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What Fundraising is and How to Raise Funds on KETTO?

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    Many situations require urgent and emergency action in society, and for this critical action, there is a need for material and human resources. Fundraising plays a vital role in such an emergency. It can help a cause with monetary resources. Fundraising for any organization or any charity group is a noble cause. You can raise it for various social, economic, and cultural purposes.

    For instance, if you find a person suffering from cancer and unable to afford the treatment, you can help the person by raising funds and helping them in their treatment. You can find different ideas through which you can raise funds. There are various fundraising activities that one can use to help a person in need. People involved in the fundraising activities are aware of all the nitty-gritty of fundraising.

    One must consider some factors while raising funds because it will help people achieve their desired goal of helping people quickly. If you want to raise funds and help someone in society, you must be aware of all the facts of fundraising. For this, you must first understand what fundraising is and its different types through which one can raise funds. 

    What Fundraising is, and What are its Types? 

    Fundraising, by its name, we can guess that it is a process through which people can collect donations for varied causes such as personal causes or business causes. The person who raises the fund is known as the fundraiser. In simple words, it is a process that allows us to raise funds voluntarily. People voluntarily contribute to a particular cause and help the fundraisers with monetary resources.

    The best example for fundraising is the United Nations World Food Programme internationally, which raises funds for people who have been suffering from hunger and poverty. As the seriousness of such fundraising activities is increasing among the people, many platforms are helping people to raise funds for a particular cause.

    Ketto is one such platform where a person can raise funds for medical treatment, animal shelter, education, and many other reasons. Now, let’s look at the types of fundraising activities to support people in society. 

    Types of Fundraising

    Fundraising is indeed challenging work, and before trying it, you must know about its types and then decide which type of fundraiser you are and what you have to do for it. 

    Capital Fundraising: The capital campaigns are for a particular period. It is bound by time for a specific cause, and once a sufficient amount for a reason is collected, you can call off for the fundraising campaign. To conduct such a short period of activity, you have to start a campaign on fundraising platforms such as Ketto; people will contribute funds to your projects and help for a particular cause.

    It is to be noted that it is time-specific because a campaign is led for a specific reason, and once a sufficient fund is collected for that reason, the campaign is called off. It is the most common type of fundraising activity used widely among people. 

    Corporate Fundraising: Corporate Fundraising is also known as cause funding. In this fundraising activity, a corporation contributes to some NGOs and other non-profit organizations. Here, the Non-Profit organizations visit the corporates with their cause and the need for funds, and they donate to such causes.

    So, two purposes are resolved in this corporate fundraising. Firstly, the NGOs can get their required funds, and secondly, the corporate makes its name for a donation activity. So, this is, of course, leading to twofold purposes. In addition, some corporations also contribute to capital fundraising campaigns in society. 

    Online Fundraising: Fundraising has become the easiest way to help people, as many online platforms like Ketto help people in fundraising. As online fundraising can have better outreach, it can have more audience than physical fundraising campaigns. So, this is the easiest way to post a drive on a fundraising platform like Ketto and raise funds.

    For instance, you can post a campaign for education purposes in a local area and set a limit for raising funds; then, the next step will be to raise funds as people who watch such campaigns will contribute their voluntary funds. It is also one of the widely used fundraising activities among the people. 

    Direct Fundraising: Direct Fundraising is somewhat similar to direct marketing in the corporate world. It is a process of outreaching people through emails and social media messages. Such a process leads us directly to the people who contribute to your cause. So, the traditional method of NGOs visiting people personally or physically or relying on some funds to come, you can now visit the people directly and mention our causes. 

    Events Fundraising: Event Fundraising is an integral part of the fundraising activities. There are various Non-governmental organizations and some other individuals who organize multiple events like marathons, cooking competitions, book fairs, and some exhibitions through which they raise funds.

    The main aim is to raise funds through such activities, with twofold purposes. First, the contributor party can enjoy the event and convey our messages about the event’s primary goal, i.e., raising funds for a specific cause. For instance, you can conduct a half marathon and raise funds for people with some disabilities. So, this is also an essential type of fundraising activity. 

    Fundraising through Major Donors: Traditionally, the organizations had to wait for some high net worth party to contribute to their cause. Such high net worth people were known as Major Donors for the organization. This was a lengthy procedure as the NGO will receive funds, which will be allocated for a particular cause.

