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Most Common FAQs For SIP (Social Impact Plan): Answered Here

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    Most Common FAQs For SIP

    Medical science has made great advancements in the modern era. Diseases that were fatal previously can now be cured easily. The credit for this goes to the talented scientists, researchers, and medical experts around the world. However, despite the tremendous achievements, a huge portion of the world still cannot enjoy these benefits.

    We are talking about millions of individuals who cannot afford medical aid. Many of these individuals who succumbed to their illnesses could have been saved if proper healthcare had been available.

    We, at Ketto, have made a commitment to reach out to such unfortunate individuals. To fulfil this commitment, we have come up with a Social Impact Plan (SIP).

    About SIP

    The Social Impact Plan, or SIP, is a fundraising plan that aims to make healthcare possible for each and every one.  The heart of SIP is an inspiring community that strives to make lives better.

    The Social Impact Plan of Ketto is transparent and affordable. There is no minimum limit to how much you wish to donate. Every penny counts, and no one understands this better than us.

    As with any online crowdfunding platform, questions are natural to arise. In this article, we attempt to answer the most important ones regarding the Social Impact Plan.

    Question 1: How can I be assured that my funds are being used to help patients?

    Transparency is a big deal at Ketto. We have nothing to hide at Ketto about how we use the funds of our donors. This is why we have specific measures in place to help donors track their payments easily.

    To achieve this, we send out regular updates on the donations of our donors to notify the donors about their funds. Whenever your donation is utilized for some person in need, you will be notified about it.

    You will come to know about the patients that benefit from your donation through consolidated monthly updates. These updates are sent via Whatsapp and email.

    For those donors who want more details, we have a team of experts in place. This team shall explain the entire procedure of fundraising with SIP. Our team will duly resolve any doubt that you may have regarding your donation.

    Question 2: Why are there automatic monthly donations in this plan?

    The SIP at Ketto operates on the basis of automatic monthly donations. This means that your donations will go to a patient in need of life-saving healthcare automatically every month. The reasons we have created automatic monthly donations are as follows:

    Retention: Most first-time donors never come back, and there is plenty of evidence to back this. In contrast, a donor who donates every month is likely to stay active beyond the first time. In fact, research indicates that those who donate monthly by credit card or EFT tend to stay involved for 4 years on average.

    Lower operating costs: Recruiting new donors is a process that requires funds. As you have learned, automatic monthly donations mean higher donor retention. Consequently, by retaining donors, our operating costs go down significantly.

    Convenience for donors: The donors’ convenience is extremely important for us at Ketto, and this is precisely what the automatic monthly donations offer to you – sheer convenience. In the current era, our lives revolve around monthly recurring payments like internet payment, apps payment, club memberships etc. This is why automatic monthly donations mean easy financial management for the donors.

    Question 3: How does Ketto verify the authenticity of the patients?

    Maintaining the authenticity of a campaign is of paramount importance to us. For utmost reliability, a strict 3-step process is followed prior to any listing. Our verification process requires that the patient submits proper medical documents and proof.

    Besides this, we also require the medical team of the relevant hospital to verify each case. All fundraisers that you will come across on this platform are ‘Ketto Assured’.

    Question 4: How do you measure social impact?

    Measuring social impact is both complicated and costly. We measure it with the help of the following tools:

    A) Social Accounting: This involves a simple three step-procedure: planning, accounting, and reporting. This procedure communicates the social effects of an organization to an interest group.

    B) Logic Models: This is a graphical depiction of the relationships among resources, outcomes, and activities.

    C) Social Return on Investment (SROI): This method communicates the economic, environmental, and social impacts with outsiders.

    Question 5: How does Ketto secure the payments donated to SIP?

    All payments under the SIP are secured through 128-bit encryption. Most importantly, any financial information receives 100% protection against any leakage or hijacking. As such, privacy is highly prioritized at Ketto.

    Encryption of personal information takes place through the secure-server software of Ketto. Such personal information includes the address, email ID, contact number, and name of the donor. Moreover, our donors can even decide to remain anonymous. For this, all they have to do is to click on the ‘Anonymous’ option.


    Countless individuals around the world lose their lives due to a lack of medical services. The Social Impact Plan (SIP) is a humble effort on our part to bring quality healthcare to needy individuals. We hope that this plan will help those in need find the healthcare they need and fill their lives with happiness and positivity.

    Ketto is a platform that pertains to crowdfunding. This simply means to raise money from certain individuals for the purpose of financing projects. With Ketto, you can raise funds for disaster relief, flood relief, child education, medical care, or any other noble cause. We at Ketto feel joyous in welcoming anyone who wishes to make a financial contribution towards a noble cause.

    Wish to start a fundraiser at Ketto? Well, it is a hassle-free and straightforward procedure. Most importantly, with Ketto, withdrawing of funds takes place smoothly whenever you desire. If you are wondering what’s going on with your money, don’t worry. Our team of experts can explain the entire procedure of fundraising in a simplified manner. Join us today to become a part of our strong team of millions of supporters. Bring a change to the world by becoming a part of Ketto.

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