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The Main Drawbacks Of Our Healthcare System & How Crowdfunding Can Solve It? 

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    How Crowdfunding Can Solve Drawbacks Of Our Healthcare System

    In a developing country like ours, which lacks a well-developed healthcare system, a child loses his life every two minutes. It is due to the lack of adequate healthcare services or the inability to afford them. How can you help? Online crowdfunding platforms like Ketto have now made it possible to donate and contribute to individuals in dire need of money for their medical bills, surgeries, and other expenses. You can save a life and spread happiness through Keto! 

    A decade ago, it would have sounded astounding to donate to a stranger and help him. But how the tables have turned due to the presence of fundraising organizations. Ketto has been a game changer in terms of this in India. Although founded in 2012, Ketto is India’s second biggest crowdfunding platform. In 2018, it raised Rs. 97 crore, which was 50% more than the previous year. 

    The Story Behind Ketto 

    Ketto serves as one of the largest fundraising organization in India. It is a Mumbai-based startup launched by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala, and actor Kunal Kapoor. Today, Ketto has expanded its territory and stands tall as a team working tirelessly to make this world a better place.

    Ketto works closely with non-profit organizations to target the needy and impoverished who need monetary support. During its launch year, Ketto raised approximately Rs. 4.5 Lakhs for approximately 18 campaigns. As the years went by, it grew in its capacity and features. Ketto has raised more than Rs. 1100 crores for various campaigns across the country. 

    Ketto now stands tall by collaborating and working with more than 2,000 non-profit organizations nationwide. A new campaign is launched every minute on Ketto. People from across the globe have participated wholeheartedly in making the fundraisers a success.

    The platform works closely with eminent NGOs like Akshaya Patra, Teach for India, CRY, and Naam Foundation to raise awareness and funds for various social causes. Ketto has fueled campaigns, from women empowerment to disaster management. Be it a campaign at a personal or global level, Ketto has a special place for them all. 

    Additionally, eminent personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and Kailash Satyarthi have used Ketto as a medium to raise funds for causes they support. Ketto has widened its horizon today and continues to work toward the welfare of humanity every day. 

    Challenges Of The Healthcare System in India 

    India still struggles to hold its ground with a three-tier system that functions throughout the country in the healthcare department. The healthcare system of India came crashing down when a pandemic hit it. The reasons for this failing healthcare system include: 

    India lacks qualified doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other medical officers. The problem prevails more in rural India, where doctors refuse to work due to low living conditions and low pay. The doctor-to-patient ratio in India is as low as 0.7 for 1,000 people. 

    India lacks good and well-maintained hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Rural India lacks these amenities mostly, and the hospitals, if any, have no professionals working. 

    Although public hospitals and clinics offer free services to their patients, they are primarily understaffed and underdeveloped. If an individual wants to access good medical services, they need to switch to private healthcare. Private hospitals are expensive, and an average Indian must bear the cost from his pocket. 

    All these drawbacks have been affecting the healthcare industry of India for decades now. Due to this, adequate medical services are not provided to the needy and often lead to severe complications in the affected people’s lives.

    How Can Crowdfunding Solve The Healthcare System Problem? 

    Medical crowdfunding is one of the most common practices used by platforms like Ketto. Medical emergencies are unexpected and unfathomable. The question of life and death looms, and money becomes a significant factor. With adequate funds, every individual can access better healthcare facilities, qualified doctors, and developed hospitals in India. The primary requirement for medical services will always be money, and Ketto helps facilitate the same. 

    The ways and means in which Ketto helps medical fundraisers tackle our demerits of the healthcare system are: 

    The website displays the top 5% of medical campaigns that need immediate help or attention. When the beneficiary is on a tight timeline, their movement is placed first so that more people can contribute. 

    A thorough and detailed check is carried out for all the medical campaigns that leave no room for fraudulent campaigns. It ensures that your money is reaching the right person. 

    Most of the accounts linked to the campaign are directly connected to the hospital where the beneficiary is getting treated. This ensures immediate initiation of the treatment and surgery for the patient. 

    It opens up doors for the poor and the needy to seek top-notch medical services from the private healthcare system without pushing them into a debt trap. It gives them ample space, money and time so that they can get the best medical assistance from the top doctors in the country without having to worry about finances. 

    Crowdfunding helps seek immediate and long-term solutions for patients who do not have the time, money, and resources to go through the treatment. For instance, road accidents, neurological problems, cancer, kidney disease, etc. 

    Bottom Line

    With Ketto, donating and spreading kindness has become easy for everyone across the globe. Medical crowdfunding on Ketto has bridged the gap between India’s public and private healthcare facilities. Everyone has a chance at better healthcare facilities now. You can participate in the change and contribute to a fundraiser on Ketto today.

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