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What Are the Different Tricks That Can Help in Medical Fundraising

    Social Media Tricks for Efficient Medical Fundraising

    Fundraising is a common process in Western Countries but has now strengthened its roots in India. In the past few years, there have been many cases that show the fundraising process and how it has helped people effectively. You might have seen several examples around us where people, NGOs, and private organisations have come together to collect and contribute money for raising funds.

    Not only have the causes of fundraising changed but also the ideas and the ways of raising funds. Although there are many efficient medical fundraising ideas, one of the best amongst them remains the use of social media.

    It is a no-brainer that social media is one of the best ways to interact and connect with people. We all are well aware of the power of social media and how it has helped a lot of people in different ways. From many big brands to startups, you can find everyone pitching their sales, reports, new arrivals, service, and many other things. And social media fundraising has presented a huge opportunity for non-profits by using the right tricks.

    An example of a fundraising platform

    With the increasing popularity of the fundraising process, usage, ideas, and tricks, there are many competitors in the market. All of them have a good intention not to profit but help others who need it the most. In this run, Ketto is well-settled at the top of the list with an experience of more than 9 years till 2021. With over Rs. 1100 crore funds were raised for more than 2 lakh campaigns and approximately close to 55 lakh donors.

    Ketto has now become a very popular and trusted brand in the world of fundraising. Having helpers all around the country, it becomes easier for them to do good work, even for those who are unable to get a big platform. They also have a website where people can go, and by simply registering online, they can start requesting people for money for a specific project or donate for an ongoing campaign. Now, let’s check out the tricks that can help in increasing the chances of making more funds.

    Tricks That Can Help Increase Medical Fundraising

    • Choose the right platform first

      With so many social media platforms available in the market, it becomes very important for a person to choose the right platform first. You have to accept and digest the fact that not every platform is meant for everything. So, one of the best efficient medical fundraising ideas is to choose the platform that serves the best for your cause. In this case, your medical fundraising campaign.

    • Create online content

      Now, your content will play an important role in this. Fundraising is a process in which your first task is to grant the attention of the consumer/viewer. Once that’s done, you will have to keep the person engaged in your content. The next step is to move the viewer with your content and steer them to contribute to a good cause. Probably the last step is to thank them and retain their services for future campaigns. Your content, be it written, audio or video, plays a massive role in all of this. So, while drafting a complete outline of your campaign, keep in mind the content should be catchy.

    • Tailoring the message on the platform

      Social media is a powerful tool, and it has already empowered a lot of people. On the flip side, you will have to tailor your message accordingly. Now every platform has its USP. Where you think reels would work, do that; where you think, stories would work, do that; where you think a post will be the best idea, do that. So, make sure you tailor your message according to the platform you are using.

    • Promote awareness amongst people about your campaign

      When you start getting traction on your profile, promote your profile to increase awareness amongst people. Not everyone is acquainted with what you’re doing or what fundraising campaigns are. So, you must constantly post content on your profile regarding the campaign so that all the followers are informed. The more information you give to your followers, the better it becomes for your campaign.

    • Join and built communities

      There are already many communities doing the same work, and that, too, longer than you (maybe). So, join the authentic communities and have been posting regularly (which means they are active.) This will increase traction on your profile too. You can also request the community’s admin to post some of your content on the community profile so that people become aware of the campaign you are running. Isn’t that what communities are made for?

    • Inspire and motivate people

      One of the best social media tricks and one of the most efficient medical fundraising ideas is to motivate people. Now and then, posting short videos of inspirational speakers and other respectable people on your social media channel can motivate many people. These inspirational talks help steer people in accepting that fundraising is a good way to contribute a little towards the greater cause.


    Many people are unaware of the fact that their small contribution can mean saving the lives of people. Several fundraising campaigns have been successfully carried out in the past and have saved a lot of lives. To make your campaigns stronger and reach out to more people, you can simply use the above-given tricks.

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