    There was no direct contact between the reason and the raised funds. So, this was a long-term process where a person has to wait for any high net worth person to contribute. But, today, this has been changed to online fundraising. 

    As we have learned some types of fundraising, we must also understand how it works to have better clarity about fundraising activities. 

    How does Fundraising Work? 

    The main goal of the fundraising activity is to raise funds for a specific purpose. For example, if we talk about present times, you can raise funds online or through some events or direct fundraising ideas. The main goal is to keep the cost of fundraising as low as possible and reach the specific purpose of the amount. 

    So, fundraising is simple; you have to keep in mind that you have to conduct a campaign or an event to raise funds. Reach out to people and convey your message, and then once a required amount is collected, you can withdraw it for the cause. Ketto is best in such fundraising activities as the platform is free, and you can withdraw money in the middle of the campaign, which you can use for your cause. 

    If you are conducting a fundraising activity, you can follow some of these simple steps: 

    A Strong set-up for your campaign: You must set up a strong campaign that will allow you to reach more people. Ketto can help you get more people and lead a drive without any cost. You must also set a deadline about your desired amount and time limit for the campaign. 

    Convey about your story: A campaign will involve your account about why you want to raise funds. You can convey the reasons for the campaign; for instance, you want to support a school in building a library or support an animal shelter for its improved services and facilities to the animals. You can post such stories in your campaign. 

    Share your campaign: How will people know about it once you have started a movement? First, you have to share it with the people and learn about your campaign. This sharing will help you in raising funds for a specific cause. In this world of social media, you can reach people easily from social media websites to share your campaign through such platforms. 

    Keep people updated about your campaign: You must keep people updated about how much fund has been collected, and you must also send the acknowledgements to the donors who have helped you in your cause. Such features are available in Ketto, which keeps the people updated about the campaign. It informs how much funds are collected and how many backers are involved. 

    What are Some Essential Tips for Fundraising? 

    As fundraising involves a long process, we must try our best to fulfil campaigns’ goals. So, you must take care of some essential points while conducting a fundraising campaign. 

    • You must be specific about your goal: While conducting a fundraising activity, you must be clear about how much money or funds are required for a cause. For instance, if you want to open a library in a school in a rural area, you might need three lakhs INR to conduct such programmes. So, start a campaign about it and be specific about the limit of funds required for the library.

    • Your goal must be measurable: If you are conducting a campaign, you must be clear with your plan, but the goal must not be extraordinary. For instance, cancer treatment may require ten lakhs, but you must not convey that you need a more significant amount of money than ten lakhs. The goal must be sensible for the cause, and you must mention a proper, measurable and quantified monetary goal in your campaign. It would help if you did not convey that a significant amount is required; you must share a specific detail about the sensible amount.

    • It would help if you did not exaggerate your goal: Fundraising is to achieve a purpose to fulfil a specific cause. So, the monetary goals for your campaigns must be attainable and must not be exaggerated. The exaggerated goals will raise suspicion among the donors, and it is not desirable for such noble causes as fundraising.

    • Relevance is essential: For instance, your campaign and your cause’s goal must have a sync. If you are raising funds for a Person with disabilities, your mission must be to provide some equipment or treatment. So, the campaign and your task must have relevance.

    • Time-based goals: Your campaign for any social cause must be time-based. If you are conducting an online campaign, you must consider that the goal is time-specific, and once that time is completed and your required amount is raised, you call off that campaign.

    There must not be a continuation of such campaigns as this would not create transparency among the people, and they might lose faith in such fundraising campaigns. If you are conducting offline campaigns, of course, it must also be time-based, and you must complete your goal within the stipulated period. 

    • Transparency among the donors: The online fundraising activities must clarify how much money is collected, how many backers are there, how the fund is used, and other factors. You must convey the information about the utilized funds and their impact on society to the donor; it maintains the transparency and the donor’s hope in fund contribution. For instance, if you raise funds for cancer treatment, you must notify about it after completing the goal of treatment. This transparency would ensure trust and faith in fund contribution activities.

    There are various instances in the society that need your help, and fundraising for such social, economic, and other causes will help you solve the problems. We hope you are clear with what fundraising is and how it works. So, if you want to raise funds and be involved in fundraising activities, you can do so by conducting online campaigns or events or other methods to raise funds.

    However, you must consider that the fundraising activities require a consistent effort and determination to help society. Moreover, many online platforms enable people to raise funds, and Ketto is one of them. You can visit and follow Ketto for raising funds and helping people around you. 

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