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Fundraising for Charity and Betterment of Society

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    Fundraising for Charity

    The good thing about technology is that it gives us a lot of ways to make a mark in society and bring change. Before the digital era, fundraising for charity required a lot of effort, it still does. However, if you want to fundraise for charity, it is much more hassle-free and transparent now. 

    Significance of Fundraising for Charity

    There are several instances of inequality in society. Often people find it difficult to fulfill their needs due to a lack of money and support. Fundraising is a welcome enhancement of the traditional funding concept. You can fundraise for a legit cause, seek help from people, set target dates, and spread awareness through social media platforms.

    The reason to raise funds should be noble. You can support a family with limited means in times of crisis. You can help someone critically ill with their costly medical treatments. You can also help differently-abled people obtain medical devices that will help them lead a comfortable life.

    Let us understand more about the concept of fundraising, its benefits, and some unique ideas in Southeast Asia’s most trusted online crowdfunding platform, Ketto.

    What is Fundraising?

    Fundraising for charity means seeking and generating financial help to support a medical emergency, social cause, charity, or enterprise. Fundraising campaigns can be organized physically such as marathons or fetes and online such as social media posts and virtual events. For a charitable cause, the monetary value is predefined, and then awareness campaigns are run to gather the target sum of money. It is imperative to state the honest cause along with the appeal while seeking financial aid from the public. 

    Fundraising is effective because it distributes the financial burden of a dire situation among several financially able people instead of one person who is suffering from it. Medical treatment and procedures are unaffordable even for financially stable households, especially when required at a short notice. Most people are not prepared to handle such critical challenges in their own lives or of their loved ones. Even if someone manages to pay for the procedure, the ongoing medical bills can be tough to handle. In such conditions, fundraising campaigns can come to the rescue. Digital platforms and social media make the fund collection process swift, and in a matter of days, help achieve the fundraising goals.

    Benefits of Fundraising

    Fundraising for charity brings out the positive side of society. People come together to contribute towards a noble cause and pull a fellow citizen out of misery. Doing good for others also gives an immense sense of satisfaction. There are a lot of benefits of raising funds for social causes through online crowdfunding channels. Some of them are listed below:

    • Trust and Safety

    Since crowdfunding involves a considerable amount of money, people are apprehensive about the legitimacy of the campaigns, and rightfully so. They are concerned if their money will actually go to the needy and they will not be duped. Another common thought is whether the donation appeal is genuine. To rid people of such skepticism, Ketto has a verification process in place. It does KYC and validates all documents of the petitioning parties like medical bills, health insurance, prescription, legal ids of the beneficiary to ensure authenticity. It also provides timely updates to both beneficiaries and contributors about the collection progress.

    • Freedom of Anytime Withdrawal and Use for Beneficiaries

    Unlike the traditional funding system, Ketto allows the beneficiaries to utilize the money received via crowdfunding for their needs, even if the goal amount is met partly. This helps people meet urgent medical expenses in time.

    • Ketto’s Fraud Detection and Refund Process

    Suppose Ketto finds any fraudulent activity in the campaign through its fraud detection tool. In that case, it doesn’t accept the payment and also refunds the amount to the donor. It keeps the crowdfunding process absolutely clean and free of malpractice.

    • Donors’ Privacy

    If you are making online payments or donations, the chances of data theft are high. However, crowdfunding platform Ketto maintains physical and digital safeguards to ensure that every donor’s details are encrypted and 100 percent secure. Payments are also encrypted via secure server software. This way, donors can contribute without worrying about their digital safety.

    • Ease of Payment

    Crowdfunding campaigns allow ease of payment via trusted electronic gateways, pay wallets, UPIs, and different types of bank transfers. Also, the donors can select any amount based on their preference; every single rupee counts. Ease of payment allows people from all age groups to contribute voluntarily, without worrying about peers. Everyone, including students, salaried people, pensioners, and entrepreneurs can contribute. It is up to them to reveal their identity in campaigns or keep it private. Beneficiaries can also get donations from people across the globe and take additional benefits of currency differences.

    • Easy to Generate Awareness

    Let’s say you contributed ₹1000 for a noble cause in a crowdfunding campaign. If you share your good deed with your peers, be it family, friends or colleagues, you will also spread a word about the cause. This way, you will create awareness and encourage more people around you to perform charitable activities. The more a cause is shared, the more awareness it generates, and the sooner the financial-aid goal is reached.

    Fundraising for Charity: Step-by-Step Process

    Online fundraising for charity via Ketto is a simple three-step process that can be completed in just five minutes. You can raise funds for someone who has met with an accident and requires immediate surgery, support an NGO that works extensively for homeless children, or help someone who can’t afford a costly treatment like heart surgery, liver transplant, or cancer treatment.

    Step 1: Start the fundraiser by providing your details and who you want to raise the funds for. Provide relevant documentation, IDs, applicable medical bills, NGO details, bank details, goal amount, beneficiary details, etc. Once you submit the details, your fundraiser for charity goes live.

    Step 2: Start sharing the fundraiser using social media and messaging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and others. Once it starts gaining views, in no time, funds start generating. Your campaign reflects the updated status after every donation. Share your fundraiser appeal as much as possible to obtain maximum reach and support.

    Step 3: You can withdraw the fund amount raised directly from the bank account provided to Ketto at the start of the campaign. The fund-withdrawal process is completely hassle-free, and you can utilize the money for your cause in a matter of a few minutes.

    The ease of starting a fundraiser and getting maximum benefits of crowdfunding in no time makes fundraising from Ketto highly effective.

    Fundraising Ideas from Ketto

    Ketto is one of the most visited and trusted crowdfunding platforms, and the best part is it charges zero platform fees. As of now, it has more than 55 lakh donors and has successfully completed more than 2 lakh fundraisers. The following are some creative and effective ways to fundraise for charity.

    • Marathons, Racing, or other Gaming Events

    Bringing together like-minded people who support a cause in a gaming event like a marathon works well for raising funds. The event generates curiosity and encourages participation, and everyone who attends feels a connection with the cause. The participants contribute money and also become ambassadors who spread awareness among their friends and family. The most significant advantage of such events is that they help generate funds at a fast rate.

    • Corporate CSR Events

    Most corporate and multinational companies are actively involved in social causes. Many people are conscious of their social responsibility and are willing to do their bit if and when  provided an opportunity. You can work with your HR and organize various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) events to generate awareness and participation of other employees and fundraise for a cause you resonate with.

    • Make the Most of Special Days

    People contribute more when they are happy and feel involved. There is no better opportunity than festive occasions like Diwali, Christmas, Independence Day, Women’s Day, etc., to encourage them to contribute to social causes through fundraisers.

    • Student Volunteers in Educational Institutes

    Similar to corporate houses, educational institutions can also organize fundraiser campaigns by taking help of volunteer students. Young people are passionate and want to bring a change in society. If they get enough opportunities, they can do wonders. Organizing fundraiser events in schools, colleges, or private educational institutes are another great way to generate funds and support noble causes. 

    Final Words

    By now, you must have learned the answer to your question—How can I fundraise for charity? Using Ketto, you can raise funds in an easy and safe manner, with no hiccups. You can initiate campaigns in a matter of minutes and start getting help. Use creative fundraising ideas to generate awareness, spread the word, and withdraw the help money directly from a beneficiary bank account without any hassle. Go ahead and start a fundraiser for a charitable cause that’s close to your heart. It can be animal welfare, Covid-19 relief fund, a medical emergency, educational support, fundraising for NGOs, or child support. After all, being a part of society, it is our moral responsibility to lend a helping hand to someone in need.

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