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Donate Oxygen India: Providing Life-Saving Sources of Oxygen

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    Donate Oxygen India

    Oxygen is one of the most valuable commodities in the light of the pandemic. The need for medical oxygen increased by 12 times at the peak of the pandemic. While the country grappled with an acute oxygen shortage, several independent groups stepped up to help make up for it. Donate Oxygen India is one such campaign on Ketto which received immense support through crowdfunding. It is a task force that was set up by Amba Dalmia Foundation, Keventers, Letters of Love, Medulance, Quase and several volunteers across the country.

    Strong Start By The Creators

    The crowdfunding campaign got an overwhelming start with close to Rs.40,00,000 donated by the Keventers Corporate Group, The Amba Dalmia Foundation and their friends and family. Community Arts Network and Letters of Love will use the power of arts and community to contribute. They are collaborating on an e-concert with 10 globally acclaimed artists to raise funds for Donate Oxygen India.

    In addition to this, the popularity of the Ketto online crowdfunding platform has gathered great public support. The combined efforts have led to several successful projects under the Donate Oxygen India campaign. The beneficiaries of this fundraiser are individuals and families affected by the Covid-19 virus.

    Successful Projects

    The goal of this crowdfunding campaign initiated by the Amba Dalmia Foundation is to provide immediate and long-term solutions to the issue of oxygen shortage. Various projects were undertaken to achieve this goal:

    1. Organize BiPAP machines and oxygen concentrators to hospitals in need. 

    The following supplies have been dispatched based on the requirements presented by Mr. SVR Chandra Sekhar, CEO of Delhi Cantonment Board: 

    • 5 monitors 
    • 2 ventilator machines 
    • 5 syringe pumps
    • 5 monitors 
    • 5 ICU beds 
    • 3 suction machines 
    • 3 BiPAP machines 

    These supplies were received by Cantonment General Hospital. The volunteers also constantly touch base with Covid-19 ward head, Dr. Ajay Singh. 

    1. Long term Covid-19 Care support to Army Base Hospital in New Delhi

    The funds raised on the Ketto online funding platform were utilized to send 2 ventilators to the Army Base Hospital. 

    1. Support for transportation and paramedic agencies providing free services for those affected by the Covi-19 virus

    BiPAP machines and 45 antibacterial filters were provided to Medulace. This is an ambulance service that provides free paramedic and transportation services to Covid-19 patients in New Delhi. 

    1. Help hospitals sustain themselves with oxygen generating facilities.

    This is one of the long-term solutions proposed by this crowdfunding campaign. They have collaborated with Moolchand Trust. They currently run Moolchand Hospitals in Agra and Delhi. The project to set up on-site oxygen plants with 30nm/ 3 hour capacity in Agra and Delhi is currently on-going.

    How You Can Help

    You can support the Donate Oxygen India campaign to help them realize their vision of addressing the oxygen shortage issue. Make donations on the online crowdfunding platform, Ketto to ensure that no family has to struggle to save the lives of their loved ones. 

    You may also share the campaign with friends and family easily. All donations made to this crowdfunding campaign are eligible for Tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. 

    The faster we act, the more lives we can share. Every donation that you make is valuable. It could be the difference between life and death for someone.

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