charity fundraisers, Ketto is one of the best platforms to start with.

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