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Everything You Need to Know About SIP from Ketto and How it Would Provide Urgent Medical Care for Children

    Social Impact Plan Application

    Ketto is India’s largest and most trusted crowdfunding platform. We believe in ‘Healthcare for All,’ and we’re on a journey to make that a reality.

    Putting light here on everything about the Social Impact Plan by Ketto that one needs to know and how it works towards delivering urgent medical care for children. Due to the utmost dedication of the team and transparency in work, we are now serving a big crowd, creating bigger impacts.

    55+ Lakh donors

    We initiated with a small number of people believing in us but with the updates they had and the track they got for their donations, we started getting recurring donations and many more involved with us. Today, we have as large as 55+ lakh donors’ families and are still counting.

    1,40,000 lives saved and counting

    When more hands come together, we can surely do a lot more. With such huge support from numerous donors, we successfully save more than 1,00,000 lives, and the number is accelerating each day. You can join us too for being part of the most humane human and contribute to providing urgent medical care for children.

    24 x 7 expert support available

    There’s no time when someone from the team is not available as constant support. The team is extremely helpful above all the struggle and snuggle and clarifies even the minutest doubts that anyone reaches out for.

    Let us dig deeper into the simple steps of how it works in enlightening lives. Know the steps – right from getting a donation to the updates sent to the donor to keep them informed about the donation usage.

    Automatic monthly donations:

    Numerous fundraisers are going on simultaneously with a set target of required funds for the situation. Once you donate, it will automatically match the patient in utmost need of urgent treatment. You get to decide whether you wish to donate for a particular cause mentioned, or you choose to leave it on the team to use it at the proper place.

    100% donations go to patients:

    We are as transparent as water, and there is no hidden commission that the team takes out from the funds raised. We make sure that each donation reaches the patient timely and securely, resulting in flawless treatment. There is no third party that charges commission between the donor and the patient making it transparent and absorbable for both parties.

    Receive monthly updates:

    Get regular updates on where your funds are being used and the child’s complete details getting the help. Whether you have donated for a particular fundraiser or not, you will have all the updates on the cause it is being used. Even if it is used in one go or smaller sections, you will know it all.

    We are sure you wish to know about the perks of being involved in SIP because of the cause addressed and the impact created. Make sure to visit us, and yes, you can have all your questions solved at Ketto.

    It’s affordable

    Donation is a cause, no matter big or small. You will never feel like doing less, as the minimum amount to donate is up to you. No matter what you give, every donation will make an impact.

    It’s a community

    This is a space with people of similar interests and thoughts for the noble cause. Be part of an inspiring group, changing lives every month. We may think we alone may not have the impact required, but we can surely do more by joining hands and making it bigger.

    It’s transparent

    You will not be left with a question mark on where all your money is spent as you receive regular updates on your donations. Having a win-win situation as you know where exactly your donation is used for what purpose and provides a sense of satisfaction to an imaginable level.

    It’s an investment

    It works both ways. You can always set fundraisers when you are in need, and thus it is not just about giving donations but also getting it when needed. Your contributions will fund your medical emergencies. You will never have the feeling of not getting the returns in times of need.

    Ways of how it works

    Hiring branding:

    We hire celebrities who can influence people who have a heart towards community service but think they cannot do it.

    Team building:

    There is always one or the other team-building activity here because we strongly believe that good bonds do great things together.

    Cause marketing:

    Reaching more people and making them aware of the cause is the ultimate target, and thus the various fundraisers are carried out, keeping the cause of community service at the center. The various activities taken up for the purpose are all known to have been the cause behind the campaigns.

    Marathons and outdoor events:

    The team is highly jumbled into major small and big scale events and has done wonders. We become part of many marathons and make sure to attend and organize events to fulfill the ultimate goal of reaching maximum people and having them join us for this.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment