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Donation – based crowdfunding in India

    Donation-based crowdfunding in India

    Crowdfunding platforms have gained immense popularity in recent times. In the wake of the worldwide economic emergency, crowdfunding has become an ever more critical choice for financing.

    Crowdfunding is an influential tool used to authorise individuals, groups and bring a change in the standard of living of the needy. It helps in bridging gaps and allows humankind to take a step forward. However, you must be very alert while making donations and raising funds. It’s always a good idea to look for credibility and the root cause/agenda before raising or donating funds.

    Today in India, donation-based crowdfunding is one of the most preferred ways of fundraising. An individual builds the campaign first and spreads the word about his/her cause on social media and other marketing platforms. The person who is supporting this cause is called a donor. Any individual who relates to the cause is greeted to contribute towards the cause. The donation amount can be anything ranging from set minimum to limitless maximum sum. A donor is free to contribute as much and as frequently as he/she likes.

    Why choose Ketto for donation-based crowdfunding?

    Founded in 2012, Ketto has ever since assisted people, individuals and communities across India to raise funds for imaginative and personal causes. Fundraising on Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform is now free, with a 0% platform fee.

    What is the purpose Of Donation-based Crowdfunding?

    Donation-based crowdfunding is gaining traction in the market successfully. Look no further than a crowdfunding site like Ketto and profitably raise funds for your social cause-be it small or big. The donors will mostly be given a ‘Thank You’ note or get facilitated somewhere in some way or form. This is of course, reasonably diverse from reward-based crowdfunding wherein an individual gives in return for an Inducement/Investment.

    Donation-based crowdfunding supports countless social causes. There are people, individuals and communities who are not as lucky as us. As the saying goes,

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’ — Winston Churchill.

    Today, some people are stressed and are struggling day in and out to pay their medical bills/daily food and others who are looking to get primary education for their children. Here is where you could help these needy people by giving enough towards noble causes like this, and help uplift the lives of the unfortunate. We can assure they will thank you for this all their life and till their last breath.

    Donation-based crowdfunding has been a turning point for all those brilliant students looking to avail a worthy career goal. Crowdfunding has helped these children overcome their debts and hence relieved the burden from their shoulders.

    The purpose Of Donation-based Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding has also become the talk of the town in many curriculums of numerous business schools/universities. A variety of social causes are gaining traction, both online and offline. It is always feasible and better to use online methods of crowdfunding if the supporter is hard on funds.

    Online crowdfunding is quite reasonable compared to offline efforts as conventional means engage in a lot of planning, plotting, designing and reaches only a few set of people, not a humongous crowd.

    Crowdfunding via online podiums has no limitations and can become famous in no time with immense exposure to the idea you have displayed. Quite a few ecological causes have been wholly funded online. New day crowdfunding has permitted people to help superior charitable ventures and developments without having to contribute lump-sum amounts of funds. They can effortlessly learn about the meaning of the cause, which in turn increases consciousness about the need to sustain such social causes.

    With the launch of influential platforms, things have gone comfortable and better for most people to give. It is believed that this trend has made online fundraising handy and eradicated the gatekeepers. If you have a great idea and can execute it, raise funds without giving it a second thought and see the change you bring in the lives of the needy.

    Want to learn more about donation-based crowdfunding, and how you can give the unfortunate their peace of mind? Call Ketto Crowdfunding Company today!

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