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Enrich Lives Foundation Collaborated with Ketto to Support The Needy Through The COVID-19 Crisis

    Enrich Lives Foundation

    The COVID-19 epidemic has engulfed the globe, with India bearing the worst of it. The only option to contain and combat this massive pandemic was to compel individuals to embrace social distance.

    Why Enrich Lives Foundation?

    Enrich Lives Foundation (ELF) NGO, run by three courageous women, Shivani Upadhyay, Samrudhi Chothani, and Rashmi Balwan. ELF is fighting against COVID, ending hunger, guaranteeing education, and empowering women. ELF is enriching lives. ELF understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a hunger crisis. Meal distribution, grocery distribution, and job placement are just a few of the social services provided by Enrich Lives Foundation. ELF has been helping Mumbai’s most vulnerable populations since the beginning of the pandemic. They are actively fundraising to support migrant laborers, daily wage laborers, malnourished children, and women widowed due to COVID. They expect a minimum of Rs 575 from any individual to support a family of 4-5 for ten days. They conduct vaccination camps in the slums of Mumbai to raise awareness and curb the spread of COVID-19.

    Meal distribution in Mumbai by ELF NGOs.

    ELF has vaccinated more than 1000 people to date. ELF also has a unique Mobile Health Clinic that helps communities with limited access to hospitals and health centers with their health challenges. ELF maintains clinics equipped with experts, essential first aid, and medical kits. The powerful ELF has identified more than 20 women widowed due to the pandemic, with no earning potential.

    Mass Vaccination in Mumbai (ELF)

    The Rotaract and Rotary Club of Ghatkopar, the Gujarati enrichment organization forum, Rebel foods, Iskon, Zomato food, Ek Saath, Epigamia, and ACT grants all contribute to ELF’s motto.

    Why is Ketto an eloquent crowdfunding tool?

    Trusted online Ketto crowdfunding is a user-friendly platform that permits anyone from anywhere around the globe to raise funds for many causes, from medical treatment to disaster assistance. Ketto manages work in collaboration with Enrich Lives Foundation (ELF), and it has a positive change in society. Ketto’s online crowdfunding platforms use the latest technology to optimize efficiency and accuracy.

    How can Ketto online platform help save lives?

    You can start your fundraising activity online. It only takes a few minutes. You can easily submit a few details about yourself and your loved ones as you raise funds for your loved ones. You can share your details for the fundraiser activity. All you have to do now is tell your close friends, social friends, and family about your work. Within a few minutes, support would rush in. Assuredly, you can share your activity directly from the dashboard on social media. Whatever funds get raised can be reserved without any inconvenience to your bank account. You can complete the entire process in five minutes on Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform. That is the power of the Ketto online platform. More decisive, yes! Your activity saves the precious life of your loved one without any worries.

    How can you support it?

    ELF buys essential grocery kits from stores and runs a distribution campaign 2-3 times a week. ELF’s relief kit costs Rs. 575, and it contains 4 kg Rice, 4 kg Atta, 2 kg Dal, 1 kg Sugar, 1L Oil, salt, spices, and soaps. You can contribute Rs 575 or in multiples to contribute to ELF’s work.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment