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Donor segmentation what you need to know

    dividing donors into subsets or audiences

    The best way to connect with your supporters is by making them feel your non-profit is actually talking to them. Rather than using the same technique of communication and engagement activities for your community, or crowdfunding strategies for social causes; take a segmented approach instead.

    So, What is Donor Segmentation actually? 

    Donor segmentation is a method of segregating your donor foundation into minor groupings. Here the members share similar traits such as:

    Donor segmentation Traits

    • Geographic area
    • Age
    • Type of donor
    • Donor status
    • Donation amounts etc.

    Donor segmentation is a vital technique. And is used to facilitate your organisation to converse with your donors in significant and meaningful ways.

    Being a nonprofit organisation, you will achieve success by focusing on creating strong donor associations. One can build empathy, trustworthiness and trust by catering to all the donor’s unique requirements. You can benefit a significant surplus in your fundraising efforts.

    Perks of segmenting your donor list:- 

    • Adapt your tone and knowledge to a minor group target audience.
    • Motivate your donors to connect with your nonprofits.
    • Looking to create rapport, credibility, and trust with donors? Communicate with donors regularly.
    • Converse privately with your donors to create ‘Ask’ for donations deliberately supported on pragmatic statistics
    • Keep inappropriate clatter away from donors outside of target segments.
    • Boost your Return on Investments by offering important content to planned populations of donors

    Donor segmentation focuses on offering appropriate content to a small group of citizens. It avoids a broader base of your donors from feeling that the content and communications are irrelevant to them individually. Statistics demonstrate that personalising your emails increases click-through rates by 14 per cent, and conversion rates by 10 per cent.

    Donor segmentation does not essentially make your content more significant. Instead, makes it trouble-free and sends your donors content they care about. Moreover, when done successfully, donor segmentation increases conviction and trustworthiness with your target audience. By selecting content for a tapering populace, you trim down unimportance. And this decreases the number of ‘unsubscribe’ and ‘unfollows’ you obtain, as well as boost your Return on Investments.

    Does Donor segmentation matter? If yes, then why is it crucial?

    Everyone today is connected onto Social media platforms some for fun, entertainment, fame, growth etc. And in the midst of all this, email has always been a formal competitive platform alongside social media stages. The McKinsey and Co company in the USA believes e-mail is widely used. They claim it is more effective than social media. Moreover, it’s profitable to construct email decorums, including donor segmentation because data demonstrates extraordinary ROI. 

    Below are a few examples

    • 39% of marketers who segmented their email lists experienced elevated open rates
    • 28% found lower unsubscribe rates
    • 24% found better deliverability and enhanced profits
    • 18% higher number of business transactions
    • 15% higher customer achievements

    Reinforce your donor segmentation with Ketto’s 7 successful strategies:

    • Consign significant donor segments.
    • Make sure to resume your segment lists regularly.
    • Learn to generate plans for diverse donor segments.
    • Scrutinise appointments by donor segments.
    • Influence donor for smart contributing.
    • Speak about the needs of your volunteer segment.
    • Share segmented fundraising prospects.

    The above numbers offer evidentiary hold that authenticates the time involved doing donor segmentation is very much worth the efforts.

    To learn more about donor segmentation & crowdfunding techniques for social causes, visit Ketto today! 

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